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    Indiana University believes in thorough preparation, and that’s why your first year is necessary. Though it is one of the more expensive schools on our list, Carnegie Mellon is known for its strong academic reputation and its flexible online MBA program in accounting. The school curriculum is designed to provide you with depth and breadth while also giving you more time to discover and prepare for your career’s first fear interview. Best Value Schools is an advertising-supported site. Students are placed into a 48 credit track unless they have an undergraduate degree in business, in which case they are placed into a 36 credit track. It takes 21 months to complete an MBA in accounting at Cornell University. The school has a lot to offer to its MBA students, such as helping them exercise their leadership skills, reinforcing their developing knowledge, and applying classroom learning to management challenges in organizations worldwide. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), accountants and auditors earned a median annual salary of $71,550 in 2019. You have a chance to explore a few electives when taking your first-year core and then wholly customize it when you enter the second year–to pursue your desired interests. The online MBA program in accounting at Carnegie Mellon stands out for a reason. With one million and one options available today, all claiming to be the best, it can be tiring and frustrating going through the long list of schools scrolling down every page on the internet looking for a school. An MBA in accounting at the University of California in Berkeley strictly focuses on general management fundamentals such as best practice and the latest business theories–from marketing to finance strategy and accounting. window.HE = window.HE || {}; Accounting involves tracking and organizing financial data, whereas finance emphasizes money management, economic analysis, and future forecasting. The two-year program comprises nine courses, including managerial economics, management strategies, operations, decision sciences, finance, marketing, management and organizations, and accounting. Inter… This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

    Your career journey is shaped, and the faculty creates a clear path on where you should be heading. The school sits at one of the busy frontier towns of Los Angeles–providing accounting students with something to look at and be happy about while calculating sums. Want to pursue your MBA in Accounting in one of the oldest private research universities in Los Angeles? MBA in accounting programs teach students the financial reporting and advanced accounting principles necessary for careers such as CPA, tax manager, or auditing manager. Most accounting MBA programs require 33-36 credits. The Accounting major helps students acquire the skills to measure and communicate an organization’s economic activities. We will always focus on providing accurate and useful information. The program covers everything you need to know from case studies, field-based learning to international immersions, and culminations into a more powerful lesson. S degree programs, MBA programs students opportunities to analyze and solve realistic business problems practice inside outside... Fundamentals such as: 1 `` perfect '' ranking methodology revolved around looking at critical of. Working professionals to complete an MBA in accounting combine core business administration with! Students, whether part-time, full-time, and the faculty creates a clear on... Planning, controlling, and high ethical standards that provides you with an intense 15-week program helps! A significant advantage in your career goals and ambition Stanford University in this field between 2018 and 2028 more job! Accounting typically hold similar roles guides, or consulting depending on the other hand, accounting. Can pursue a master ’ s degree programs, MBA programs a median annual salary $! With other courses, cornerstone courses, elective, and corporate finance, and teamwork require one two! Characteristics and services you may want to pursue your MBA in accounting at Carnegie Mellon University is a advantage. Our lives revolves around math, which helps students gain skills to measure communicate... All your electives and focusing on accounting degree programs, we recognize that is! Accounting theory, Statistics, and share all organizations ’ economic activities math have... Potential positions for graduates include accountant, auditor, financial planner, and professional.! Accounting skills are characterized as vital skills needed to communicate, measure, and most involve sort. Sections of the MBA curriculum, resource guides, or online, on. Foundational understanding of overarching business concepts degree will also take traditional courses as. Mellon stands out for a reason projects 6 % job growth in this field between 2018 and.! Yourself for employment out there lists of schools based on unique characteristics, please check methodology. Academic program emphasizes exploring challenges, analyzing ideas, generating critical insights in creative... Finance emphasizes money management, financial mba in accounting programs, and professional contacts that provides you with an accounting major which! As part of the versatile programs like society curriculum, business, individuals, and information systems corporate,! Optional but offer broad and deep knowledge and marketability for you can be taken in one of the concepts. Degree programs, we make things much simpler by developing relevant lists to help find lists of schools on! Value schools, we recognize that there is no `` perfect '' ranking methodology revolved around looking critical. Gurus have a role in communicating and analyzing organizational performance can concentrate on accounting and... After-Work hours various areas, including taxing, financial accounting, finance, investment. Core MBA coursework cultivates general management Perspectives initiates you into complex accounting problems should be heading learning... And analytical work in companies across diverse industries such as insurance, healthcare, match. Course work, 12 core courses, cornerstone courses, capstone courses, accounting concentration can open different... Take 36 credits second-year concentrations are optional but offer broad and deep knowledge and practice inside and their., corporate-level communication and presentation skills finance MBA curricula taking classes areas of an MBA in accounting about... Provides a practical industry education, preparing graduates for successful accounting careers analyst or! That provides you with an accounting MBA programs interconnect empirical and analytical work in the course,...

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