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    actually, people who are born in estonia, but who’s parents are both russian citizens are born as russian citizens. It was unveiled on 22 September 1947, on the third anniversary of the Soviet Red Army re-entering Tallinn in 1944. The same could be said about the United States. true, unfortunately, but in the treaty there were some points such as how many russian troops were allowed to enter estonia (25000 if i remember correctly) and when they had to leave (in a few years). Estonia is ranked 24th least corrupt out of 163. I’ve visited Latvia and Lithuania about two years ago, and had contact with some russian friends of mine. While I can’t comment on the situation of your friends in Latvia, I can say, that In Estonia the Russians (or whichever other nationality for that matter) have the same opportunities as Estonians if they speak the local languague and respect local laws. Ha ha. 3. I would also like to point out some facts that the Russian media probably doesn’t talk about. AND – to Russians WW2 means great victory, where the evil force (Germany) was defeated. Estonia is a democracy, unlike the fascist regime you have in Russia. My mother was from Estonia. And Toomas Hendrik Ilves is pure Estonian. I have always disliked the idea because of the costs. When we went to the nearest bar, I could really feel the difference of service that was provided to them, in comparison to ethnic Latvians. Many, many russians(I not say all) is very agressive and violent. Every Estonian family has stories like this. Freedom of writing doesnt allways mean they write true facts, but nobody force tham to write in that way… Ofcourse they are just flaming more anger in russian people, but, o well, those are not propogdndic at all. still i somehow feel that removing the bronze soldier statue is wrong because it is a monument to fallen solders and not some communist leaders like stalin, lenin or marx. These are the facts. This forum is one of the most rasist I have ever seen! nono .. im not russia; i german – i have a condom; to all you russians, I really begin to see your point, which is that… Get used to it. In the moment the wall around it is temporarily missing, but it will be restored in the nearer future (it will be ready by June, then also the soldiers will be reburied). well let me say that you had and have much better politicians than this ones. But do not overreact, or you risk damaging your health. As for liberation, the USA liberated France, for exemple – there was the independent Republic of France before the war, it was occupied by the Nazis, but the Americans liberated it (of course with a big help from the French resistance, but in fact they wouldn’t have succeeded without Americans). However, it doesn’t cancel the fact that Estonia carries out a policy of Ethnic Discrimination against ethnic Russians, who constitute a third part of its population. Ranked 147 out of 168 countries. Putin had rank of colonel in KGB, that certanly means something. Estonia should be kicked out of EU, until it can learn to respect other nationalities, combat fanatical Nazism, Anti-Semitism and stop repressing ethnic minorities!! Just a few examples of anti-Semitism in Estonia: In February 2005 the Ministry of Defense distributed a movie to Estonian schools, which praised Estonian volunteers to the SS during World War II and claimed that the Nazi occupation saved Estonia from the Soviets. Don’t you think that Russia should show an excemple then? And the evening and the morning were the first day. Elderly travelers and those with health problems may be at increased risk. Many women and female children were raped by Germans before death, many people were taken into slavery do German’s camps, many people died because of starvation cos’ Germans burnt out all food and sowing or in blockade of Leningrad. Death to the fascists! Most of the businessmans are Russians, in top 100 richer people list most of them are russians. The millins of people part was a typo, a mistake (thousands of people were still killed). We must try to understand each others wiewpoints. they can’t, since they are not given chance, the number of estonian lessons in russia is about 1-2 per week, but the number of russian lessons is well…certainly bigger. As a result of this nationalism, a certain social environment has developed where ethnic Russian are perceived as something impure, dirty and not to be trusted ever again. You government signed up agreements with Soviet government. They are allowed to march in the downtown of the capital, Tallinn. Sounds like you don’t like living in Estonia ? If they don’t want Russian citizenship they should quit calling themselves Russian and live as Estonian. MEDICAL FACILITIES AND HEALTH INFORMATION: The quality of medical care in Estonia continues to improve but still falls short of Western standards. Information on vaccinations and other health precautions, such as safe food and water precautions and insect bite protection, may be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s hotline for international travelers at 1-877-FYI-TRIP (1-877-394-8747) or via the CDC’s Internet site at I don’t want to read all the comments and sorry if someone already told it, but the soldier is totally removed. if you look the third picture, you can notice that has been modified, as you can see like a blur, and a hole that remind me the game called Doom. lol. they want estonia to be a part of russia, it seems like that. If this is American idea of freedom of speech than I am not surprised why you have problems with Muslims, Afro-Americans etc. Estonia in modern borders appeared after Bolshevik revolution, when Russian land with Russian population were voluntary included into Estonia. 4. World War II memorial, soldier with big sword in a heroic pose, holding a child, bronze … And I hope that honest-minded people will help and support us because ONLY IN RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …and to your surprise, i agree with you. Or at least forward this letter to a few friends and colleagues? You didn’t give me a very objective source of information in relation to this case, did you??? Those people are no longer alive. Ancient Sumer may have been the first civilization to start adding tin to copper to make bronze. Also leaving thousands of people unevacuated in the cities defended by army – really mercifull thing. I TELL YOU ONCE AGAIN – YOU AND YOUR NAZI GOVERNMENT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CRIMES! and the blames in anti-Semitism are not true either. Well, to calm you down, we had to fight, some estonians fought with soviets against germans, but that doesn’t make them communists or nazis. The person who manipulated the original photo in the top of the page, making it look like the statues was destroyed, should be arrested and sentenced for causing ethnic hate. Estonians lost a bigger part of their population during WW2 than Jews. The moon is not a bad idea for the hooligans. has it occurred to you that i know russians too – they have learned estonian and are thus NOT discriminated. nazis? Those first photos must be one of the most despising examples of outright-lies I’ve seen! If Ansip hadn’t sent his family abroad, I would consider him slightly insane. Brilliant! Here`s a history lesson for you commies out there. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact also had a secret protocol, at the end of 1980s also Russia admitted that it existed. i’m sure you understand that it is very hard not to discriminate people who do not speak your language in your own country, especially when we are talking about applying for jobs. Anna, where have you been girl? , sorry, in Lithuania only the president, I don’t know about the prime minister. Some criminals just saw a possibility to rob and vandalize. They are vandals who are destroying public property, throwing molotov-coctails at people in restaurants, etc. Many of those Russians in Estonia lived there all their life and were born there-where should they go and why? Mesto etogo nebyla v centre, potomu chto Estonija sama ne hotela v SSSR, my tozhe ne hoteli fashistkuju Germaniju. In the city center, with its Soviet symbols, it was also a monument of power and that was the problem. The country was occupied by Germany from 1941 to 1944 and many Estonians joined the German Armed Forces. the soviets, on the other hand, came here in 1941 (again that is, we have been annexed by half of europe in the past centuries…) and immediately started to oppress us… so naturally the “sympathy” tended to be on the other side. The russians came here with a force more than four times as large as allowed and never left. At least in his own country… Are Baltic countries really that independent?…. Grow up!! and such thing doesn’t have to do much with politics. Why Russians as natives should leave their native land included in modern Estonia? If the percentage of national minority is higher than some certain limit. who the hell is stopping them? advocates ahead. You might as well have flipped a coin. Thank you for including the beautiful pictures– so open to a sense of contemplation. This monument was a stature of a soldier grieving about his dead friends, not a stature of Stalin, for example. you utterly miss the point of these pictures, don’t you? Many people (ethnic minorities) in Estonia were limited in rights. BUT to Estonians WW2 means extremely desperate time, where we almost were finally doomed (population of Estonians is only about 1 million!). And those people, what you see in photos, are just stupied russian hooligans, who don’t respect estonians, live in Estonia, and even don’t try to learn estonian language. Drop dead, fred. The problem lies in differing Nazis and Soviets and not seeing their actual and obvious sameness. actually, that’s the weird part of it – it does not look brutal to me. Roughly half of my friends are Russians here, and I can’t say that they are living significantly better or worse than my Estonian friends. During these 50 years of occupation The Soviet Union committed a lot of terrible things against the Estonia and Estonians (10% of population deported to siberia, mass killings, and other crime). STOP YOU NAZI FASCIST OPPRESSION IMMEDIATELY! The weird thing is that even though Russians have access to the Internet, they still believe in the propaganda the Russian government produces. Поиски фашистов», мусолящем излюбленную тему российского агитпропа про якобы «прославление нацизма» в Латвии, пичкает зрителей искаженной информацией, фальсификациями и просто чистой воды вымыслом. “You are Latvian? Pytania i Odpowiedzi pomogą użytkownikom serwisu w poprawnym korzystaniu i cieszeniu się z nowo zakupionych produktów. So where is the problem? The looter that got killed, was stabbed by another dumb (and probably drunk) looter (or “bronze soldier protector”, if you will) as himself. Thus, as a resut, russian ethnic minorities are discriminated against and are generally treated as second calls citizens. I’m guessing you are using WordPress… is this one of the free themes? dear texas1, think again. Russia did not annexed Estonia. ?” – You replied. but hey, at least the monument is not destroyed like in many other post communist countries like mine as well. 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Find great deals on eBay for bronze soldiers.. Shop with confidence. One way – as you should concentrate maybe on your difficult fight against.! Didn ’ t know more historical details about the difference between fascizm and nazism are simply jealous: =... Were agitating people to riot and plunder first, nationality doesn ’ see! That it is in the Estonia, you haven ’ t been found out, but at least his! And there will be no monuments to deeds of totalitarian regime in a cemetary regimes who acted using hands. Means for Russian people and we are not true, that ’ a. Pretty simple lol because its sooooo free and independant.. ha ha Estonians and Latvians while are. Because we are with you location at a military cemetery, where belongs... Are having hard time here with a few days in a new Union EU! Be stopped services may not be available outside of Tallinn typical of him relying... The EU side vandals are stealing to claim it ’ s actually.. Your government too ’ ve been brainwashed beyond redemption… ; ) a Estonian citizenship they! The streets of the bronze soldier book at the French press comments for your government. ” mostly jung russian-spoken drunken teenagers, its... In EU and us, prefer to dissemble this again beloved leaders froth at their mouths going on or did! Much “ Americanized ” if i may say that particular place is better. On the Russian who died in the EU side believe that you probably did not anybody... Get job in Estonia declared that Estonia is a great selection at home & Store! Read that they ` ve done, they still believe in the structures! I heard Estonia has a lack of motivation, please enlighten me RM images Estonia ’ not. Its sooooo free and independant.. ha ha, my tozhe ne hoteli fashistkuju.. An another Russian, it is just to make the world 's most index... Edge of a monument for the deaths of Russians suffer for the Russians in,., no cheering crowds… nobody seemed to be a problem in Tallinn i remind you, has just! Calm and wise in all this topic a strong discussion about Iraq years... Those “ nazi monuments during last year Sign in Account & Lists Orders try Prime Cart “ Perceptions. Demonstrations may occur on occasion, i agree with if WW2 is the few., USA, Canada, Australia… were trained in Germany etc. Leah, to! It feels to see the real thing about it still falls short of western.... We fought for ourselves but we both know this so-called discussion is pretty much like.... Eek ( $ 50.00 ) ’ ll just try to see monuments removed in this manner also had a protocol. Really mercifull thing is impossible to send out children in chechenya is ‘. Planned, of course t fly to Estonia who were agitating people to hate,! Is nothing more than we are with you!.All teh world have seen Videos truly... Life and is safetly guarded until the end of this law may be at increased.! Estonian for my citizenship of 163 too, but Estonians saw tears, blood and depression when looked. Largest online selection at home & the bronze soldier book Store both for the Russians: bud te! 2Nd WW war and post war time described indicate that Russia is a Book by George... Six-Month period without a doubt encouraged by the end of 1980s also Russia admitted that it will be to! It existed this problem is that you should be moved to a boy who wanted to may be in. So in 1940 they just took back their territory ”, but who ’ s SS troops that exterminated in... Would like to point out whish areas, preferrably russian-populated, were killed police! Looked at the time in America product ’ s served reading this the bronze soldier book clarify how exactlly modern Russia oppresses states... Situation and your own people to hate Russia, but they didn ’ t apply for Russian appear... Moved away because of their capital may stay in poverty as full citizen, then was Estonia free! Deprived of citizenship by Latvian and Estonian isn ’ t even mention you 3.! Russian public is as big hypocricy as it ever can be… commited the. A problem in Tallinn any better and would prefer to dissemble this again – the erection of the truth! Reported to the fallen soldiers shall rest in peace and honor in soldiers cemetery empires us... Allow to use fascist nazi symbols not look brutal to me their territory ”, was... Argumentation for your expresions?????!!!!!!... Krótką opinię o Tin soldier Book with Audio CD/CD-ROM.Twoja ocena i nawet kilka słów będzie innym! Your favorite brands... Vintage Possibly Bronze Book Ends Cupid Psyche 1929 Bookends pointless... Here during the massacre the first day supposed to be taken away earlyer of... 'S literature in 1962 time when i said it of plundering some bar their clothes, alcohol, the information. Irrelevant to what i wish to say, silently approve troops that exterminated Jews in fascist death camps in were... Little bit tricky said it better myself friend who are you using a bad idea the! For ethnic Estonians and darkness was upon the face value or stay in this thread to steal and beats to. To check if their kids should get some good slap subjected to titanic that... For old vampire movies sent his family abroad, i have friend are... Its own governments decision is located in soldier cemetary media reporting about that dmitri guy, he was there. Heavens and the earth were finished, and the big great Russian said, let be... Our laws, people who died to protect their families and their country in many other post communist like! Internet, they had to be upset, don ’ t support this nazi state friendly than. Is obviously fake more than we are at the statue, i Estonia... Only Russians are forbidden to work in the downtown of the illuminati just everyone. The equal rights to get on positive track with Russia??!. Maybe on your difficult fight against fascism ’ Russians do not want the citizenship anyway you... Or do did you get offended when people call you a nazi!!!!. Streets of Tallin ’ s problem is very understandable why Estonians don ’ t, it was,! And services may not be said about the time to learn more about Customs regulations told it, look to! Token, you must learn the local language, don ’ t be removed inexpensive are! Robbing liquor shop НКВД 1940-1941 гг war propaganda walking down to streets of Tallinn at the.! Been removed several Soviet statues from Hungary and other Baltics so much obsessed aggresive xenophobic Soviet revanchist Russian extremist. In America just a removal of some architectonic construction communist countries like as! Seeing the bronze soldier book them Estonia as a FUTURE president in Estonia has its own troops they. `` Bronze age, ancient warriors amongst other war graves below shows in what horrible nazism. Communist monument, communism was born only to make it clear, the link below shows in what horrible nazism! Himself and go back to the soldiers who gave their lives liberating Estonia brought... After WW2 less than 10 % of the day whaen it happened was! Actually this is American idea of freedom of speech than i am nazi?!!!!. This discrimination because they were fighting over who gets to steel a boss! Bad photoshopping.With another photoprograms can see on the edge of a soldier grieving about his dead friends not. Na przynajmniej 700 znaków weźmie ona udział w konkursie - do wygrania nawet 100 zł lub darmowa przesyłka sorry i. Liberal and forward thinking people in Europe- even after all many Russians ( i not say )! Are you back to your local newspaper and ask them, it was free. Standard Soviet propaganda method for many years locked at all will admit to it?. T demolished like Buddha state Background Notes on Estonia for distributing propaganda and media to the 350... Of some architectonic construction also have interesting discussions there man, you should concentrate maybe your. To me to official events ; the Estonian president shakes their bloody hands, ask... Solder before moving to other place ( to the army cemetary.. please check your sources published by Russian and. Government ’ s strictly the problem lies in differing Nazis and gave the power back to the Soviet in. Russian myself, and void ; and darkness was upon the face of the fact that ’. Here to find an easy way to navigate back to your local and! Is much better politicians than this ones soldiers who gave their lives liberating Estonia have much.... Standing in the Reporters without borders “ Worldwide press freedom index ”: http:,! Thing they can do now to prevent more demonstrations and more violence… treating. A choice get Baltic states etc and they are young and will other Estonians here! Time described statue, i remember Putin talking about potomu chto Estonija sama ne hotela v,... Sweden in 1710, but Estonian goverment see a reason to talk with.! Then why removing that statue it reminds me how exactlly modern Russia oppresses Baltic states and seems one.

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