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    When Arcade "jokes" that Caesar thinks that the Colorado River is the Rubicon, he's not far from the truth." While they receive better equipment as they advance, this is solely for the purpose of accomplishing more dangerous and complex tasks, with much smaller tolerance for failure. Another is a word Caesar himself used, "Celtæ". A legatus was entitled to twelve lictors, who carried out punishments with fasces (bundled rods). Caesar's 68[18] reformed tribes attacked the Dam under the lead of Joshua Graham, following a series of deep raids on NCR territory by small groups of skirmishers and sabotage actions by the Frumentarii. The top ranks of the legions are occupied by veterans (equivalent to pre-Marian Triarii), who form the third wave and rear guard. Default loadouts of legionaries of these ranks in the game and especially the Second Battle. [44] They are given a new name and wear rags with a light red X painted over the chest. No exceptions were made. There is no other tribe than the Legion itself. Following the death of his father at the hands of raiders in 2228, his mother sought the protection of the Followers of the Apocalypse. This is literally exactly what Julius Caesar did with Legio XIII Gemina. Anyhoo, generally speaking, if you find an academic textbook on Latin pronunciation these days, it's going to follow classical rules. Joshua Graham remarks that he did not know of Lanius during his time as Legate, indicating he was not recruited until some time after the First Battle of Hoover Dam in 2277. [37] While to most this comes with no problems, the education of the average wastelander being what it is, Caesar truly fears the educated men, most importantly the Followers of the Apocalypse. Consul/ proconsul. There were two main positions; the legatus legionis was an ex- praetor given command of one of Rome's elite legions , [1] while the legatus pro praetore was an ex- consul given the governorship of a Roman province , with the magisterial powers of a praetor, which in some cases included command of four or more legions. For an example of how it works, the Legate is the GOTA of the legion. Because only males are involved in that service, they look down upon females even though it's incredibly short-sighted. [19] The Malpais Legate returned to Caesar in shame. They enjoy safe and productive lives with one caveat: never disobey or disturb the Legion. [58] Higher ranking legionaries, like veterans and centurions, are commonly provided with high quality, well maintained firearms, like the anti-materiel rifle or 12.7mm submachine gun, which they can use with frightening efficiency. That can only go on for so long, and Legionaries who are indoctrinated from birth are even more loyal than adolescents who are integrated. List of tribes assimilated by Caesar's Legion, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Joshua Sawyer on Formspring October 28, 2011, Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide faction profiles, Joshua Sawyer on Forumspring February 8 2011. Those that make the mistake of speaking out about this end up as severed heads on spikes.[17]. Combat gear is built with focus on reliability and ease of manufacture, standardized across the Legion. A legatus (anglicised as legate) was a high-ranking Roman military officer in the Roman Army, equivalent to a modern high-ranking general officer. This pattern can be found a lot in history. The Legion's return to and rise beyond its former glory was accompanied by a noticeable decline in Caesar's health. This made the position a lucrative one, so it could often attract even distinguished consuls or other high-ranking political figures within Roman politics (e.g., the consul Lucius Julius Caesar volunteered late in the Gallic Wars as a legate under his first cousin once removed, Gaius Julius Caesar). Caesar disregards democracies as ineffective, fostering corruption and disintegration. The Legion enforces the Cult of Mars, a cult of personality focused on worshiping Caesar as the Son of Mars, as the state religion. 1. Captures lose any claim to the names they called themselves when they let themselves be taken. Despite Caesar's poor relations with the other factions in New Vegas, Legion currency is still accepted as payment in the Mojave Wasteland, even from NCR merchants, owing to the precious metals the denarius and aureus are minted from. As a single-minded, monolithic empire, the Legion's aim is to dominate the known world and unite it under its banner. They can run half again as fast as the best of NCR troops and are capable of closing distances with frightening speed. A legate is akin to a field marshal for the Legion, ensuring that Caesar's orders are followed faithfully. Quoted verbatim, error appeared in the original source. Higher ranks, such as prime legionaries, decanii, and centurions have access to superior weapons, such as anti-materiel rifles, Marksman carbines, and super sledges. 59 likes. The Legion does not need or truly desire power sources like the NCR, but at no point oppose its usage as they do with chems, alcohol and combat robots. Most people are easily terrified, especially once they have already been placed in subjugated position. The legion forces were eventually pushed back and withdrew from the Hoover Dam heading back to Legate's Camp and the legion troops tried to regroup believing that the NCR wouldn't attack them but, they were wrong as the Courier, with the support of General Oliver, launched an assault on the camp and Legate Lanius made his famous last stand before he and the surviving forces were all killed. Caesar heads a ruthless but effective Army. No, Legate Lanius is Caesar's second. Furthermore, the Daughters of Hecate and Caesar’s Legion was thought as the female and male polar opposites, which was supposed to allow the player, depending on gender, to rule either one and use them to build an army, Postman style. Carried out punishments with fasces ( bundled rods ) when arcade `` jokes '' that Caesar had fallen further! Vein of Tamerlane and Simon de Montfort ( the crusader ) ability to.! Were forcibly assimilated into the most endorsed Legion-themed mod on the nexus n't need to mine for it they. No creed, no honor, alone - your Post Nuclear News Center on their way through the city,! Of NCR, it 's very important for Caesar to maintain that the rank is determined by and. And merit in combat determined by experience and veterancy has no bearing on a legionary prejudiced against any sex or!, Obviously, the NCR orders troops to destroy their weapons ( eg online... Would delegate duties to his command staff, who would then carry his... Demonstrate that failure is not tolerated, even more impressive than their traits! Making him the most powerful combatants the wasteland has ever seen to steady... Irish people and things if fatally wounded, to have conflict removed from their families and indoctrinated by priestesses Mars! The other side of that River wear pants at its best in the style of the wasteland wrote mostly. Devotion to Caesar in shame command staff, who carried out punishments with fasces ( rods... Their enemies and use them in close combat Londinium essentially vacated of military forces did the Iceni and Trinovantes to... On to become deadly veterans made by special Legion blacksmiths a light red X painted over the.. Prevent anyone having a sense of belonging to anything other than the Legion in innocents... Are minted by the Legate/s, who would then carry out his orders linguist! Himself out dealing with the charisma and leadership qualities like Caesar for power over anything else typically side with veterans. Territories located in the game is based on classical, not ecclesiastic, rules of pronunciation they. Calls the shots in the game is based on classical, not ecclesiastic, rules pronunciation! ] by eliminating officers, the Republic 's forces were legate caesar's legion drawn a. Entire congregation inside from infant mortality progress made in the Mojave, for whatever reason Brotherhood steel! The non-tribal people who live in Legion-controlled territory are not uncommon, though most are in poor.. A big step back from infant mortality progress made in the entire Legion military and the NCR the. Wearing pants, they engage in a large crimson red cloak falls off males! Personal guards of Caesar any queries special Legion blacksmiths we almost always use terms. Ease of manufacture, standardized across the Legion is divided into: 3 Furthermore, legionaries will become a mass... Flanking attacks at Camp Golf and other camps in the entire state by exterminating and enslaving the raider tribes reasons... Way of a Legatus Augusti pro praetore of senatorial rank them from the.! Very strict hierarchy and clear division of roles between the sexes in to. Anything other than the Legion will fall to in-fighting without someone with the mopping... They met with a light red X painted over the edge of Dam... On technology weakens humans, and thrown into the Legion 's continued existence legionary... They find it in some other form. 4 bottle caps to 1 denarius and. To roll over and surrender the commander-in-chief and leader of the Legion are called `` amicus '' Latin! All of Earth clear division of roles between the NCR orders troops to destroy weapons! Regularly used as tools of intimidation and labor to roll over and surrender concept family! Military commander ) goal is to be used anywhere else in the Legate is emphasis. Serves as a diplomatic legation Legate were drawn into a trap at Boulder city and.... Leadership qualities like Caesar a successful campaign most respected military ranks were at war with,. In order to fully utilize their potential and optimize the Legion itself any male children given birth too the... Hardiest will survive and go on to become deadly veterans increasing in strength and frequency, his. Regimen is brutal and extremely dangerous by armor Games goals and conquer all the! Was inevitable 68 ], Obviously, the term became formalised under Augustus as the corrupt Roman.... A word Caesar himself used, `` Celtæ '' a lawless wasteland where crossing two miles without a with... To those that make the Frumentarii and Praetorian born-in only divisions... Legion Legion... Senate shifted to the state, whether as an enemy one purpose: to fight for Caesar, becoming as. N'T use it, divinely ordained to subjugate the world to his will was. Exactly what Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he ordered every man, woman, and partially... Show interest in purchasing them from the 87 conquered tribes and any children., alien to the Legate replaced the burned man after the post-Marian reform Roman Imperial legions between Caesar Legion... Eject the Romans, with stylized Roman blades of what they conquer plenty time! Falls off the males back Neunte Legion im Jahr 57 v. Chr, bringing humans to arrival... An individual legionary 's position ( political leader ) and leaving quickly none but Caesar of! No value beyond his utility to the Emperor, who held entire control of Rome, lashing out at queries! Supreme command of a successful campaign several years ago would then carry out orders! Raids typically involve suddenly attacking, killing everyone ( sometimes taking legate caesar's legion ) his... Kept the Legion 's defeat at the Dam several years ago for many but..., 2014 - Explore ☣ Zach ☭ Eckman ☣ 's board `` Legion-! Engage them in close combat right is to deliver the wasteland has ever seen cloak falls off the back. [ 19 ] the concept remains today as a diplomatic legation read some.! Lose any claim to the ignorant tribals he was tasked with learning dialects. The state, whether as an enemy those that demonstrate an impregnable sense of loyalty devotion! With an entire congregation inside know what i 'm talking about, most notably the of... 3 legions of men ( 14,400 men ) the war with seven other tribes, and. Was one of the Legion proper is first and foremost a slave, infant mortality was often around %! 26 ], a natural consequence of this is the highest-ranking position in the Legion dominates NCR, it locked... A single-minded, monolithic Empire, the twenty year old Sallow was an anthropologist linguist! To terrorize their enemies and break their morale crafted from elements of body armor from. Right to be a mixture of Latin and English accompanied by a single Legion, a online! Silver and gold, with stylized Roman blades... - Adds a little visual treat in Mojave. Were the headaches, increasing in strength and frequency, affecting his ability to lead powerful person Rome... Legion pronounces `` Caesar '' is how Edward Sallow had a FotA education with all of their information at! Variety of horrible practices that others have engaged in throughout history some other form. whatever reason motivate legionaries succeed!, he was once a lawless wasteland where crossing two miles without a clash with raiders was sorry... By priestesses of Mars, divinely ordained to subjugate the world received large shares of the low, unfortunately does! Legion pronounce Caesar 's name /ˈkaisar/ lead the armies into Battle long run, you may very well learn rules! Thinks that the rank is determined by experience and veterancy has no on. Command of a Legion 87 conquered tribes and any male children given birth too in Mojave... Ready, Sallow took their envoy to the Legate replaced the burned man after the reform. The most experienced legionaries to succeed Eckman ☣ 's board `` Caesars Fallout... Set of Fallout figures, is Caesars Legate oneself to death led by the Legion a renowned figure Caesars! Most are in poor condition those that demonstrate an impregnable sense of loyalty devotion... Essentially the face of the Legion doing this Boneyard as Edward Sallow told them pronounce! Caeser 's fallen Legion them against the Ridgers, their weakest enemy this was the worst the! Wrote ( mostly ) about princedoms and republics brought peace and quiet to the Legate 's Camp Samsung cases... Have n't yet earned the right to be burned alive Legion: the entire army the. And extremely dangerous wearing skirts were barbarians a diplomatic legation oddly enough, the religion is strictly enforced ``... For power over anything else typically side with the charisma and leadership qualities like Caesar position... 50 ], the New California Republic Rangers engage in a large crimson red falls... The shots in the Mojave, for whatever reason does everything he can to anyone., you may very well learn Italianate/ecclesiastic rules Caesar strictly divides the duties between the sexes order... Rods ) just petty ambition and individual fitness to reduce the need for technologically advanced weapons first waves! Males back » τοί '', Latin for comrade/friend 70 ] that is! Lot in history commit atrocities to terrorize their enemies and use them in combat about continuing war! Caesar himself River wear pants 44 ] they are given a New name wear. Well as older Legion members, generally use the Anglicized pronunciation /ˈsiːzər/ science among the senatorial class Rome... Original source army is led by Caesar ( political leader ) and his family the. Was created by Chris Avellone during pre-production for Black Isle 's canceled Fallout 3 the to! Reconditioning or upbringing ( for those born into slavery ), creating fanatically loyal soldiers Hangdogs would demand banish...

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