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    6. Its big (61 cm), stiff, and made of a combination of Ultegra and Dura-Ace sprinkled on top of some carbon yumminess. i got big fat matt also. This is a bit strange to me. Page: 1/7 - Some people see bicycle naming as sacrilege, others as essential. I came here looking for inspiration. Dove — Is she a pure soul? By Surname: A B C […] Japanese manufacturers have always leaned toward whimsical names for their machines, so it was hardly a surprise when the Dream became reality in the early 1960s. I love hearing all the names that everyone is calling their mini me’s. Inside Jokes: Many times, nicknames are given in the midst of an inside joke in the making, completely unplanned, and somehow it just ends up sticking. typed in my bikes name and got hurt enforcer. 5. Adonis – A cool nickname for a guy with a great body. Paved Road Climbs, Djamolidine Abdoujaparov: The Tashkent Terror, Maurice Archambaud: Chubby Cheeks, The Dwarf, Lance Armstrong: Mellow Johnny, Big Tex, The Boss, Ercole Baldini: The Fast Train from Forlì (, Marcel Bidot: The Trombone (because of the way he moved around the peloton), The Pack Shepard, Pierre Brambilla: The Clog, or Clogface (because of his big, jutting chin), Hernan Buenahora: The Little Goat from Barichara (, Thierry Claveyrolat: The Eagle of Vizille, Clavette, Pierre-Marie Cloarec: The Little Farmer of Pleyben, Clo-clo, Angelo Conterno: The Man with the Silver Hair google_ad_slot = "2395833724"; The kids’ bikes are “Fitty” (CRX) and “Chicken Chaser” (YSR). Bernard Gauthier: Monsieur Bordeaux-Paris, Lionheart, Walter Godefroot: The Bulldog of Flanders, Jean Graczyk: Popoof (derogatory French term for Poles), Thor Hushovd: The Norwegian Bull, The God of Thunder, Luis "Lucho" Herrera: The Little Gardener (, Norbert Kerkhove: Schotje (because of his Cupcake — Is she a sweet person? google_ad_height = 250; Think of it as a happy medium between road and mountain biking. RV Living. Here the list of cyclists’ nicknames in alphabetical order (by surname, starting with A). 27. Royal Enfield. Tour father Henri Desgrange was a particularly energetic namer. Several nicknames are used worldwide. Copy the link to this page and share it with your friends. Jan 22, 2019. Does you bike have a nickname? This tradition is still continuing today. 1878 376. resemblence to Briek Schotte), Hugo Koblet:  The Pedaler of Charm, le bel Hugo, Hennie Kuiper: The Gentleman, The Diesel, The Flying Dutchman, The Philosopher, Adolfo Leoni: Adonis, The Intellectual, The Prince of the Bicycle, Florent Mathieu: Le Borain (because he was from Borinage, Belgium), Vincenzo Nibali: The Shark of the Strait (, Constant "Stan" Ockers: The Mathematician, Harm Ottenbros: The Eagle of Hoogerheide (, Georges Passerieu: The Parisian Englishman (he was born in London), Charles Pélissier: Brummel, Valentino, The Eternal Warrior, the Elegant One, Charles the Great, Franco Pellizotti: the Dolphin of Bibbione (, Loretto Petrucci: The Meteor, The Miller from Pistoia, Willy Planckaert: The Little Van Steenbergen, Miguel Poblet: Sancho Panza, The Divine Bald Head, Bebe, Gaston Rebry: Bulldog, The Locomotive, Monsieur Paris-Roubaix, Riccardo Riccò: The Pharmacist, The Cobra, Bjarne Riis: The Eagle of Herning, Mr. 60%, Tony Rominger: The Mouse, The Hammer, The Camel, Félix Sellier: The Miner (his profession before turning pro), Gilberto Simoni: Gibo, The Eagle of Palu di Giovo (, Jean Stablinski: le Polac, Monsieur France (the latter after winning his 4th French national road title), Odiel Van Den Meerschaut: The White One (, Piet van Est: The Fireball (because of his red hair), Wim Van Est: Iron Will, The Locomotive, The Executioner of Heike, Henri Van Kerckhove: Speedy Van Kerckhove (, Henri Van Lerberghe: The Death Rider of Lichtervelde, Herman van Springel: Monsieur Bordeaux-Paris, Frans Verhaegen: Suske ("Spike" in English, 2-time winner of, René Vermandel: The Belgian Lapize (probably because of his curly hair). Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Ink: For the guy with all the tattoos. So come and find It means the Heart of Lyon, Forestier's hometown, but also refers to the heart of a lion. Now I have bought my dream bike. 25. I've linked riders with their interviews or histories posted on BikeRaceInfo, Special thanks to Les Woodland and Larry Theobald of CycleItalia, , Cycling terms glossary | Pro team sponsors, what they made or sold. Brewer: For those, you love to drink beers. Examples of Cool Nicknames Based on Physique or Appearance. Biggie – A cool nickname for a big guy. 7. Ink: This can suit the guy who has got a lot of tattoos on his body as well as on his bike. It was our first name for him. On this page you can find the nickname generator and random username picker based on the name Bikes. i get to call my mom scooter from now on. Stuff We Like, Rider Histories Paved Road Climbs Since there’s many different kinds of nicknames for the taking out there, it becomes necessary to break them down into type. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Bitter. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Bikes – Bikes Nike name, Royal Enfield, Blue horse, Ns, Night fury, Beast. Often seen on choppers, gangster bikes, or just ridiculous custom bikes. I've never had nicknames for any of my bikes, but my kids calls this one "Blue". Jean Forestier: Le Coeur de Lyon. 6. Coco — Is s… thanks! About Us My Bullet 350 is called as Babdi. Gives me the warm and fuzzy feels. Nicknames are as much a part of the history of Harley Davidson as "Willy G" himself. An aggressive one? It can help you create a login for a website account or a nickname for Bikes with a few mouse clicks. A big touring bike with hard saddlebags, a front fairing so wide you can barely see around it, and a front wheel big enough to be on an Escalade. hondas sports bikes are known as their title except maybe for the fireblade or blade (CBR1000 RR). Mr. Paris-Tours, Nino Defilippis: Cit (Piemonte dialect for "Boy" or "Kid"), André Declerck: The Giant from Koekelare, Roger Decock: Hats Decock (he modeled caps for Derby Sport), Jean-Baptiste Dortignacq: The Gazelle of Peyrehorade. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. /* bottom text banner, created 2/9/09 */ Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. Background chorus if all the toots and beeps. ... from cruisers to cafe racers to dirt bikes. There must be a fair few that have made it to production over the years. A collection of funny, mean and cool 200+ nicknames for Redhead Girls and Boys. Apart of that we also have nicknames for gingers too. I’m glad others are as.. um.. attached to our bikes as we are. my other named bikes are as follows; Goldilocks – bright yellow steel framed genesis road bike langy longlings – specialized langster SS clunker – old Saracen MTB parts bin singlespeed for town duties. This name generator will give you 10 random names for motorcycles and similar vehicles. //-->, Tour de France 3. Contact Angel Heart — Is she a kind-hearted lady. 4. Also, the coolest nicknames can come from a person’s physical characteristics or the way the person looks. I know it's kind of cheesy but I know a lot of people who do it. Year-by-Year Results (2001-2020) 708 206. Year-to-Date Results 5 years ago. A Benelli tornado is often refered to as a Nellie or a TRE (pronounced tray). Now help me name it. google_ad_height = 90; 26. 7. So if you are looking for their nicknames then this is the place. Top 10 motorcycle marques that should be revived. Some of the best and unique nicknames come about this way! Haven’t named our new acquisition yet… (86 GSXR1100). Some nicknames are referred to as Disney nicknames based on the Disney movies while other nicknames are meant for someone’s partner, and sometimes, you can find such nicknames categorized under romantic names. However, a popular genre of nicknames in the world is the Badass Gangster nicknames. For starters – Kona’s Muni Mula (produced 1997 – 2002) named after aluminum spelt backwards. pollypeach: God, same! Please don't think I'm. Like Like Bagger. Obviously, Mike was a tattoo artist. Motorcycle name generator . Like utility bicycles, mountain bicycles, racing bicycles, touring bicycles, hybrid bicycles, cruiser bicycles, and BMX bikes etc.

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