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    A convicted serial killer, David Berkowitz is believed to have killed six people and wounded seven... 30 Aileen Wuornos. Heydrich is widely regarded as one of the main architects of the Holocaust, a World War II genocide that killed some six million Jews. Algimantas Mykolas Dailide (born 1921, 12th March in Kaunas) was an official in the Lithuanian Security Police (Saugumas). Major Connaught, a Royalist who was hanged for his part in the massacre of villagers in a church in the mid 17th century is another example of a war criminal. Most Wanted — The Nine Worst Nazi War Criminals (and How They Died) Adolf Eichmann. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; neg. Versailles laid the groundwork for the prosecution of war criminals after the second world war, an effort that was well underway even before the Nazis surrendered to … The My Lai Massacre is the most notorious war crime in US history, and has become the benchmark to which all acts of American military savagery is compared.On March 16, 1968, the men of Charlie Company entered the village of My Lai in South Vietnam to conduct a “search and destroy” mission. ... As a Hungarian police officer in … More recently, former Serbian President Slobodan Milošević was brought to trial for alleged war crimes but died before the trial could be concluded. (1946-48) Under the watch of U.S. Supreme Commander Douglas MacArthur, the International Military Tribunal of the Far Eastprosecuted twenty-eight high-ranking Japanese leaders for war crimes committed during World War II. During the trial, Speer denied knowing about the Holocaust. He was executed by hanging in December 1948. Despite his horrible crimes, the infamous Nazi doctor could never be captured. World War II began in China. According to international law, war crimes and crimes against humanity are the gravest sins of all. Described by Adolf Hitler as the man with the iron heart, Heydrich is regarded as the darkest figure of the Nazi era by many historians. After an emergency operation and a shiny new set of dentures, Hideki was sentenced to death. WHAT HE’S INFAMOUS FOR: The “world’s most wanted Nazi,” Eichmann was the architect of Hitler’s... 2. When Peter von Hagenbach was executed in the 15th century, he became the first person to have been convicted at an “international" war crimes trial. Hitler appointed him Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production in 1942. He commands a troupe that is responsible for intervention in Syria that led to President Assad’s reign. She transferred to Buchenwald the next year. The most famous of the war crimes trials held after the war is the trial of 22 leading German officials before the IMT in Nuremberg. Rumors have historically circulated that she would walk around the camp naked, and if anyone so much as looked at her, she would whip them. Read more about this war criminal. He lived in Rome until his death in January 1968. While a majority of war criminals are males, women like Ilse Koch, Dorothea Binz, and Irma Grese have proven that some … The most famous and the most horrendous war crime in history and of all time. I wait for the righteous judgment of history. In 1945, the U.S troops bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki using nuclear weapons. John Demjanjuk. He once shot a Jewish cook because he made his soup too hot. 4 Criminals Prosecuted During the American Civil War Henry Wirz. Even though war crimes have been happening from the past several centuries, such crimes were perpetuated at an unprecedented level during the World War II. Read more about this war criminal … The Most Important Leaders In World History, Amon Göth Oversaw a Concentration Camp and Was Hanged to Death, Hideki Tôjô Ordered the Attack on Pearl Harbor and Was Sentenced to Death, Ilse Koch Tortured Concentration Camp Prisoners and Was Put in Jail for Life, Henry Wirz Crowded 32,000 Inmates into a Prison Designed for 10,000 and Was Hanged, the bloodiest conflict in American history. Lists about punishments, penalties, systemic harm, and execution methods used then, now, here, and all around the world. Photo: Julo / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain. Disturbingly, Roatta, like many other Italian war criminals, were never tried after the war. Most people who know the history of World War II and the Holocaust are familiar with major Nazi war criminals—Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich, Goering, and Eichmann. On September 11, 1945, US military police surrounded his house and heard a muffled pistol shot inside. Eichmann was the Nazi official responsible for overseeing the deportation of European Jews to various... Alfred Jodl. Manson was a charismatic cult leader who became the bad side of the hippy movement, as he and his family tried to spark a race war by killing Sharon Tate and several of her friends in the Hollywood Hills. He was an Army scout, a lawman, an assassin and an outlaw. Reinhard Heydrich was a Nazi police officer and a high-ranking SS. One of the most feared Nazi leaders, Adolf Eichmann was a war criminal held responsible for the deaths of thousands of Jews during the war. A court in Lithuania convicted him of having arrested and detained some Jews who had attempted to flee from th… David Addington- Former Legal counsel; chief of staff to Dick Cheney. Jack the Ripper was anl unidentified serial killer who predominantly targeted female prostitutes... 29 David Berkowitz. James Duncan was another officer from Andersonville Prison who was also arrested. He was the leader of the Imperial Japanese Army and the 40th Prime Minister of Japan. • Milan Babić (1956–2006), Croatian Serb and prime minister of Republic of Serb Krajina. Drafted signing statements for Bush declaring the right to violate laws banning war crimes and the construction of permanent bases in Iraq and efforts to control Iraq's oil. Luckily, our readers are happy to spend time tracking down proof that criminals are not only sick, but they're weirdos, too. Japanese War Crimes: The Rape of Nanking. Yet he accepted moral responsibility for his role in the crimes that the Nazis committed. These included injecting them with chemicals and stitching twin children together. As he bled, he said, "I am very sorry it is taking me so long to die. He had two dogs, Rolf and Ralf, whom he trained to tear inmates apart. Traitors, serial killers, war criminals and the last woman to be hanged: Britain's most famous executioner dispatched them all Britain's most prolific hangman Albert Pierrepoint was … 10 Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals 1. But only one man was tried for war crimes related to the conflict. Union POWs were cramped in six-square-foot living spaces, surrounded by putrid walls, fed in scarcity, and given fecal matter-ridden water. The 12 Most Brutal War Criminals Throughout History (And The Punishments They Got) Amon Göth Oversaw a Concentration Camp and Was Hanged to Death. Göth was the first person ever to be convicted of homicide as a war crime. If you've ever seen Schindler's List, you might've felt a chilling sensation in your bones watching Ralph Fiennes portray Nazi psychopath Amon Göth. Those Nazis are not on this list. Although we might point to the Nazis as perpetrating some of the worst war crimes ever, there have been a few others who achieve equal footing on the brutality scale.

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