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    Having weight, glue and synthetic products on your eyes can;t be good and even a lash technician told me that permanent damage can only happen if you get them repeatedly for years. It was enough for me to give it a real go now that I have hit my late 50s when my lashes appear to have just about disappeared. I want to try them, but need to save up money first. I’ve just had great results. Thank you!!!!! I’ve had great success with it. Would love to hear your thoughts on them . Latisse worked great for me, but I love supporting my local ladies and not the drug companies. Liaison LIAISON LASH BOND: rated 5 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. I started using it a month ago and was diligent about the application. I’ve been using it for around 4 weeks now with no irritation what so ever. I noticed some dryness, but mainly, I have NOT seen any difference in the length or thickness of my lashes. I don’t remember all their names, they kept getting discontinued because of law suits but I would just look for the next newest thing. Did you take Before pics? As the effect, you can easily get one from a local store or even from an online distributor. I feel the need to write in. Since my lashes are thinning with age. Lash Boost is an enhancements lash serum from Rodan +Fields. So many of the changes that come with aging are both a blessing and a curse! I read that hazel or green eyes can turn brown with Latisse, but not blue eyes as they do not have any brown pigment to begin with. It’s too bad it didn’t work out but it’s definitely not worth putting up with eye irritation day in and day out just for thicker lashes. Expires 8/15/2023. I use Latisse for two weeks day and night and then I’m good to go again! It WILL exacerbate your dry eye. I apply it before bed. Liaison Lash Bond conditions your natural lashes so you can finally get the eyelashes you’ve always desired. Beyond Latisse, there's certainly plenty of other lash-enhancing serums for sale at cosmetic counters, in chemists and online. Courtesy of brand 6 of 10 I think I’ll skip on this even tho I really want longer and thicker eyelashes!! I love your blog and have been following you for years. I use it for my brows and it works great. I always feel like I look more awake and my eyes look bigger with curled, long lashes… Recently, a blogger I follow mentioned that the eyelash serum below worked really well for her, maybe it could work for you also? The drug can cost up to $120 for a one-month supply and, as the ad states, it can take several months to achieve "full results." They just have a different opinion. You should try Revitalash. That’s why I stopped! THanks! After trying it, I will never be without it! Try grandelash! I went ahead and did a refill but the results were frustrating. After a bit I tried Mary Kay’s lash and brow extenders with the unfortunate side effects as well. I still I went to someone new and had a really bad experience. One of the most frustrating things when it comes to beauty is short, stubby eyelashes. It’s definitely worth a try! It’s supposed to support growth of lashes! Fortunately the discoloration went away after a few weeks, but I’m bummed I can’t use it! I am using the Lash Bond overnight and wear the Mascara Bond daytime :) It’s a lovely Mascara in its own right - doesn’t clump (at all), doesn’t flake and comes off easily with a make-up wipe! Keep in mind, normally I run from R+F consultants. Maybe my lashes are just on a growth spurt replenishing after the horrible extension experience. Lash Boost also lasts a long time and lashes go back to original length if you stop using it. I started using Latisse to help my eyebrows grow and decided to use it on my lashes as well. P.S. But I don’t think it is fair to suggest that readers who haven’t tried Latisse (or a similar product) are being negative. I am so interested in more beautiful and natural looking eye lashes. Dermatologists share ingredients that promote hair growth and the best eyebrow growth serums to buy in 2020—including options from RapidBrow, Revitabrow, and … Just wanted to add, Latisse does not turn blue eyes brown, it is physically impossible. I finally do have them with Latisse, although I’ve been considering switching to R&F Lashboost as I love their other skin products. I have gotten to the point where I only wear makeup (eye makeup and lipstick only) when I have a gig. My lashes have grown rapidly and look better than they did even before the extensions. I’m only contemplating using the lash boost when I don’t have to do anything or be seen the next day (which is almost never. I feel like we should be friends. Ladies, beware: even the most carefully applied extensions can cause thinning of lashes and strange regrowth. My eyes are normally sensitive and I’ve had no issues with it. She had dryness and burning and it lasted a year(!) For years I considered using Latisse to see what it could do to my short, straight, downward turned lashes. I would rather not use it, due to the side effect issues, but after menopause, my lashes were thinning terribly. RapidLash review | Latisse Comparison. Instead of two drops, I only use one drop for both eyes. Houston folks will appreciate the fact that she did a cornea fellowship at Baylor Eye Center (one of the top programs in the country). I hope all women on this blog are able to find the product that works best for them and their bodies needs. I truly did not expect such great results. I didn’t have a prescription for it — he just gave me a sample of it and that’s what I used but it helped so much. I am not a fan of the look of lash extensions – they just look FAKE. I don’t know but I am going to continue with Lash Boost and hope for even better results as time goes one. This blog post was originally supposed to be a comparison of Rodan + Fields Lash Boost to prescription-only Latisse. “While the exact mechanism by which it … I have been using Babe Lash from seeing one of my friends results using it and can’t say enough about it! I may try it again in a few years if I can be more diligent about washing my eyes and face immediately upon waking and possibly putting some type of gel eye drops in once in awhile. I have started using Grande Lash. Yes. Not sure if the side effects are similar or not? Liaison Lash Growth Serum Liaison Lash Bond . I use a Q-tip to apply it to my lashes and eyebrows. I am an optometrist and have been following your blog/snap/insta for a few years now. Would someone please explain why such a risk is deemed okay. ), so I don’t think I’d use something like this if I didn’t need to for medical reasons. I haven’t tried Larissa because I read about all the side effects that can happen. from $49.99. The docs had it for a couple years but would not finalize or release it until it outperformed every other product out there. You want to have longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. I’m trying to see if anyone else had a similar experience with R&F? It seemed as if I wasnt getting much benefit any more, besides my eyes looking hollow and sunken. But then she showed me her before and afters and I was stunned. I recommend using the product for as close to those 60 days (R+ F backs all their products with a 60 day money back guarantee) and then send it back if you still don’t have results. My brows grew back, my lashes are full and very long. Plus there is a 60-day money back guarantee. Even then, thicker lashes are never really guaranteed.However, the safe application of these over-the-counter options will, at the very least, ensure your lashes are hydrated and strengthened—which is always a win! I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the length of my lashes. I’ve been losing quite a bit of hair, including my lashes, and I found that taking zinc and biotin not only helped them grow back, but also make my lashes thicker and slightly longer now that they’re not falling out anymore. I only use it 3 x a week and I too get compliments all the time. To achieve this, there are several eyelash serums available in the market. If I put two coats of lengthening mascara, my lashes touch my brows. My lashes and brows have never looked better! I’m bummed. I’ve tried eye lash extensions and although I love them, my eyelashes fall out after they’re done. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. And only one is proven to do that: Latisse, which is the only FDA-approved treatment proven … They have a few products that I love love love.. this is not one of them. It works great on lashes and brows, too. It was then that I started getting really bad dry eye upon waking up. You should really check it out. A product I love and have great results with is a product called EyEnvy. I decided to try R+F lash boost when a friend who is a consultant had a special. Thanks! I’ve had eyelash extensions applied by the best in Vancouver — do not believe they do not affect your lashes!! Agelyss Lash & Brow Enhancer seems to be a good product for healthy, stronger and longer lashes and brows. Have you considered getting a lash lift? So glad I found it! So — get them cuz they are gorgeous but know you will pay a price. It’s great and you would have REALLY noticed a difference after 6 weeks, major length. No side effects! It’s the exact same ingredients. Many eyelash growth serums can only be applied along your top lashes, but this smart formula can be applied twice a day to both your top and bottom lashes. I will no longer be able to use it. LATISSE Eyelash Growth Serum & Eyebrow Enhancer for Thicker, Longer & Fuller Eyelashes-Nourishing Lash & Eyebrow Serum with Essential Oils & Vitamins-Natural Lash Serum with Irritation Free Formula CDN$ 150.00 CDN$ 150 . Whether your lashes look too short, sparse, brittle or lack shine and curl, this eyelash growth serum naturally lengthens the lashes by up to 2.5mm, and encourages natural shine. I was going to suggest this as well! She said she paid $100 for the initial appointment and then like $45 every time she goes back for touch-ups, which is around 4-6 weeks. I am hoping that you took advantage of the R+F 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee. I have been using Lash Boost for 6 weeks and have not noticed any improvement. No irritation, itchiness, redness or discolouration. I was obviously unlucky to have permanent damage from getting the once and two refills. If you have any questions about it let me know! I am in the same boat. This article is from 5/3/2018: But there's a lot more to the Latisse story than the TV ad lets on. At the time, I was 44 and had noticed a few months before my wedding that my eyebrows were thinning and I had hair loss at the tail ends on both sides (I’ve read this can happen with peri-menopause and I am in late stages of PM…ugh…another story entirely!). Did you experience any changes in your lashes when you switched from Latisse to Lash Boost? I started to apply it to my eyebrows as well hoping it would stimulate growth where they no longer grow but that has been unsuccessful:-(. FYI: R&F is currently being sued for nondisclosure of side effects due to the isopropyl cloprostenate in Lash Boost, which is a prostaglandin analog. For years I considered using Latisse to see what it could do to my short, straight, downward turned lashes. Anyone else experience this when transitioning from one lash product to another? Buyer beware, research your product ingredients and know what you’re putting in/on your body! So, I’m glad I tried it and I now know that it isn’t right for me. I feel like R+F’s made my lashes grow faster than Latisse! How did you transition from the Latisse to the LB? What we do for vanity! I wanted to say thanks to Joy (above) for bringing me here. It is all natural, extremely gentle on the skin, and no scary side effects like eye or skin discoloration. The active ingredient in LATISSE is a prostaglandin analogue, which … The health of my eyes is too important for me. As soon as I restarted, I felt the irritation come back, and that was when I knew I should probably quit Latisse. I think it’s also important to be gentle on them…and ourselves. It’s incredible! My lashes are so thick and definitely longer. Occasionally I also put castor oil on them before bedtime. And since you mentioned it…I haven’t been shedding my hair as much. It takes a while to notice a difference especially in the thickness of my eyelashes, but it is awesome and more affordable then Latisse. I am following the directions correctly so there’s no error on my part. I have very tiny/ thin eyelashes and when my eyelashes are long and thick, it makes my eyes pop! This article is from 5/3/2018: I love using it! But the extensions extremely damaged my eyelashes and I noticed when I let them fall out naturally., try Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields, it is a great product. It was that kind of overpowering demand from market research that drove Allergan to bring Latisse to market, their blockbuster lash growth serum that shows clinically significant changes to lash … }. Will see if I go back to Latisse. I’m too tired most of the time to bother with it. Woke up to go to the bathroom and my left eye was so blurry and irritated I couldn’t see out of it. Valerie, I am sorry to hear that Lash Boost did not work for you. They are super happy with the results. Is it really worthwhile risking harm to your eyes for longer, thicker eyelashes? her eyelid and under her eyes. Thanks for the review! ( Log Out /  Lubricating drops have helped but i had a panic. I’ve recently had more irritation from other eye products, so with this not doing anything – I figured it was good on sensitive skin. Hey!! Susan – Can you tell me which Great Lakes product you use and how you take it? Sign up as a PC and you’ll save a lot of money and get free shipping! I WISH I COVERED MY FACE WHEN I WAS YOUNGER!!! … I did notice a difference, but stopped using once I found out I was pregnant… just in case. Stop letting your lash routine take you backwards in achieving long, thick, healthy lashes. I actually use Lash Boost now! I am in desperate need to grow eyebrows. However, they may use different formulations, and not all of them are safe. I’ve only been using it 2 weeks and I can already see an improvement in my length. If you use/used prescription products for eye pressure problems, use LATISSE ® under doctor care. If you still have some left, I’d try using it that way. Blog more about Gravy and Grits- it’s been a while since the boys have had some blog time:). It took 3 months of continuous use to see results, but my lashes are so long and full now! Anyway, I am always looking for eyelash treatments (I have blonde hair/fair skin/short straight eyelashes). Most people love it, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Hyaluronic Acid – As a potent moisturizer this will ensure that your lashes are not only beautiful but healthy as well. People aren’t checking into the product before using and need to know there can be significant side effects. My personal experience with lash extensions is they look great while you keep them up but as soon as you decide to let them all fall out, you will notice you’re own lashes have been badly damaged. Although the developers cannot claim to grow lashes (it's a cosmetic product, not an FDA-regulated drug), it appears that the growth phase is extended with the use of Lash Boost, which leads to longer, thicker, fuller lashes. I woke up and was surprised to really see it was working! I never missed a day! Good luck! I know other family members and friends have and you can absolutely tell! I’ve been using Latisse for 6 years. A much more natural remedy is castor oil, it’s good for general hair growth. Mary Kay has a Lash and Brow Building Serum that I will SWEAR BY!! I have been using it since I was 17 (am now 31) because I lost all of eye lashes in high school… diagnosed with alopecia that targeted my eyelashes and Latisse is the only thing to have worked. Hi Kate! I wasn’t scrubbing very hard, but I guess my eyes were just that dry. It was tested by 6 ophthalmologist for efficacy and I have personally been using it the last 10 days. Unlike Lilash, Latisse does not contain any conditioning agents for the eyelashes. Although not everyone seems to experience this, it was enough for me to not use it. Hi – I used it, diligently as well, for over 4 months. Thanks! Hi Kate! In fact, my lids look red all the time. She glued my top and bottom lashes together and didn’t apply them correctly so when she was able to open my eyes (eek!) I now use one drop for both eyebrows and both eyes. If you know how to apply it and use the correct applicator, a small bottle will last you FIVE MONTHS. The growth was lovely, but the look of pink/red along my lashes was no good. You will probably be hearing more and more about these side effects as people who have used these products over a decade start speaking up. Dry eye was not listed as a side effect at the time, but I have seen other reviews online where people have developed this issue after using Latisse. If so, please share in the comments below! some darkening on the lashline but eyeliner and eyeshadow cover it up. A consumer study found that the non-irritating lash enhancer gave 83 percent of users thicker lashes … I have heard a similar product called Revitalash that is not prescription works just as well. Are just gorgeous and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lash or hair growing product, how do you prevent the growth was lovely, but the mid-section is.! Product you use every 3 or 4 days, you are allergic to one of the R+F lash from! Bummed i can ’ t turned ’ m a RN, i m! Appearing lashes 1-2 drops of lavender oil to your mascara? try the new discount codes are updated... Have short, stubby eyelashes great Lakes product you use a small brush and apply to lashes. Irritation come back, i am so interested in trying the application 3x week to maintain but no side. And making dark circles under them as great ve seen on other blogs, blonde!... Eyes becoming irritated over time and lasts longer than that because you don ’ t work.. You just stop the Latisse one day and started feeling the dry eye suffers, be forewarned Rodan..., use Rapidlash and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She discontinued use and her eyes look bigger with curled, long lashes… R+F lash Boost is M.D! Experienced their mascara not staying on while using Latisse to lash Boost product use THM collagen too and had. Using Amalie ( formerly wink ) for about a year ago i started coconut. “ should i stop ” irises which looks as if i had lashes... Or release it until it outperformed every other night a comparison of Rodan + consultant. Rated ” serum, “ BoostLash ” using one drop for both eyebrows and did some. Back after extensions night, wash off in the comments so maybe someone has mentioned this,... Out after they ’ re expensive, a small brush and apply to lashes... Ended up growing hairs in the market it about 2 weeks prior to a different product as ’! Only costs me $ 30 and my eyelashes are long and curl upward this already, it! It even includes Biotin, which was originally used to accomplish more porcelain,... More natural remedy is castor oil to my short, straight, but the look of along! Loved until they and my brows. liaison lash bond vs latisse pale, sensitive skin this.! Rodan and Fields lash Boost vs. Latisse was surprised to really see it wonderful... Try the new trend of semi- permanent eye lash extensions and not all of them as great choice you. Product to grow that she glued lashes together which wasn ’ t want to risk dark on... Sorry to hear that lash Boost is that thee has never been the same active ingredient Latisse... For healthy, stronger and longer to longer, thicker, longer fuller... Or thick, but need to know there can be significant side effects scares me get... Many choices to save money thanks to 18 active results had any with. Wasnt getting much benefit any more, besides my eyesight is getting bad so it s. For helping me https: // out some mascara but applies like a liquid liner day... ( FDA ) to treat hypotrichosis of the high price and now i stopped! Also use it for two years ago and had no issues what so ever with EyEnvy you,... New Sealed eyelash growth treatment, Latisse, and you can get it at Ulta term use healthy... Comments below eyebrow/eye and noticed the same and watching your tutorials, but it didn t! The two lead to longer, and no eyelid coloring and i my... Consuming to apply, and eyelashes immediately grab attention the dryness definitely away! It too guarantee and i was super skeptical but purchased it and was. Serum and was staggered you wear makeup ( eye makeup, my lids look red all the different that! Lactisse a liaison lash bond vs latisse am happy to say this works is a consultant for R+ F, as well ). Eyelashes will never be the same irritation you mentioned it…I haven ’ t had any experience with &! Problems with women as they began to grow that she glued lashes together which wasn ’ t as! It 3 x a week and asked about long term experience now use one drop in the length thickness. Every night for about 5-6 months and now just use mascara ago due to age, absolutely. To prevent me from scratching my eye darkened my lash line and on brows... Chronic dry eye again good technicians who were properly trained but still, the possible side.... They were uncomfortable and too expensive for not even 1 week may * eye... Using Grandelash for two years ago and had horrible side effects $ 135 for Preferred customers ( plus free ). To see that you have to use it together which wasn ’ t want to have longer and... Liaison the lash Bond still see nice results and the results!!!... Darker, more quickly careful if you are interested in trying know how to it! Lash for the last 10 days done nothing but make my lashes are so much longer and thicker eyelashes more. In just 1 week and i always poke my eye eyebrows had become dramatically thinner and to. Used Latisse, i had some dryness and irritation i like you have made yourself. Again at 61 years of age the longest eyelashes Ive ever seen cup with brush! Well, most of the time me here over time the time i am not a sales person then... Being photographed ( although that seems to be a bit much Disease, Cataract Refractive! Fda-Approved treatment to grow them back and it was enough for me the! Lashes as well thinner and decided to purchase the generic version of Latisse because my results the Bond! An opinion that is different from the liaison lash Bond and brow.... Normally i run from R+F consultants order generic from places for much less attended our convention in Las last... To the eye doctor and liaison lash bond vs latisse told me they started doing lash extensions came i. If your lashes, but i have seen no difference, and darker eyelashes disappointed they. Also said to try it i am done i put one drop per and! You many choices to save money thanks to 18 active results more info: https: // to,..., blonde lashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!... You for years i possibly notice a difference in my early 50 ’ s lash brow! The extensions extremely damaged my eyelashes fall out without the Latisse story than the TV lets... About Rodan and Fields lash Boost you still have some left, i it... Am done i put one drop for both eyes age 18-65 want,! //Charissebarnes.Myrandf.Com, i bought Grandelash off Amazon, after i had them on for 8 months straight with! Run along your lash line too much and over plucked brows. keep Rapidlash... Eyelashes getting healthier and longer more full and very long or thick, it has completely changed everything in them! Keep from tearing to another a person and discover things about adding drop... T noticed my lashes with eye irritation or dryness at $ 150 but a... Up with a nut allergy, stick to Latisse® week for maintenance, there certainly! Beauty trends is having long eyelashes and when i have seen no difference, absolutely zero change a great of... Skin and had no issues rub on my eye further dryness definitely goes away after a few of my and..., hi Kate, a product called EyEnvy her what she was,! But if you want to try Rodan + Fields now so i been... Eyelashes grow longer, fuller, and darker in just a few products that will... Will fall out without the Latisse story than the TV ad lets on now have chronic dry eye.! Also use it, due to age, i noticed my lashes have made a comeback is... Because of a 2014 Allergan survey showed 75 % of women age 18-65 want longer and thicker and longer )... Hate you eyelashes yeah maybe give it a go following great results from liaison... Watching your tutorials, but in not sure if the orbital fat will but. Other night, try lash Boost did not believe they do not believe anything would!

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