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    Great bikes in this line! Fully assembled, the bike weighs 35 lbs – but the durability that you’re getting far outweighs the slightly above average weight. Jeff tank u for all you effort and help you are a good person. The 3×7 setup has a very wide gear range, particularly for this price range, and the Shimano EZ Fire 41 shifters change gears crisply and reliably. So, I think it is important I already did splendid research so that I can help you with this section. Plus, 1x drivetrains are easier to use. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check the links below for places where you can conduct your own research and find more bikes. But all of this is just a prelude to the Finiss’s true strength – and that is performance. This will be my very first bike purchase. It’s the only difference I can see. Hey Jeff! Can Mountain Bikes Be Used in Urban Areas? The bike features an internal cable routing system, which further improves the durability and gives it a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Also, following high-value standards, almost all bikes have disc brakes which aren’t common on cheap mountain bikes. The bike’s overall build quality is solid, it’s made from high-quality materials, and the ergonomics are very impressive. And those that aren’t just plain terrible are rarer still. Hey Ben, if you’re planning to ride very aggressively, a $500 bike might not cut it for you. Lightweight, Aluminum frame product, designed specifically to enhance the mountain experience, which is one of … I’m looking to getting a mountain bike under $400. Mongoose makes many different types of bicycles, but we like their MTB line the most. We’re talking about the Prevelo Alpha Four which is a versatile choice that does well both on and off-road. Incredibly durable, well made, and with a very versatile drivetrain, the High Timber is an impressive bike – and if it ends up being your choice, you’ll be getting the biggest bang for your buck. For that money, you might be able to find an older used FS bike in good condition. Not sure how the Diamondback Overdrive 29 made the list, it’s $1400 at the Amazon link provided. twitter; Abby Stassen is a health and wellness writer and expert, covering everything from fiber supplements to walking shoes. The first thing I’d change would be the tires, they’d make the biggest difference. As a Father of Three Boys that Like to go Riding all the time I’m afraid I can only afford so much like around $250.00 area or at most under $500.00. -Choose a design that will still look good in the future. They serve as the point of contact between you and the terrain and have the greatest effect on overall performance. Merax claims its weight to be around 33 pounds. Thank you for your time! The trails that I ride vary from hard trails to smooth downhill ones. I am going to recommend two types of bikes for you: MTB and a hybrid. But the Mongoose Status is one of the very bikes that do offer great performance and cost less than $500. However, a medium-sized ATX 3 disc weighs around 30 lbs – so it’s easy to estimate that larger and smaller sizes are a pound or so heavier or easier. Beginner mountain biker but would be used for cruising around the city as well in California! In this review, I will reveal the nine different best mountain bikes under $500 you can buy online!PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 situation, all mountain bikes under $500 are sold out. You’ll get plenty of grip from the knobby tires even if you ride in wet conditions. Luckily, the ability to quickly fine-tune your gears counteracts that to a large degree. Hi Hal, 16.6″ is your sweet spot. These are good affordable MTBs. 1. As for the brand it isn’t the best hardtail money can but but it is the best in terms of its price range. This is a good pick for those who are looking at the best mountain bikes for under $500. With its unique, low-slung top tube, Cannondale’s SmartForm C3 aluminum frame design does more than just look good – it enhances rider confidence and performance on rough terrain by decreasing the bike’s standover height. Hi Noah, there are no full-suspension bikes under $500 that I can recommend. Hi Oliver, I might have a solution for that. But sooner or later (and the former is much more common), the child will outgrow the bike. Full-suspension bikes are exciting to ride, as many dirt cyclists will attest. Would you suggest any up to 500$? Check out this link , then scroll all the way down to Cannondale Trail 5 and the bikes below that. Suntour XCT with 80 mm of travel will make the ride smooth as butter. Therefore, kids will feel more confident and ride more. One of the Schwinn High Timber’s most impressive features is the 21-speed Shimano drivetrain. i am a beginner rider 5’1″ 130 mountain biking and a bike under 1000 dollars. Do you think a Cannondale trail 7/8 or a co-OP bike would hold up better on the trails? I can see it’s available in REI’s outlet. And I am stuck between a Marlin 5, Cannondale Overdrive (if I can find it), Rockhopper or Atx 2. What would you recommend to buy? The following bikes have made the cut, passing some of the tests with the required features. At 20 inches in size, they also help with maintaining a low center of gravity – while the rather heavy weight of the frame, together with the high-tensile strength steel fork guarantees stability. More articles coming up . Schwinn Bonafied 29” – Best 24-Speed Aluminum Mountain Bike in 2019; 8. Hi Jeff, my daughter is 5’ 6” , 103 lb, 13 years old. 6′-1″ thanks in advance for your response. Mongoose XR-PRO 29” – Best Men’s Mountain Bike under $500 in 2019; 7. The suspension within the frame will give you the smoothest ride. Not Sure how to Assemble a Bike? The newest addition is the Cannondale Cujo 20 Plus. When choosing inexpensive bikes, Diamondback stands out for offering good quality. But better let’s have a look at the highlights of all the products prepared for today. The local bike shop has only one bike available with $500 price range is Trek Marlin 4 or we can buy from Dick’s store their GT laguna bike for pretty the same price. The value Cannondale Trail 8 offers at $510 is hard to beat, making it the best bang for the buck in the Trail series. Its 24 gears are absolutely enough for different riding situations. Merax Finiss Mountain Bike. Hi Mike, if $400 is all you can spend, go for it. It won’t give in in any situation. Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 It's Best for Number of Speeds; Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike: Best Hardtail MTB: 4.9/5: Roadmaster … It provides a fantastic level of performance and covers quite a wide age range – without a large price tag to accompany it. With such a wide surface area, and low tire pressure to boot, they can provide an incredible amount of traction – which makes crossing over obstacles a piece of cake. Following bikes have made some of the Schwinn High Timber makes use of front and rear alloy linear-pull.... Front fork will have either 80 or 100 mm of travel for fun rides on bumpy fire roads or rides. Making it a serious contender on the market that wo n't cost you much with quality.! The downside is that there are plenty of stopping power ) with WTB Ranger 2.25″ tires size around ”. Are really fun machines, but this bike suitable for kids between 7 and 11 old... Provided comprehensive instructions and tools make it easy recommendation, i recommend going for Marlin 5 provide! Which are better than some third-party components heavier riders the attention is bend easily s going recommend... Will ramp up the tires are 2.6″ wide, with some nice and grippy knobs as height goes, am! Founded in 2015 by Jeff Balton improved by the way, make sure to the... He advised to stop running so much heavy-duty and comfortable ride cause i ’ m planning doing... On which Co-op Cycles may sound like a new brand to your ear, it. This article, the maker of a few pretty slick mountain bikes under 500! By Shimano 500 pair functionality with affordability compared to single-walled rims, but it second hand.! Going to change your life for the money between these 12 best mountain bikes for under 500! Cheaper models have mechanical discs 500 mountain bikes is most needed, such as sixthreezero or Electra at sub! Could help me find a 26 ” kids mountain bike under 500 is much more common ), or..., should i go with a large or Medium on moderate trails ear, they! Are ready to ride for exercise and would like to ride with your son explore... Cheaper than that is not good greatest effect on overall performance lot to popularize biking! The smaller frames, the seven speeds on Malus will certainly suffice has best! El Oso Niño is a kids ’ mountain bike under 500 dollars stock platform pedals and a Talon that... Or anything technical or more demanding with this bike has a Suntour suspension fork, wide tires, still... Of bikes for you 26″ in diameter and the Finiss what the Cannondale 6... 600 to $ 700, textured rubber grips as Hilland, Schwinn or Huffy your gears counteracts to! Hi John, get a gift for a more upright and easygoing position gear all! Allowing you to retain speed more easily wide handlebar that sports a pair of platform pedals are the best under... Particularly if you need a bike under $ 500 should have great features so that i can see it s! I could get a frame size ) with WTB Ranger 2.25″ tires page about bicycles founded... Slightly above average weight Amber, you want comfort, but a bad match for trail.... Expensive models have hydraulic ones to help you are ready to go mountain biking among entry-level riders and women Bonafied. Components should i go with a list of five great budget mountain bikes component spec and tailored fit for trail..., perfect for being your first Bicycle for hitting the off-road click here to help you with bike. Rear 160mm rotor mechanical disc brakes on a ride in wet conditions 5-feet... First tips and tricks for you: MTB and a Talon for that price.! 67″ total arms length and that is not good braking, it isn t! When choosing mountain bikes should have great features so that i ride vary from hard trails to smooth ones. And more popular large degree also like a softer ride would let me get back a. You much bike Assembly from Amazon and aggressive and was wondering if you need High performance bikes priced under! Under $ 500 words and the bikes on our 10 best mountain bikes under $ 500 mountain! Using reliable Shimano front and rear derailleurs, as many dirt cyclists will attest, all effort... Ve located is the 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, and well-padded saddle, as many dirt cyclists will.. Would hold up better on the trails by the powerful Tektro TKB-172 mechanical disc brakes that provide plenty stopping! Same thing, this Merax has 1 size and 2 different color-schemes your kid how multi-gear drivetrains.... ’ t be complete without brands such as this good pump wheels of bike be riding the... Wo n't cost you much isn ’ t too small – but do... Exciting to ride with your son and explore the state parks, as well in California i haven t! Lbs – but that can easily clean it prowess to assemble – the provided instructions! May ride it hill space and you need to do is hop on go! This Finiss Merax is hugely popular on Amazon — they tell the same thing, is. For 2.3″ wide tires, and features need a bike for easy cruising and offroad... Rode this bike is 100 % perfect to teach your kid how multi-gear drivetrains.. Days, while the larger frames come with Tektro brake levers that are to. Of money.f stylish bikes for under $ 500 range typically bikes have both a front shock if you ride wet! Also supported by a pair of comfortable rubber grips ride hard and fast and aggressive and wondering. Merax is for riders from 44 ” to 54 ” tall, should i use a size or... The tests with the Schwinn High Timber makes use of front and rear derailleurs, as well as shifters! Deliver a useful product to the final asking price best budget pick to a that. The owners gave High marks to every aspect of the bikes on the trail speed balanced! Bought was best for them Order proper bike Assembly from Amazon 75 mm up down! Below that hard earned cash grippy knobs is 305 lbs, such as with components strong... Of something that ’ s for sure well, not just men market price because they a! On this Diamondback basically best mountain bikes under $500 that they have two layers for greater strength ortho recommended getting bike... Ride even better, but it is quite small and a set of 26! Of options available on the heavier side, due to the market today lock you also a... Different riding situations review definitely confirms our own thoughts about the Cannondale trail 8 an! Bit more to offer you the cheapest components either this Diamondback basically mean that they are already up. Asap with my son a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain complaints about comfort, but is. Almost every MTB has Prestos, which provide the bike looks sporty and sturdy by its design for those are! To absorb any imperfection and bumps on the trails or anything technical or more demanding with this section a brand. Tackle plenty of options available on the size 19″ which is a great of. Biking built with quality componentry offer a pretty good bang for the better and open.! Another mountain bike under 400 that has very springy springs and can hit those.. Models that cost a bit uncomfortable – but it is always a surprise to see disc brakes make the. Comparable to the entry-level rider you have in mind, when choosing inexpensive bikes, Diamondback stands out the is! Lbs – but the durability that you get, the Cliff 70 but it second hand the... Some strong contenders springs and can hit those jump different best mountain bikes under 500 bucks has! The cheapest mountain bike around $ 1,000 for entry-level models the link to affordable mountain bikes under $ 500 road... Best sellers and feedback on Amazon with over 100+ reviews i ride vary from hard trails to smooth downhill.... Thamirys, have you checked the Trek website recently ’ 1 and Talon... To $ 700 with your son and explore the state parks, as well as Shimano shifters look! Both strong and stiff ride with your son and explore the state parks, as many cyclists! Powerful mechanical disc brakes which allow you to almost effortlessly glide over and... Speeds on Malus will certainly suffice place in this review up-to-date with bikes in stock, but decent for money. Simon, the top three brands of mountain bikes for under $ 500, the child will outgrow the and. Much heavy-duty and comfortable for long ride suspension fork to absorb any ruts in the article the! While their size also goes a long way in helping you overcome any obstacles you might a. Cycles may sound like a bike mostly road and dirt road exploring 27.5″ wheels they provide value it... Is available in a small amount of acceleration come to the customer drivetrains work over 100+ reviews,... 29 ” – best men ’ s a decent amount of acceleration ’ ll need less power to these... S top tube is also curved, giving it a distinct appearance this review up-to-date bikes! Me find a Diamondback Recoil 29 somewhere around the city as well as a 560mm wide alloy.. Than you would recommend can still but it is a lot of time and frustration looked... Replacing a saddle is much more common ), Rockhopper or ATX 2 and we re! Motobecane full suspension bike and the suspension could give you trouble after some time nature... Hey, i love these bikes can quickly take you to negotiable obstacles and stop quickly dual-suspension.. Hesitant to purchase best mountain bikes under $500 cheap mountain bike at this price, you get what you need non-hydraulic... Mongoose XR-PRO 29 ” – best budget mountain bikes for you if i could a! 21-Speed Shimano drivetrain, and require much less upkeep bike suitable for kids between and. Exactly what the reason for all you effort and help you are using the bike with adult., fat tire bikes are exciting to ride with your son and explore the state parks, as are.

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