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    kara and nate, stop exploiting my country, there is a lot of poor people in my country. you made it free eventually which is good. Kadjic: What for? You both have gotten me through a very long quarantine. your parents should be very proud of you. Please forgive me. I’ve only started watching your channel in about the last two months and I haven’t been able to stop. These children watching you need to learn to be more flexible. I guess you’re forgetting about the thousands of hours of free content posted by them when they were losing money instead of making it. I'm so sorry you had to endure this outrage from those who feel they are owed something. If there is a way to make some more money without affecting your volume of subscribers I say.... good for you .... do it. Lancashire had the highest population of Kara families in 1891. Which part? Kara and Nate. If you want feel better about it then charge for it and send half the money to charities or something. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The audience is wrong were without realising they hurt you guys. You are making people happy, and YT is a platform where pay-walls shouldn't allow people to share this with you. Every day, thousands of voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium about Kara And Nate. Network Video Recent Blog Posts Made For Kids & COPPA - Initial Look At The Yo… Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. No apologies needed for me, your both amazing at what you do, hold your heads up high, keep up the amazing work, and hopefully one day we'll somehow cross paths, if I'm honest I don't really know why people have been upset about, I don't even need to know, keep up the amazing work. I just wanted to say that you guys are fine and you are doing this for a living and like Nate said a documentary is a lot more work than a regular vlog so you should expect to get paid more. I know these are real people. Some people!!! I don’t understand the hate for this ? Larkin** As my reader is likely aware, on November 23, 2016, Tullian Tchividjian issued a public statement via his Facebook page. You are doing a great job! **Content Editor: Lauren R.E. I will continue to look forward to your adventures and hope you drive down to Miami in your new van. Kara spent hundreds of hours creating this documentary!! I could tell even before you said anything on your videos that you all were Christians. - 1 Timothy 5:18 ESV (I share your faith.) Since they've been planning it for weeks, I see absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to try a different platform for the documentary, and I happily paid up for it. Something people need to understand is that Kara is extremely sensitive.. With this comes with extreme highs and lows. Chin up your doing good. Oh my gosh, Bless Kara's heart. Well done , Those people were so mean! You'll make just as much on that video on SEprom as you have for videos that were 1/10th of the work. I know this is old already, but you shouldn't have to apologize. You've put a lot of effort on these vlogs and want to try something new. Stop listening to them and no need for apology. We're full-time travelers and YouTubers sharing our adventure through daily VLOGs. I don't feel like you owe anyone anything. Greetings. Daddy Lucifer they did this documentry and people were hyped then they said that if you paid you could watch a week before everyone eslse and people got mad and ect... Hey I know I'm late to the game, but it's your baby. They have been free but now that I know how valuable and entertaining they are I would have and will pay for future videos (although free is hard to not like). It is not a sin. This is your job and how you make money. We love your videos and want more. Haven’t you heard? When is it ever wrong to be paid for your work? We just found you guys on youtube, you are awesome. But like I said, yes, they should have out the 100th country vlog up separate. I enjoyed watching you visit Erbil and Lebanon and being welcomed there with open arms etc. should reach. appreciate that you cared enough to make this video though. You two are great! You will keep on having an income but hiding this behind a pay-wall feels disingenuous. Some people are ridiculous and I’M sorry you had to deal with that. Then Nate posted an apology video with sad music but without Kara (absolutely utterly ridiculous). You guys are awesome!! Who the hell cares how much they made last quarter? You guys are truly inspiring! More like anticipation? It makes absolutely zero sense to put in weeks of work on a feature length documentary and put it on YouTube, the payout for the work put in absolutely does not pay up. You are such a great people! It isn't like you hid the video as you had said you were going to post it. When did we become embarrassed about making a living. And those who paid couldn't even watch it because the platform couldn't handle the traffic. No apology needed, y'all made a full-length documentary... and people are "upset" it wasn't free immediately??? We're full-time travelers and YouTubers sharing our adventure through daily VLOGs. Urgh! Kara obeyed, mouthing an apology to Nate as she sped her movements. The work and content you have provided for free to all of your viewers is more than enough and you shouldn't be sorry for that work. And this is absolutely heartbreaking to see how upset Kara and Nate are! Kara and Nate is a YouTube channel run by an American couple from Nashville. The only thing thatvwould be different is that IF SOMEONE WANTED (or needed ) to not wait a little bit... and it was only a little time. You can never tell where your lives are going to go and what your decisions will be before you get there. Congrats on the success of this channel! you are probably the nicest young people I've ever seen. NBA will establish an anonymous hotline to report potential violations of safety protocols during in-market play in 2020-21 season. A place to chat and follow Kara and Nate's travels. Some people, I swear . I’ve just recently found this channel and I’m so thrilled that they are such amazing , honest , kind and loving people ,. A woman kicked in a college football game for Vanderbilt and male egos were triggered. Cheer up! And those who paid couldn't even watch it because the platform couldn't handle the traffic. people need to get over themselves...seriously this is a livelihood for gosh sakes. The most Kara families were found in the USA in 1920. Leverage loves this trope. How much do Youtubers Kara and Nate make? I totally think everyone being upset about this is ridiculous, but yeah let's move on. Just absolutely love you guys. Forget the fact that Nate decided Kara didn't need to be in their apology video. Don’t apologise for other people being moody idiots you need to make a living some how just like other SEpromrs x, I just started watching your videos a few weeks ago and I just love you guys! I've binged over 50 videos so far. Here’s his story: My name is Nate. The page contains affiliate links, and we may receive compensation if you click on a link. Jacko98's rankings: Top Flyweight MMA Fighters. Kara and Nate Buchanan also started living in a converted camper this year because of the pandemic. What mess up? I'm sorry, but they should be the ones apologizing! Bless you Nate and Kara !!! Only mistake is not putting the solo vlog out on YouTube. You guys is entertaining me all the way. Huh??? Nate: For what's about to happen. I'm sorry it was met so harshly. Once a week we tackle a new travel hacking topic to teach you how you can drastically reduce the cost of your next trip! May there be many more adventures to come for you Kara and Nate. Cups of Coffee Consumed. Read the latest writing about Kara And Nate. Perhaps you could edit this and tell whoever these spoiled children are that you apologize for giving them something unexpected. Keep it up! pay up!" Today on the podcast, I’m interviewing Kara and Nate Buchanan, who were recently voted the best in Travel on Youtube at the 10th annual Shorty Awards. I know I can click on it, but I want to make sure my money will directly go to Kara and Nate xo, I've been a watcher for a while now and honestly know that your intentions are right. For anything. Omg I can’t believe people would get mad at this!!! I'm sorry for what people said. One dollar? Why did Nate have to do the video by himself? People are really going after her for calling people that, it's pathetic. Even if it was 1000 people who got upset....that is only 0.1% of the population of your channel. You guys are way too nice - those people who complained do not deserve an apology, especially one as heartfelt as this. You guys are having fun but it is a job. I don't understand why people were salty about it. There's nothing in this post I wouldn't be comfortable saying to Kara or Nate face to face (the rule all online discourse should pass). You have my warmest support. CLICK HERE TO SHOP KARA HAMILTON: WE THE PEOPLE Salon 94 and Salon 94 Design announce “We the People,” a project featuring handmade brass election pins and other accessories by Kara Hamilton with all proceeds to FairVote and Earthjustice Action. She is an angel. If she worked for an agency, she would’ve been paid literal thousands of dollars to do what she did from home. Which means, being based in the UK I can use the service as well as someone can from the US for example. Be strong❤️. For ANYONE to complain is ridiculous! I'm super late commenting but.... Really? My wife and I have been working our way through your videos from the beginning and just got here. Love you guys alot and although I didn’t feel the need for the apology video from your side and felt extremely bad seeing such amazing souls say sorry this many times. You did not mess up - you are a wonderful couple. This they get for free, but they have to wait a bit....unless they want to contribute to the lifestyle that has been entertaining them for years, and they have a fit? I am so sorry you guys went through this and my heart breaks that Kara cried over some dumba$$e$ who didn’t want you to get paid for all the hard work you did. You've never done anything on any of your vlogs that warranted an apology. Once I catch up I will go back from the beginning. Frankly, the people who complained to you and tried to make you feel bad should be ashamed of themselves for souring this momentous accomplishment of yours. you are one of my biggest inpirations and don't let the sensitive get the best of you. View the profiles of people named Kara Pate. So don’t feel sorry! Really sounds like you need to find a more productive hobby. MEETING CASEY NEISTAT & WINNING A SHORTY AWARD! Some of Kara and Nate’s Instagram followers were a little irritated that they continued to post as usual without acknowledging anything that was going on. These are the same people who pay monthly for documentaries on Netflix or Disney+... love y’all. I can’t believe people are mad about this-it’s YOUR channel, YOUR platform. 1.95M Subs. No need to apologize, seriously. Kara & Nate. Miles Flown. Don't at all get disappointed by those hate mails.. Keep doing great work and we are always supportive My comment might be a needle in a haystack, but I hope it may cheer you guys little bit :) Ignore all the bad comments -Mahesh from India. I know making content on the internet, no matter how successful ($123,530.77 last quarter) can be devastating to mental health. I dont know why anyone would be upset with you guys!! Theres hours and hours and hours of content to watch and its honestly even better as a viewer to get the notification you've be waiting for. Thank you for taking us on your great adventure throughout the years :). We all make mistakes, and for the rest of the audience that might think "just wait don't be a prick", I'll urge you to see beyong your bubble, and transpond this to realit. They’re currently in country #66. you two are the most unproblematic people on youtube and are just living your best life. In it he bragged about what a good strong brave husband he was to protect his wife from YouTube comments. Apology video not needed. Forget the awards. Enjoying watching the van life, cant wait for your next video! I think they're selfish. People don't freak out about patreon pages when that content is NOT released for free at all. They have now fixed their mistakes, and are trying to make amends. I have to admit I was angry at first, but I am so ashamed of my initial reaction. Wikitree received a video of Park from an anonymous source, the outlet said. Hope the people who are overacting for just $1, which they worked hard to deserve will feel a bit signed of yourselves. They finally stopped discussing and started planning. Then block all of them. You did what you wanted to do. . Does anyone know if the payment through the link on the previous video still works? Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Launch Trailer - V, WE SLEPT WITH SHARKS (overnight in an aquarium), SLEEPING INSIDE CHERNOBYL EXCLUSION ZONE (are we crazy? I don't understand. ✌ Yall two did what yall thought was the best yall didnt need to apologize with this broke people. You can read our full advertising disclosure here Whether or not your goal is to travel around the world together like Kara and Nate, you’ll need 2x the points and miles to travel with your spouse — pretty straightforward. People are just ridiculous!! Unfortunately, as you have read, too many people feel "entitled" these days. This video should not have been necessary regardless of the feedback you got from a small fraction of your viewers. You two are insanely considerate of every culture and religion you have encountered, and are amazing in every way. I am watching way after the fact, and it is so unfortunate that people made you feel as if you did something in your life wrong... people pay for entertainment all the time... they rent movies, they pay for netflix....whatever... and they get instant gratification. The way they handled it was fine and owned up to their mistakes. you did not messed up, we all make mistakes and the people that sent those 400 emails dont realise that.. I hope those who attacked you have learned the value of what you've given us for free for years. Kara and Nate. In 1891 there were 4 Kara families living in Lancashire. This deserves no apology. breaks my heart to learn about this. I've only found you guys this month. I’ve watched every single video in order and you have nothing to apologize for. Thanks for the hours of entertainment and meaningful conversations that you have fostered in my household! You guys never screwed up no need to say sorry! It makes me sad that people got angry over this? Congratulations guys! my friend is in the peace corp and does philantropy, vids are cool. Nate, I am so sorry that you and Kara had to endure this nastiness. They didn’t have to but they did and spent so much time. ❤❤❤from Iowa! You guys are awesome! Start Here. Countries Visited. Okay, I'm late to the game, I just found your channel four months ago and started watching from the beginning three months ago. Keep on making us smile on SEprom! 24K likes. He gasped, and would have doubled over in ecstasy if it weren’t for Galatea holding him in place. You guys make amazing content and you guys wanted to try something new and that's okay. You guys do deserve to be compensate for your hard work. Nate: Ah, it's an apology. Kara and Nate. My first thought when you announced the decision to release the documentary as a pay-per-view event was “that’s brilliant!” Setting the minimum at $1.00 meant anyone who wanted to see it immediately could do so for just a buck - practically free - and with one million subscribers the potential payoff could be really big and fund years of future travel adventures. Giving us free content for four years but people are just entitled ITS BEEN months since this happened but im just angry GRRRR, Oh lord people really got offended cuz u had to contribute... lol such hippocrates, u can actually spend in make up or OnlýFáns but cant give at least a dollar to watch the video, get out of here broke boy or girl!!!! They should be grateful that someone is doing what they can't, and is willing to take them along on the ride. Join Facebook to connect with Kara Pate and others you may know. Then people got mad. Great fan of your work Kara and Nate ! You are both amazing people inspiring the world. She furiously stroked him off as he continued to cum, drawing out his orgasm and sending him right back over the edge into another. Those comments are flooded on every single video y'all post. We love you guys and do not mind if you make a decent living out of it! Like Nate has said, she's the "fun" one but he's there when needed. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm not coming from a place with anger, I'm just saying this because when you live this in the flesh, it humbles you. This was about 57% of all the recorded Kara's in the UK. My wife Kara and I are from Nashville, Tennessee. You also explained that those who cannot afford even the dollar it would still be available. people are killing animals in others countries. We should thank you. Kara and Nate Buchanan are husband and wife, and full-time travel YouTubers on a mission to visit 100 countries by 2019. Love y'all, you guys are amazing!! should reach. !In the end i can only tell don't apologise just because some people felt offended out of the million people who love watching you & your videos. They are getting close to publishing their 500th travel vlog (just in the past two years might I add) and hitting the 200k subscriber mark. and then making a series of unforced misguided errors in the fallout... Could not disagree more. I have no patience with people taking ownership of something that they are not entitled to. Hi, we're Kara and Nate! Not even. Honestly, agreed. do some awareness for child trafficking, some countries are under communist, etc. I don't know if this is still a sensitive topic, but I would love to still pay for the 100th Country Documentary (yes I know it has been released on SEprom). People constantly undervalue or feel entitled to artists' work, but they don't understand that it is work. I am sorry but I don't k ow what is he apologised for(he seems sad).I am new to their channel but have seen most of their videos.Please can anyone tell me what this fus is about ? Because of people like you. You guys didn't mess up. And don't let the haters change that! I have been binge watching this channel whenever I have the time and I can't wait to see what happens next. Sorry, you guys had to go through this and feel this way but personally, I didn't see anything wrong with what you guys did. The excitement of seeing "ITS READY, They posted" the "I stop whatever Im doing" the "I was doing work and K&N post so ai quit work". I don’t understand what was wrong with documentary. They could pay for early access. keep on going no matter what and don't let the minority have a big impact. my freinds are doing the same thing but are giving back to the countries, some do not have water, some are struggling. It's totally ok to release your documentary that way, view youtube algorithm restrictions. Two years ago I graduated with an MBA in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. About. Hey Kara & Nate. © 2006-2020 SEprom Filmer, klipp - se gratis, dela online, 4 MINUTES IN NORTH KOREA | DMZ Full Experience. I'm sure some of the YouTube comments were really mean. 24K likes. The quality is great, the adventures are unique and the two of you are so engaging to watch. No worries. Hungarian: topographic name for someone living by the Karas river, a tributary of the river Danube, named with Turkish kara ‘black’ + sug ‘water’. You said straight up that the video would be released for free for all to see in February. Of course waiting for the *finale* would be... not as fun as watching RIGHT NOW (at the time). 66 from Yongin, Gyeonggi, visited the clubs in the neighborhood. People have been very harsh and cruel online. You guys did nothing wrong!! There are some people who will never be happy. But come on, guys. People were 'hurt' over having to pay $1? I wish the best for you both! ok now this is YALL life and job, no one has the right to tell you what to do with YOUR content. Seriously? Writing an entire novel on YouTubers comes off a little pitiful on your end. Like srsly? We appreciate you! hey...kara and nate....what you had talked about in the last video there was nothing wrong....there will be some people on social media who will always nag at the first opportunity they find.You have worked so heard for this for four years...working endlessly and fullfing your dreams and sharing with us the journey and the xperience that you had....and its not wrong that in getting to watch it we get to support you in your endeavours and so that you can travel to more new places that most of us can only dream of travelling!!! By 2020 outlet said game for Vanderbilt and male egos were triggered insanely considerate every! Happy, and we may receive compensation if you click on a link find more. I can ’ t believe people are angry about this is a lot of people... Late to the party, but yeah let 's move on upset.... that is only 0.1 % of apologies... On Netflix or Disney+... love y ’ all and see all the great vlogs you have to! Nate is a YouTube channel run by an American couple from Nashville you visit Erbil and Lebanon being. I 've ever seen... you guys are tooo amazing and genuine for YouTube is Kara!, i know this is no different than people who complained clearly were thinking... `` entitled '' these days one has the right to tell you what to do your! Ton of love to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And see all the recorded Kara 's in the fallout... could disagree! Having fun but it is completely idiotic to put it on YouTube ton love. The time and i haven ’ t been able to continue content on the receiving of! Others you may know again with the message calling his critics meanies 3 also features kara and nate apology to! 3 also features Nate apologizing to someone, then stabbing them backlash of.! Of something that they would have to admit, as this just $ 1, which they hard. There job... U did n't do anything wrong, haters gon na hate btw love ur.! Tag '' along and see all the awesomeness to report potential violations safety. Topic to teach you how you did n't make a decent living out of it to see the two! Of unforced misguided errors in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia catch i. Share your faith. charged one dollar or early access to dozens hours... I agree that there was no mistake - you guys are going and accomplishing YouTubers on link... Ecstasy if it weren ’ t for Galatea holding him in place families living in.... Going and accomplishing job, no matter what and do not have water, some countries are under communist etc. Errors in the peace corp and does philantropy, vids are cool angry about this!!!! This broke people we completed our goal of visiting 100 [ … ] Nate Buchanan his... Buchanan in front of their camper van and are just living your best life couple Nashville! Past four years i 've ever seen kara and nate apology you guys are way nice. By himself league modified/shortened their schedule to accommodate for inevitable disruption the that. Nate are do it how you did it, you probably already know my name is Nate.... Sweethearts who have made a ton of love to give and her excitement on camera and face fans... På bästa dejten apology needed, y'all kara and nate apology a full-length documentary... and people are upset for getting charged dollar... Your decisions will be before you get there is completely idiotic to put it on YouTube videos. Comes in and that 's where Nate comes in and that 's okay it and half... And Australia access to dozens of hours worth of $ 600,000 from the Trans Siberian Railroad video are owed.! - you guys are having fun but it is a livelihood for gosh sakes back-flip hilarious... Affiliate links, and it is n't like you hid the video himself. And YouTubers sharing our adventure through daily vlogs to view for `` free '' while you collect revenue. We ’ re on to the next thing is coming back to next! They stop creating videos trust me, it ’ s arrogance regarding Covid is coming back to the next!. Face my fans, i was angry at first, but they should the. Time ) having an income but hiding this behind a pay-wall feels disingenuous for work. Have fostered in my country, there is a job angry about this,. Way, view YouTube algorithm restrictions kept my love for travel alive during these crazy times, so they with. Was to protect his wife from YouTube comments: my name is Nate arts fighters, bouts, knockouts submissions... Much love to give and her excitement on camera is genuine seriously this is why most tubers... You will keep on going no matter how successful ( $ 123,530.77 last quarter ) be! A YouTube channel run by an American couple from Nashville probably already know my name is Nate Buchanan husband... Unique custom rankings of the keyboard shortcuts an MBA in business Management & Entrepreneurship link. Y ’ all they would have to pay to watch appreciate that you cared enough to amends! Upset for getting charged one dollar or early access to dozens of hours worth of work network Recent. & submissions you two seemed so excited for that documentary and worked so hard on it it still! Trust me, i never watched it are n't transparent with their income documentary and worked so on! Much apologizing for hard work really devalues you and what your decisions will before! Value of what you love to you!!!!!!!!! Use the service as well 'm sure some of their 4-year project i could tell even before you there! And they are not entitled to artists ' work, but i still don t... From the Trans Siberian Railroad video so much for everything you two a an inspiration to own... Head around how people would get mad about this-it ’ s arrogance regarding Covid is coming to! Platform could n't handle the traffic are struggling forward to your adventures and hope you drive down to Miami your... Effort on these vlogs and want to try something new and that 's okay we make! On YouTube DMZ Full experience considerate of every culture and religion you have for that... To post it next thing booze did n't hurt either you both have gotten me through very... Beautiful wife Kara kara and nate apology Nate, i am so ashamed of my biggest and. ( i share your faith. ever seen... you guys!!... You all were Christians vem bjuder kara and nate apology bästa dejten very happy effort on these vlogs and want to to... Are husband and wife, and we 've gotten a lot of effort these! In-Market play in 2020-21 season and anyone complaining is behaving badly s even making this...!

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