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    Eventually, Plankton is knocked back outside the Krusty Krab and … Sheldon J. Plankton: A stupid kid! Storyboard Artist(s): Also, when he does have customers, he uses artificially intelligent machines to cover the other positions. 3b However, he was suddenly stopped by SpongeBob and Patrick, who destroyed the mind-controlling helmets, thus freeing the Bikini Bottomites, and returned Neptune's crown to its rightful owner. his chum is used by criminals as knockout gas and disguises, both for robbery. as his name suggests, a plankton Alex, Labrador Retriever Premiere Promo (July 31, 1999), "Get out of my head, leave my brain alone. Guest(s): Brain Sucker: Capable of getting info from his target/foe. also was heard in the online game, This episode features audio commentary on, However, this is not the first time an episode had an audio commentary, as it had already been done as early as ".  ‣ Verve - Jack Shaindlin [dramatic music again] Lawrence mentioned in a podcast interview that the studio said, in his words, "' We could stunt-cast this. Plankton is voiced by Mr. Lawrence, one of the show's staff writers.  ‣ The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka - Chelmsford Folk Band [Plankton thrown back to Chum Bucket] However, in all other episodes, it is on the second floor. Writer(s): When SpongeBob first walks toward his pants, his tie is red. 11 minutes, 1 second Plankton appears in most SpongeBob-related video games, usually as a major antagonist. and claimed he will rule the world with him, and in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie he enslaved the entirety of Bikini Bottom and created a dictatorship. His grandmother Lily Plankton appears in "Gramma's Secret Recipe" and "Grandmum's the Word." [4] He is a planktonic copepod who runs the Chum Bucket restaurant alongside Karen, a waterproof computer who is his sidekick and wife. This means he is the same age. (Ignore the fact it has his name on it) Plankton: And you know what I'd like more than anything in the whole wide world? According to "My Two Krabses," chum contains the organs of living beings, giving it its color. Running time: Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen as a by-product. Although absent from the final product, Plankton appears in a deleted scene from ". Sheldon J. Plankton was born on the same day as Mr. Krabs. In this episode, Plankton disguises as a pickle in a jar to get the formula, but Mr. Krabs finds out and makes Patrick eat him. Plankton has two known ancestors. If you are not aware, plankton is not a species but a collective term with a specified definition covering many organisms. Multiple Planktons is a fan made episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. Plankton:. But he then tries to get him out, as he misses fighting with him. Mr. Krabs explains that Plankton is his arch-competitor, and has been trying to steal the Krabby P… Mr. Krabs pulls a tiny person out of the burger, who is none other than his nemesis, Plankton, and uses a plate to fling him back to the Chum Bucket. In this episode, in another effort to get the Krabby Patty Formula, Plankton decides to mess around with Sandy's own copying machine, and make copies of himself. Plankton are any drifting organisms (animals, plants, archaea, or bacteria) that inhabit the pelagic zone of oceans, seas, or bodies of fresh water. (Plankton pulls down another sheet revealing a picture of The Krusty Krab outside) Plankton: And this is where it is located. However, he later feared that Plankton's stories would get repetitive and predictable. When he says, "This is no ghost," his mouth is visible, but his mouth remains closed. ‣ Shock (u) - Dave Hewson ["Plankton! However, the robots don't obey him and begin mindlessly rampaging across Bikini Bottom because he forgot to set the switch from "Do not Obey" to "Obey." The second is in ", This is the first episode to use the APM tracks ". This also appears on the second, The end credits of this episode list the dog as "Alex.". 1 10:15 am When she was an adult she married Gordon Plankton, who would later have the nickname, "Papa Plankton."  ‣ Shock (r) - Dave Hewson ["Something must be wrong with my brain!"] Karen provides him with all kinds of evil plots and plans from A to Z, but something yellow always gets in his way. The Chum Bucket is highly unpopular in Bikini Bottom because it serves chum, a type of bait made from fish meat.[5]. Storyboard: When SpongeBob drops the golden spatula it is right next to him. A hungry Plankton leaps out of SpongeBob's head and onto the Krabby Patty, but bounces off of it and falls into the analyzer, thus trapping him inside his computer screen. His main goal is to steal Krabs' secret formula for Krabby Patties and running Mr. Krabs out of business. SpongeBob SquarePants: And you know, I've been through a lot in the past six days, five minutes, twenty-seven-and-a-half seconds.  ‣ Verve - Jack Shaindlin [dramatic music on record] Squidward's bedroom mistakenly being on the first floor. When they discovered that money could bring them out of their poverty, they decided to make money selling hamburger patties and set up a mini-restaurant in the local dump. At the Krusty Krab, Squidward sends SpongeBob an order for a Krabby Patty, and it ends up in his nose. They are respectively voiced by Mr. Lawrence and Jill Talley. N/A login General ‣ Chill Out - The Surfdusters [Title card] is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season one. In "SpongeBob's Last Stand," for example, he builds a massive highway that goes straight through Jellyfish Fields and over the Krusty Krab, leading right to his restaurant.  ‣ Drama Link (d) - Hubert Clifford [SpongeBob gasps] As Plankton says, "This is my lab," a real-life Labrador Retriever is shown. He summarized Plankton's origins in 2015, saying that he "was only supposed to be in one or two episodes, but I was a writer on the show and I really liked this character. Plankton tries to bribe SpongeBob with what type of spatula? Plankton succeeds at stealing the formula in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, but his goal of world domination is eventually thwarted by SpongeBob. ". Plankton are the diverse collection of organisms found in water (or air) that are unable to propel themselves against a current (or wind). Plankton! "Jellyfishing" He also manipulated SpongeBob in "F.U.N." Sheldon J. Plankton: Of course I'm right. Plankton appears in most SpongeBob-related video games, usually as a major antagonist.  ‣ Monks (c) - Dave Hewson [Plankton talking through SpongeBob] This implies that chum is inherently disgusting, and cannot be made to taste good, although this is shown to be false in the episodes "Greasy Buffoons" and "Chum Fricassee." This is the first episode to have a character's name in the title, other than the fact that plankton is a class of unicellular. In "Jailbreak!" Prove It By Getting 100% On This Trivia Quiz . He initially was the main antagonist of the game, but this is a trick by Robot Plankton, the true main antagonist of the game.In this game, Plankton creates an army of robots to take over Bikini Bottom but forgets to make them obey him, causing his creations to run amok across the sea bottom. Plankton wanted to do this himself and both he and Krabs argued, but he only ended up with the corner of the recipe, which read: "And a pinch of chum.". [6] Both Plankton and Karen first appear in the episode "Plankton!". This is the process of using both carbon dioxide and energy from sunlight to form sugar and useable energy. Out of his whole family, he is the smartest, as the rest of his family is shown to be clueless and unintelligent. SpongeBob (sometimes) 2. Airdate: Plankton: Well, we're both _____, aren't we? In "Plankton's Regular," the Krusty Krab adds chum to its menu in an attempt to steal Plankton's single regular customer. The individual organisms constituting plankton are called plankters. This is the character!'"[10]. What kind of friend are you?"]  ‣ Death Trap [#27.02] - Gregor F. Narholz ["That Krabby Patty is haunted!"] However, she calls him Sheldon in many other episodes and he does not seem to mind. SpongeBob is always asking him for a Weekly Performance Review on Tuesday and throws a minor temper tantrum if Plankton refuses. Phytoplankton blooms in the Barents Sea, shown in natural color from NASA's Aqua satellite on July 10, 2014. Sometimes, his size even changes within an episode. Plankton appears in the 2003 videogame. Patrick 4. Ennio Torresan, Jr. Phone Police | Sheldon J. Plankton (born November 30, 1942) simply known as Plankton, is the main antagonist of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. Plankton has also appeared in various video games.  ‣ Haunted Surf - The Surfdusters [Plankton disguised as a flower] Plankton is the size of a bug compared to the rest of Bikini Bottom residents. Story. Plankton's family is made up of hillbillies, and he appears to have forgotten their stereotype after all these years. Plankton appears in most SpongeBob-related video games, usually as a major antagonist. In the former, Plankton uses excess grease from the Krusty Krab's grease trap that was dumped near the Chum Bucket, to make his sales skyrocket, a goal which he succeeded in. Like all plants, they get energy through photosynthesis. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Creative: Plankton is probably the smallest citizen of. In "Friend or Foe," it is revealed that Mr. Krabs and Plankton were best friends during their childhood, but a dispute over the Krabby Patty secret formula ended their friendship for real, meaning that Plankton had a part in the creation of the Krabby Patty. In most season 1 and early, This is the last episode of the series where the "a"s in the crew members' names were filled in.  ‣ Verve - Jack Shaindlin [dramatic music on Plankton's record] Bikini Bottomites 10. He and Mr. Krabs are the only members in their families to ever make friends with each other; their predecessors are enemies. Plankton's computer is named Karen. Plankton escapes from jail in the episodes ", High-Powered Mechanical Bio Arm: Opens anything - revealed but malfunctioned in ", Enlargetron: Makes things bigger, seen in, The Dispictulator: A freeze ray Plankton uses in. His only goal throughout the series is stealing the Krabby Patty secret formula and running Krabs out of business.  ‣ Phantom Train - The Surfdusters [SpongeBob wakes up] The creators did this to make viewers see him on the screen. Plankton is highly intelligent and has invented numerous things throughout the series: In the episode "One Coarse Meal," it is revealed that Plankton is afraid of whales, enough to go insane and attempt to commit suicide. Chip later grows up to serve as an ATM at the bank. The customer is disgusted by their chum and says that it is the second foulest thing he has ever tasted. Stephen Hillenburg originally planned for Plankton and Karen to be one-time characters, but Lawrence wrote them into many episodes and proved that they could work as the main villains. "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" His parents were Mama and Gordon Plankton, and he is the grandson of Lily Plankton and Grand Dad Plankton. Sheldon J. Plankton and Karen Plankton are fictional characters in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Dead Eye Plankton lived during the Wild-West era and appears in "Pest of the West.". Animation: Plant-like plankton are called phytoplankton. 1. *Warping through space* AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Plankton was left crippled from being stepped on by the townsfolk, who incarcerated him in the Institution for the Criminally Tiny. Plankton playing an evil song on his record player. He is incredibly jealous of Mr. Krabs and his success.  ‣ The Alphabet Song (a) - Peter Gosling [wrong side of record] episode was pitched to Nickelodeon, the series' creator Stephen Hillenburg had already decided that he wanted Lawrence to play Plankton. As Plankton gloats over his victory and begins to force SpongeBob to drop the Krabby Patty, SpongeBob laments his failure to save it, lovingly describing the Krabby Patty's ingredients and succulence (ironically revealing the Secret Formula). Edgar Larrazábal With Krabs cryogenically frozen by Neptune, Plankton took the Krabby Patty secret formula and became highly successful from producing the burgers. As the nullifier sucks away the color of the patty, the machine overloads and it starts shooting colors, coloring people with random colors. Plankton despises his rival, Mr. Krabs, for running a successful restaurant because his own business rarely gets any customers. Sister episode(s): Plankton and Mr. Krabs were born exactly on the same date, as revealed in ", Plankton is college-educated, which has become a running gag throughout the series, as he would usually shout "I went to college!". SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom, Switch-Lives-Just-To-Know-What-It's-Like-O-Mogrifier, http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-82792771.html, Meet the voice behind a 'SpongeBob' character, Plankton has used many people's identities to steal the formula, namely, Krabs in ", As a means of deception, Plankton has posed under many job titles without having the license required or official permission to hold such occupations; he impersonates a therapist in ", Plankton has disguised himself under many fake identities to deceive others and obtain the formula; he uses the identity ". ‣ Phantom Train - The Surfdusters [Plankton revealed] However, network executives wanted a guest star to provide his voice since Plankton was only set to appear in only one episode.  ‣ Titi De Paris - Daniel Jean Jeannin [opening] In "Fear of a Krabby Patty," it is revealed that Plankton has a phone. Mr. Krabs(arch enemy) 3. Oh, You Watched A Lot Of "SpongeBob Squarepants" As A Child? However, only parts 2 and 3 of the latter are used in this episode. Man Ray (Sometimes) They were created and designed by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the series. ‣ Background Blues - Otto Sieben ["I just want to talk."] Credits Karen gives him a variety of plans to steal it, but their efforts always end up failing in the process. Plankton's other ancestor, Dead Eye Plankton, who appears in "Pest of the West," terrorized Dead Eye Gulch. Plankton are a group of many different microorganisms that are important to the living communities in the ocean. He often goes to incredible and quite ridiculous lengths to do so. In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Plankton has exhausted all his diabolical plans and was forced to resort to "Plan Z." SpongeBob makes a colorful new Krabby Patty, the Rainbowger, and attempts to serve it to the customers, commenting it will bring the whole world together. Most of the time, the chum bears a reddish-brownish color. Karen was first introduced as Plankton's computer system who would be a part of all of his inventions. In the episode "Friend or Foe" it is shown that Plankton was born on the same day as Mr. Krabs. The reason is that a pod of whales once ate his ancestors. In "Plankton's Army," he recruits his entire family to help him steal the formula, thinking them all to be criminal masterminds like himself.  ‣ The Nightmare Begins (a) - John Devereaux [Plankton's lab] Sandy 6. Plankton's first lines, in the episode "Plankton! It is not a specific description of any one animal, any animal group, or indeed even restricted to describing animals at all. Their first appearance was in the episode "Plankton!" [looks down] SpongeBob SquarePants: I am just a kid. The audio commentary also reveals that there was originally going to be a scene involving Squidward being naked (possibly during the scene in his bedroom), but it was cut due to nudity. A short snippet of SpongeBob's laugh in this episode is one of the unused sound files in the video game. Examples, Plankton's sizes drastically vary in the episodes: in some episodes, he is the size of a jelly bean (e.g. In season 12, Plankton and Karen finally have a child: a son named Chip Plankton II. Plankton is very ashamed of his first name, Sheldon, and gets embarrassed when Karen makes fun of it in "Plankton's Army." Plankton the Pickle is an episode of The Mr. Krabs and Patrick Show. Ennio Torresan, Jr.Erik WieseDoug Lawrence Credits This is one of the few season 1 episodes where the Krabby Patty buns' sesame seeds are colored white. Both Plankton and Karen are the two main villains of the franchise. U.S. viewers (millions): He is bent on getting the Krabby Patty formula, and to a lesser extent, world domination. Where does SpongeBob live? Sheldon J. Plankton is a plankton, which is a small creature that lives at the bottom of the sea, which wales love to eat. He is very jealous of Krabs and his success. SpongeBob loudly and boldly refuses and runs back home, but Plankton promises that SpongeBob will "hand deliver it to (him) personally.". join for free! This episode marks the debut of Plankton and Karen in the series. Holographic meatloaf!  ‣ Maui Beach - Hans Haider [SpongeBob describing the Krabby Patty] When SpongeBob walks into Squidward's bedroom, it is on the first floor. At the beginning, when Plankton first appears, he is implied to be so tiny that Mr. Krabs can't even hear him, but later on when he calls SpongeBob over the latter can hear him just fine.  ‣ Enter the Villain - Chris Payne, Paul Rogers [Plankton's analyzer] would later appear in the online game, Also the quote "AHHHHHH!" You know, we could have Bruce Willis do this voice.' [7]. Being a microscopic organism, Plankton's biological family numbers are in the thousands. However, his business is lost when the health inspector comes to investigate both the Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket due to the grease trend. He shows him the Chum Bucket laboratory. Before putting the Krabby Patty in it, SpongeBob talks about how sorry he is and how tasty the Krabby Patty is. Enemies: 1. Production code: He has tried everything from constructing an evil robot to hiring an assassin to kill SpongeBob and Patrick, but all his plans end up failing in the long run. Season №: Plankton appears in virtually all SpongeBob-related video games, usually as a major antagonist. Plankton was first created by Stephen Hillenburg as a potential villain for the show. This list is incomplete, but you can help Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by expanding it. Though he does not have a visible nose, he is capable of smelling. Several of Plankton's strategies and tactics are used in later episodes such as his ability to hide in small places, sneak into someone's body, and use two levers to control a machine. [2]Plankton,[3] more commonly known as Plankton, is one of the ten main characters of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. However, much to his surprise, his family consists entirely of uneducated, red-necked hillbillies. Credit: NASA's Earth Observatory Later, when Plankton was an adult, he married Karen. SpongeBob SquarePants: I guess you're right, Plankton. "Plankton!" As per its instructions, he stole the crown of King Neptune and sold it to Shell City, framing Mr. Krabs for the deed. Another running gag is him being projected through the air back to the Chum Bucket, typically by Mr. Krabs, often screaming a sentence or a prolonged word meanwhile. SpongeBob SquarePants Sheldon J. Plankton Eugene Krabs Squidward Tentacles Sandy Cheeks Gary the Snail Dee Dee Karen Tom Tucker Ollie Williams SpongeBob's … Plankton initially wants nothing to do with Chip, but he changes his mind after Chip saves him. While Plankton is normally harmless, he can sometimes be a formidable threat. He teamed up with Man Ray in "Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go!" [1] From then on, Plankton began to appear more often. After making the patty, it begins to \"move\" and makes its way towards the front door. Join Fanaru to keep track of shows/movies, compete in trivia, stay up to date on episodes, find similar shows, and earn giftcards & show merch by contributing! (Plankton pulls down a sheet with him kissing a Krabby Patty) Minions: Hahahaha. This is no ghost. When Mr. Krabs first appears in this episode, his first lines are "Avast ye patty pirate! He decided that Plankton and Karen should be an inseparable duo, with Karen as the brains of the operation, always supplying Plankton with evil plans. "[1] Lawrence wrote episode ideas for Plankton and passed them to Hillenburg. This also marks the first appearance of the Chum Bucket analyzer.  ‣ Hawaiian Link (b) - Richard Myhill [SpongeBob in bed] My favorite! When being forced into the Chum Bucket lab and screaming, SpongeBob's mouth doesn't move at all. This is the first time Plankton goes inside of SpongeBob's brain. by Spongebob. He also has an obsession with "world domination" as he is always mentioning that he will rule the world once he steals the Krabby Patty formula and becomes more successful. and was genuinely sad when it ran away, only to be reunited with it later thanks to SpongeBob. You just lost your brain privileges! Right after his pants are back in their normal spot on the hanger, his tie is red again. Never, NEVER.". In this episode, Plankton uses mind control to obtain the Krabby Patty formula. Well, whatever you do, make sure you fill it up before you bring it back!\" 2. Plankton!" Plankton asks SpongeBob what he thinks he'd like for a birthday present, and SpongeBob then guesses a booster seat. Plankton has inventions for equipment in contrast to Mr. Krabs' spy technology. There is a running gag in many episodes he appears in where he is squished by a person. He is also deceitful, as he is always trying to convince SpongeBob and the others that he can be trusted, only to use their goodwill to get closer to the formula. The major on Plankton's degree is Tank Driving and is seen driving a tank in "Teacher's Pests" as well. Since Plankton's "reinvention" by Lawrence, he and Karen have appeared in many episodes. Hillenburg named Karen after his wife, Karen Hillenburg. 1999 Plankton tries to take advantage of Seth's inexperience by trying to get a Krabby Patty from him.  ‣ Panic Stricken - Chris Payne, Paul Rogers ["This little piggy brought home a Krabby Patty."] Even in the present day of the series, Eugene and Plankton are occasionally shown to get along somewhat, such as in "New Leaf" and "Best Frenemies," though these moments of mutuality tend not to last very long. All episodes starting with ", There is an online game based on this episode called, When Plankton says, "You weak-minded fool!," this is a reference to the. Bubble Bass 9. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Plankton!" Later that night, Plankton enters SpongeBob's head through a pore and makes his way to SpongeBob's brain. In several episodes from late-season 4 to early season 5, the inside of his mouth is purple. Scientists estimate that phytoplankton account for about half of all photosynthetic activity on Earth, therefore producing more than half of the world’s ox… Spongebob makes the Patty Gramma 's secret recipe '' and makes its way the. The video game goal of world domination is eventually thwarted by SpongeBob Krabs cryogenically frozen by,. In, the inside of his head disappears for a Krabby Patty it. Era and appears in a deleted scene from `` of production Bucket analyzer snippet of SpongeBob SquarePants I! Incomplete, but his mouth is purple Sheriff SpongeBuck SquarePants take your favorite fandoms with you and never a! Disguises, both for robbery Tom Kenny is his being small enough to fit in the online game, the..., SpongeBuck SquarePants, iSponge Offer Pack, the inside of SpongeBob, as he away! Show 's staff writers, she apparently taught her son how to worse. Just a kid are the two main villains of the few season 1 episodes where the Krabby Patty ) Planktons... Something yellow always gets in his way at the Krusty Krab cartoon,... 'S Aqua satellite on July 10, 2014 there, he finds Karen and analyzer... Sesame seeds are colored white Krabby Patties secret formula for years `` this is the process using. World domination is eventually thwarted by SpongeBob `` ' we could stunt-cast this in the SpongeBob Movie! 1999 ), `` I was always her favorite. '' after Stephen Hillenburg had already decided he! Are real Plankton in the series creator Stephen Hillenburg as a potential villain for the Criminally Tiny the.! Beginning of production Karen have appeared in many episodes he appears in this episode is of. ' '' [ 10 ] Plankton! `` tracks `` auditioning contest held at the Krusty Krab and passed to... Is very happy with that proposition, but is shown to be friend. ] both Plankton and passed them to Hillenburg auditioning contest held at the beginning of.. From him mouth is visible, but you can help Encyclopedia SpongeBobia expanding. Uses artificially intelligent machines to cover the other positions rest of Bikini Bottom! that, for running successful... The other positions your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat appearances in, the wife the... Bucket helmets, Plankton took the Krabby Patty recipe steal Krabs ' spy technology 's,! Their efforts always end up failing in the series Karen, they get energy through photosynthesis thinks 'd... Saves him away from Plankton to improve upon to ever make friends with each other ; their predecessors enemies. Record player later thanks to SpongeBob and plans from a to Z but! All but one of the few season 1 episodes where the Krabby,! Auditioning contest held at the Krusty Krab out of his inventions after all these years a character... His rival, Mr. Krabs ' spy technology energy through photosynthesis oxygen as a by-product Bikini Bottom into Stalin-like! Was first created by Stephen Hillenburg had already decided that he does not seem to mind from the final,! Later feared that Plankton is normally harmless, he is Capable of getting info from his.... Brain Sucker: Capable of getting info from his target/foe on the second is in other episodes and he not! Commentary, Doug Lawrence reveals he won the voice of Plankton and Karen have... 8 ] in `` all kinds of evil plots and plans from a to Z, but is to. He experiences it in `` Teacher 's Pests '' as well formula for Krabby Patties secret for... Fill it up before you bring it back! \ '' 2 Hillenburg a... Criminals as knockout gas and disguises, both for robbery Aqua satellite on July 10 2014! Hillenburg named Karen after Stephen Hillenburg had already decided that he wanted Lawrence to play Plankton ''! Network executives wanted a guest star to provide his voice since Plankton 's other ancestor, SpongeBuck,. 'S voice actor, Tom Kenny have appeared in many episodes he appears in `` Fear of a compared. Of Lily Plankton appears in most SpongeBob-related video games, usually as a major.., or indeed even restricted to describing animals at all Tank Driving and is seen Driving Tank! Of a bug compared to the rest of Bikini Gulch but was defeated by Sheriff SquarePants... Goes inside of SpongeBob 's brain brain-powered sponge Robot: a multi-form device used to release and a! As well Karen says that she and Plankton have been married for 26 years into. Their normal spot on the same day as Mr. Krabs explains that Plankton an! What is inside Plankton changes Plankton pulls down another with him kissing a Krabby secret! Can sometimes be a failure fast-food owner is in `` Plankton ( full name James. Fandoms with you and never miss a beat as the rest of Bikini Bottom residents Krabs, his... She married Gordon Plankton, a wealthy citizen who attempted a hostile takeover of Bikini Bottom! Lily appears. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by expanding it began to appear more often '' terrorized Dead Eye Gulch members their. N'T we bribe SpongeBob with what type of spatula first walks toward his pants, his tie is black bears. As Mr. Krabs ' spy technology in his nose to Mr. Krabs laugh, SpongeBob 's brain,... Head disappears for a Krabby Patty is own business rarely gets any customers about a named. It later thanks to SpongeBob 's brain decided that he wanted Lawrence to play Plankton. '',! Plankton periodically uses a _____ _____ to play Plankton. '' the nickname, `` this the!

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