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    The rest is history. Since were concentrating on cams, I’m gonna talk a little about the valve system. Although there are plenty of you gear-heads out there who already know this stuff, if you tolerate my baby talk through the first photos, I’m gonna eventually get to the actual reason the twin cam design was built. The TC’s lifter blocks are machined directly into the right engine case and if there’s a problem with them you must replace that entire engine case. How do you like that? Note that the front-exhaust pushrod tube is still at an angle—just like the evo. But lets move on to what I really want to say here…, For this article I’m gonna get into the cam design for the evo as well as the twin cam and show, in simple layman’s terms, what the actual benefits of the new design are. The TC’s lifter blocks are machined directly into the right engine case and if there’s a problem with them you must replace that entire engine case. Those two black towers are what the push-rods sit on top of. But those things are really just like mine on steroids anyway. The twin-cam 88 is even less user-servicable. A frank discussion of the inherent flaws with the Harley Twin Cam engine, produced since 1999 to the present. If you ride an Evo, check out what makes your ride special. Internal twin-gerotor. Well lets take a look at the twin cam in the next photo and see how that worked out…, 14 There it is. 0 0. The ‘Evo’ is often considered to be what truly saved the company in the 80s, Cycle World explains. Had a twin cam b4 3800 miles oil pressure low (grooves in the oul pump) cam chain tensioner chipped into pieces, warranty fixed 7400 miles noise in cam cover again, this time crank out of round (run out) rathereven though under warranty we tore it apart fixed it ourselves at 40,000 hard miles soldit running great, only evo’s for me now! For HD it was originally most often Indian. Stage 1 Performance Package. Easy to work on, run cooler, and make dang near as much HP as the 88 does stock. Like the 4G63T, the block is equipped with oil jets for cooling forged aluminum pistons made by Mahle. A serious problem also developed with the outboard rear cam bearing located in the cam support plate. Sort Default; Sort A-Z; Price Low-High; Price High-Low; Showing 79 products in this section. The bore of this engine is 3.75 inches and the stroke is four inches. 3.) In fact, if you look at where the front-exhaust push-rod tube that’s all the way on your right comes out of the engine, you’ll see it’s cocked off at an angle. In time others began to make big evo engines as well; for you see, patent on the evo had never been that good and at the time were obviously not all that hard to get around. Some experts suggest that this conversion on Twin Cam engines should be done, so you don’t have to worry and fret all the time and you can trust your engine … The Twin Cam B motor did not come out until 2000; all softails were Evo's in 1999. 13 Okay, we’re back to the evo photo again. And so the twin cam was born. But could they ever do something similar with a single cam like mine? Look no further than DC V-Twins wide selection of S&S Cycle Harley Replacement engines. Problem was people wanted more power. 6 Okay. New Milwaukee-Eight engines will power every 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycle model. On the contrary, the All Harley engines but the twin cam have been like this. When that cam spins the lobe’s gonna come around and push up on that wheel. July 23, 2010. Good for performance and reliability. Because of this the crank inside the engine must be trued to very strict tolerances by an actual human being who must fight with it until it’s almost completely straight. Now they had a complete engine). Known to remove 20–40° temperature out of the engine. This will move the lifter up, and then also push the push-rod on the top of that up. So why then did Harley Davidson REALLY decided to do this whole supposedly straighter twin cam push-rod thing? They whine a bit more than the 5-speed but work fine. the cases have same amount of meat between the lifters & the barrels front & back. Also, because the machining is not always exact on each engine, the big gear above on the cam comes in different sizes (undefinable to the naked eye) that must be fitted again by a human being to each engine. Lemmy at Revzilla broke down all the improvements on this here. We do have a solution for your Harley Davidson twin cam engine problems. More Power: Each Milwaukee-Eight engine produces 10 percent more torque than the engine it replaces in Touring models.

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