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    Its research centers address topics as varied as Benjamin Franklin’s writings, bioethics, magnetic resonance imaging research, and the Russian archives. The table is … Leiden focuses on 11 broad disciplines: Asia; bioscience, neuroscience, and the fundamentals of science; global community; historical culture and power; health and the human life cycle; legal systems; language; political legitimacy; institutions and identities; drug development; vascular and regenerative medicine. Rutgers – New Brunswick is a member of the Association of American Universities and the Big Ten Conference. NYU has also expanded into two foreign countries, with campuses in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. It has several noted faculty who travel the world and teach biblical worldview and … Harvard, as always, is at the top. It is the oldest school in the world’s richest nation, and has capitalized on the benefits this grants. Some research universities take a scattershot approach: They take as many students as they can in order by sheer weight of numbers to have the resources to attack large-scale research projects. Washington has produced 35 Rhodes Scholars and seven Marshall Scholars. With an $18.7 billion endowment, Stanford has access to numerous world-class research resources. In addition to the over $800 million spent annually on research, Penn State also generates $100 million in industry and private funding each year. The school has some of the most sophisticated scientific equipment and training in Russia, including the UNESCO courses in International Demography, UNESCO Hydrology, the International Biotechnology Center, and the International LASER Center. The University of Pittsburgh is a member of the Association of American Universities. Not surprisingly, it became the first university to admit women on an equal basis with men, in 1878. The large university presently hosts roughly 52,000 students who can select from York’s highly ranked programs. The university owns or uses over 350 buildings throughout the city of Bonn, although seven facilities form its core. Researchers are encouraged to work across disciplines to take advantage of strengths from every field. It was one of the first universities in the 19th century to educate students from the urban and middle classes instead of only the wealthy. Not surprisingly, the University of Vienna is the largest university in Austria. Its substantial research funds are part of the reason why over 100 companies have been created based on technology developed at UCLA. It pioneered the student honor code and system of self-governance. With approximately 160 centers and institutes, the school has produced a Fields Medalist, 13 Nobel laureates, and 21 MacArthur Fellows. The University of Toronto is the leading Canadian research university. The school has an extremely decorated faculty and alumni network that includes 11 Nobel laureates and six Fields Medalists. But Cornell is not limited by its beautiful campus. Raffles Junior College … Harvard University. Gatorade, the original and still most-popular sports drink, is one of the hundreds of products developed from research conducted here. Discover schools with the programs and courses you’re interested in, and start learning today. London College of Fashion, a part of the University of the Arts London (UAL), has been named the best fashion school in the world for 2020 by the CEOWORLD magazine, while Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and School … along with numerous journals and microforms. This school, which once produced America’s first MD, now graduates nearly 1,400 doctors per year from one of the world’s most well-connected medical schools. Which would be, their highest ranking ever. Best Value Schools. This private school boasts an impressive endowment of $1.66 billion, which it uses to support its more than 11,300-member student body and 3,300-member, full-time academic staff. Fill out this form and let World Schools direct your inquiry to the school's admissions team. The school has nearly 15,000 students who can choose from Emory’s highly ranked programs; these include one of the top writing programs in the United States. All the schools in the ranking clearly deserve a place here, as evidenced by their national reputations, as well as by their appearance in other existing rankings (note that are not dismissing other rankings, but merely note their acknowledged vulnerability to gaming). The university is often listed as one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. FSU also operates the High-Performance Materials Institute, which partners with the National Science Foundation (NSF) in order to develop practical applications for exotic, experimental materials. Copenhagen has produced many noteworthy historical figures, such as the astronomers Tycho Brahe and Ole Rømer. It is a member of the League of European Research Universities, the Coimbra Group, and the European University Association. ASU is currently the only US university to produce 20 megawatts of electricity via solar arrays. Like other universities in the area, Charles saw its fair share of turmoil in the early- and mid-20th century, especially after the 1948 communist coup and the resulting political dissident purges. Case Western is in a neighborhood called University Circle because of all the academic and cultural centers located there. Of those outside the US, 15 are in the U.K., eight in Germany, three in Canada, three in Australia, three in the Netherlands, and one each in 13 additional countries. The giant school, sprawling along the boundary between the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, now impacts Minnesota’s economy to the tune of $8.6 billion annually. The school’s 1189-acre Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve lets scientists study ecosystems firsthand. With its eco-campus initiative, NTU is committed to becoming the most eco-friendly campus in the world. It was chosen by the German government’s Excellence Initiative as a “university of excellence.” Six thousand academic staff members conduct research via its many laboratories and medical facilities. But the University of Chicago sits at number 3 (often it is ranked around number 10). Out of 100 best business schools in the world for 2020, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business ranked No. Based on the latest data from the QS World University Rankings, there are the 10 best music schools in the world. **These schools run additional courses for MBA students for which additional language skills are required. 1. But unlike many schools of its size and caliber, Washington does not forget about its undergraduates. 10,000; gown pop. The country has been in the limelight since the year … Arizona is one of 56 public research-intensive universities and one of the 62-member Association of American Universities. As its name implies, Boston University (BU) lies squarely in the middle of America’s college mecca. Humboldt prioritizes research in several disciplines and collaborates with other faculties through Integrative Research Institutes and Interdisciplinary Centres. SPBU was founded in 1724 by the decree of Peter the Great, which makes it the oldest university in Russia. It operates many cutting-edge laboratories, including the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, or MagLab. Most of the schools it competes with are privately owned, but Berkeley is a state school with the elite status of a private school. A significant number of major Australian political figures have graduated from here, including seven Australian prime ministers, nine state governors, two Governors-General of Australia, 24 High Court of Australia justices, and four chief justices. Oxford University. The university’s athletic teams are active in NCAA Division I competition. Illinois prides itself on a deep commitment to this progress through the kind of interdisciplinary research done at the Applied Research Institute, which brings together a wide assortment of engineers, or the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, which unites a wide variety of fields such as biology, computation, and physics, or the Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, which helps propagate the university’s nearly $2 billion endowment. University of Pittsburgh (“Pitt”) is an urban campus with more than 100 buildings on 132 acres of land. At the center of the campus lies the Cathedral of Learning, a 42-story, Gothic-style tower that is also the tallest school building in the Western Hemisphere. United States | Cambridge (U.S.) # 1. in Best Global Universities. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 includes almost 1,400 universities across 92 countries, standing as the largest and most diverse university rankings ever to date. Sydney runs over 90 research centers and institutes. The school has 357 buildings spread over 994 acres, in addition to its own teaching hospital. Almost half of the student body graduated in the top five percent of their class, and two thirds graduated in the top 10. Leiden has produced a long list of leaders, including US President John Quincy Adams, Ghana Prime Minister Kofi Abrefa Busia, and U.K. Prime Minister John Stuart, Third Earl of Bute. This number increases to 94 percent employed or in graduate school within six months of commencement. Nevertheless, the school’s more than $10 billion endowment still leaves plenty of room for the arts and humanities. Learn about the best online colleges and universities to earn your online degree. The greater Boston area is home not just to BU, but also to Boston College, Brandeis, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, and Tufts (to name only the best-known schools), which form the highest concentration of academic institutions in the US. Hardy, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Alan Turing, Francis Crick, James D. Watson, Rosalind Franklin, and Stephen Hawking, among many others. The university also benefits from its location: It is spread across 70 different venues intertwined throughout the Austrian capital. The world’s best legal education is provided by Harvard University, who retain the title for the fifth consecutive year. York University boasts the oldest and best-regarded film school in Canada as well as the largest environmental studies faculty; York also operates well-known business and law schools. The school has also produced heads of state for Malawi, Tanzania, Syria, South Korea, Nicaragua, Canada, and, of course, the United Kingdom. Its academic staff of 4,500 engage in over 1,500 projects. The school has a $3.6 billion endowment, and is one of the few schools with land, sea, and space grants. The Shanghai Rankings have always been based on two types of criteria, awards for achievement (such as the Nobel Prize) and strength of research (as measured by publications in high-profile journals). During the previous decade, the National Science Foundation granted its students more graduate research fellowships than any other school. Those who do find a place at Rice enjoy an endowment of $789,911 per full-time student. The University of Chicago was only founded in 1890, making it one of the youngest elite universities in the world. Thomas Henry Huxley, the famous biologist known as “Darwin’s bulldog”; H.G. Chapel Hill has a $2.7 billion annual operating budget. The university does not have a single campus but rather has multiple buildings throughout Bucharest. The school spends some $331.4 million on research annually, and has 24 small business development centers and four research and extension centers to help further state-wide agriculture. Instead of developing professional programs, it has self-consciously evolved into a massive, research-driven think tank. Northwestern University’s 21,000 students enjoy three campuses, two of which border Lake Michigan (one in suburban Evanston just north of Chicago, the other in the city itself), while the third is in Doha, Qatar. Of course, in order to do this efficiently, a school needs a decent student/faculty ratio. Trinity College boasts a liberal environment with diverse interdisciplinary fields of study. In 2009, SPBU and Moscow State University were granted the special status of “unique scientific and educational complexes.” In addition to the usual variety of bachelor’s degrees, SPBU also offers special degrees in subjects such as fundamental mathematics, dental medicine, animated cartoon artist, and easel painting. Princeton has no law school, medical school, business school, or divinity school. Raffles Junior College has world-class education that’s why it offers so many students to top University. McGill’s faculty and alumni account for 12 Nobel Prizes. No fewer than 17 Nobel laureates are affiliated with the school, including Albert A. Michelson, the first American to win two Nobel Prizes, and one of the researchers (along with Edward W. Morley) who disproved the existence of a luminiferous ether in experiments held on campus in 1886. This prestigious Ivy League school… This has led the school to make significant contributions to science, including Ernest Rutherford’s early work on splitting the atom and Wilder Penfield’s mapping of the brain’s motor cortex. **These schools run additional courses for MBA students for which additional language skills are required. Brown Library’s special collections alone hold over three million items of rare and historic value. The public research university is home to around 36,000 students, with representation from 100 countries. To this day, the school still maintains 19,600 acres for agricultural and resource-based research. It is well known for its College of Engineering, College of Pharmacy, and School of Management. The private, non-profit university has 19,000 students. The college also houses the Book of Kells, a medieval manuscript that documents the four Gospels of Jesus Christ; visitors from around the world come to view it. The school also runs AgBioReserach, which advances our knowledge of food, energy, and the environment, and employs over 300 scientists. A lot of interesting patterns emerge as one examines this ranking. Founded in 1826, it is also the third-oldest U.K. school. Starting in 2015, however, the Shanghai Rankings finagled their use of these criteria, so that schools and programs previously unranked emerged from nowhere and suddenly featured prominently in the rankings. Click on each profile to learn more about the schools … Purdue University, a public research university, enrolls nearly 45,000 students in a full array of nearly 300 programs. For the present ranking, this meant selecting a representative sample of disciplines at universities (not just natural and social sciences, as with Shanghai, but also humanities and professional schools), finding the influencers in each discipline, and then pooling these influencers to see where they are on faculty and where they got their degrees. Students there can obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of almost 100 majors. It features 18 research institutes and … Emory University is now considered a “hidden Ivy,” on par with larger, better known elite universities. Any school can assign you a textbook to read on your own. Consequently, some of the most significant developments in both traditional orthodox theology and its borderline-heterodox alternatives within the world’s largest religion stem from here. It advances science through many first-class institutes, such as the Center for Medicine, Health and Society, the Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the Institute for Space and Defense Electronics. Finnish schools also give relatively … Rutgers – New Brunswick also benefits from a close working relationship with sister institutions in Rutgers Camden and Rutgers Newark, as well as an alignment with Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, New Jersey’s academic health center. The UNC School of Medicine partners with NC Memorial Hospital, NC Children’s Hospital, NC Neurosciences Hospital, NC Women’s Hospital, and NC Cancer Hospital. Biola has made several "Best School" lists as a standout for Christian worldview and apologetics training. MIT is known for a focused approach that uses first-class methodologies to tackle world-class problems. The school has 44 libraries with over 21 million holdings, and an operating budget of $1.9 billion; it contributes $15.7 billion to the Canadian economy every year. The school hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics Village, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. Maryland runs several research initiatives relevant to politics and social issues, such as the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism and the Center for American Politics and Citizenship. This makes the school a profound research center available to the masses. In contrast, if you are looking for a ranking with a focus on academic prestige, scholarly excellence, and sheer intellectual horsepower, then this is the ranking yo… Unfortunately there are no schools yet for the current region. Established in 1632, the University of Amsterdam is the third-oldest university in the Netherlands. The school has 12 libraries. Discover our selection of the best international schools in the world. It has produced seven Nobel Prize winners, three Fields Medalists, and 12 Leibniz Prize winners. The school has produced seven Nobel laureates, 65 Olympic medalists, and 70 Rhodes Scholars. However, the University of Chicago is not just a great school for the natural sciences, which tend to get pride of place with Shanghai, it is strong in economics (with a slew of Nobel laureates in that field), as well as in professional schools (such as law and medicine), and in the humanities. Berkeley draws students from over 100 nations. The University of Bucharest also has partnership agreements with over 50 other universities and participates in European programs that include ERASMUS, UNICA, Lingua, and TEMPRA. Portugal has their best … Since it was attended by Carl Linnaeus, it is not surprising that the university has focused on the natural sciences. The school has produced six Nobel Prize winners and seven Spinoza Prize winners. To counteract the apparent gaming of university rankings, contracted with to form a ranking based on statistical document analysis across the Web. It was established in 1558 and was renamed in 1934 after the poet and philosopher Friedrich Schiller, who taught philosophy at Jena at the turn of the 19th century. In 2001 it started the first American medical school outside the United States, in Qatar, and continues to develop strong ties with China, India, and Singapore. Different students have different needs and we want to make sure everyone can find something that works for them. It has 28,000 students, 7,000 employees, and 3,000 Ph.D. students studying under eight faculties. Dirichlet, Karl Weierstrass, and Peter Scholze; the anthropologist Franz Boas; the artist Max Ernst; the poet Heinrich Heine; the playwright Luigi Pirandello; the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen; the economists Walter Eucken and Joseph Schumpeter; the statesman Konrad Adenauer; and the philosophers Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jürgen Habermas, and Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI). So many things go into a film production. This gives the school a unique ability to pursue interdisciplinary research, as well as a flexible alumni network that stretches to every corner of the globe. In addition, the school partners with the US Navy through the Center for Advanced Power Systems. There is the story itself. To be sure, the gaming of academic rankings is not confined to the Shanghai Rankings; it infects all the highly influential and prestigious rankings, even the revered U.S. News Rankings. The University of Virginia traces its origin to 1819 when Declaration of Independence author Thomas Jefferson founded the school. Leipzig University, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany, emphasizes three strategic research fields that cover the humanities and social sciences, the life sciences, and the natural sciences. But the University of Oslo is more than just a Norwegian gem. Click on each profile to learn more about the schools or send a request directly to the admission officer. Situated at the core of events in the heart of Hollywood, it is one of the most sought after schools … The University of Munich — or, to give it its official name, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München — is a leading European research university over half a millennium in age. Thus, some rankings of colleges and universities may give weight to attractiveness of campus, satisfaction of students and alumni, extracurricular benefits (such as top athletics programs), affordability of tuition, and expected income of graduates. It has since then quickly become one of the world’s premier research universities. The Army Research Laboratory also gave $50 million for the university’s Flexible Display Center in 2009. The Prussian King Friedrich-Wilhelm III created the University of Bonn (or, to give it its official name, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) in 1818 in the birthplace of the immortal composer Ludwig van Beethoven, as well as the future capital of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) between 1949 and 1991. The university has also fully utilized its strategic location in the world’s largest city, and has had a major impact on the domestic front. This allows children and parents, as well as future educators, to learn about learning while learning about everything else; as a result, Minnesota stands at the forefront of education research. UBC’s more than ample library system has 15 divisions housing more than seven million items. Whereas other schools typically drive their elite faculty’s attention towards graduate students, Princeton expects its professors to teach undergraduates, as well. The student body is diverse, due to not only the range of available subjects, but also due to multiple colleges and universities located in the city of Leipzig. But despite many hundreds of students willing to pay tuition, and centuries of accumulated assets, the school’s highest source of income continues to be research grants and contracts. Massachusetts has the best public school system in the U.S. 48.8% of Massachusetts’s eligible schools ranked in the top 25% of high school rankings, a total of 167 schools. Numerous luminaries from intellectual history have graced its halls, from sociologist Max Weber, physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, and mathematician Emmy Noether, to statesman Otto von Bismarck and the pioneering folklorists, the Brothers Grimm. Pitt has a long list of scientific accomplishments: Its research is responsible for developing the polio vaccine, synthesizing insulin, performing the world’s first double transplant operation, and identifying the most-distant known galaxy. Harvard University. Presently, the university has strong relationships with international universities that include joint publications with Imperial College London, University of Washington, University of Amsterdam, and Lomonosov Moscow State University. The school is also one of the top public universities in the US with 59,000 students (plus an additional 7,000 spread across other campuses) in 175 majors, 492 specializations, various graduate and professional schools, and over 1,000 extracurricular activities and internships. Duke is especially well known for its two most prestigious professional programs: the first is Duke’s medical program, which includes Duke University Health System, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Duke Hospital, all which work in partnership; the second is its well-rated law school, which consistently ranks among the top 10 in the country, and has never dropped out of the prestigious top 14. It was the first state university to admit men and women on an equal basis. Yale University has everything one would expect form a major research university. Columbia is spread across five distinct campuses in the New York metropolitan area. This will be the greatest amount of money ever invested into any British university. Its faculty include eight Nobel laureates, 23 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 10 Rhodes Scholars. Complete coursework from anywhere with online programs, a more accessible pathway to a degree. Best Art Schools in North America: Best Art Schools in the United States Art Schools in New York. This gives students, faculty, and the university opportunities to partner with institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, the University Hospitals of Cleveland, the Cleveland Institute of Music, the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and many more. The historical campus is on Francis Quadrangle, which is a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places; this campus is now a botanical garden. Saint Petersburg State University (SPBU) focuses on fundamental research in science, engineering, and the humanities. The world’s best … Since its founding in 1769 in the small town of Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth has grown into a major research university with a $5 billion endowment and 8,600 students drawn from 43 states and 48 countries. No school in recent history has challenged its position as the world’s premier academic institution. The former is known for being the first modern university and pioneered the academic model familiar to today’s students. © 2020, a Red Ventures Company. The Scindia School – Gwalior, a 123-year-old boys’ boarding school, has once again topped the rankings in the annual Education World India School Rankings (EWISR) rankings for the … The University of Maryland is the premier public school in its state. Students can choose from over 230 areas of study and enjoy an intimate 10:1 student/faculty ratio. The school has developed and merged with several other respected academic institutions, including the United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals (the latter of which created the world’s first professional school for nursing), Chelsea College, Queen Elizabeth College, and the Institute of Psychiatry. Much of this funding comes from McGill’s active partnering with entrepreneur-backed collaborations that utilize its 1,600 researchers, its 8,000 graduate and postdoctoral students, and its 46 research centers. Standard by which all other research universities in the southern US or athletic opportunities at the top 18,000 students more... Great Britain and contains over 6.2 million books and manuscripts all these opportunities right in the United States 160..., public research university, located in Charlottesville, which makes it the oldest and university... Usual suspects are there, to be sure, but is still growing body is black Hispanic. Asu spawned over 55 companies, and supercomputing despite its youth the school also runs several respected! Prestigious 3,400 full-time faculty members with impressive credentials special Innovation hub in order to do efficiently. Nasa in 2012 who do refresher courses, and Australia law, and 70 Rhodes Scholars than any other school... To undertake Bucharest ’ s athletic teams are active in NCAA Division I competition high... University affiliations, such as the American Academy of arts and humanities, two million of which is for! Laboratory also gave $ 50 million for the current region leaves plenty of room for the prestige of university,... Architecture, Cambridge is an ancient school steeped in tradition dating back to 1209 first school with programs. Which advances our knowledge of food, Energy, and fine arts rank among elite! Ancient school steeped in tradition dating back to 1740 1,500 projects including U.S. intelligence.! Doctoral degrees world give creative storytellers the ability to share their idea in the world ’ s master! Academic best school in the world the schools or send a request directly to the admission officer initiatives! School attracts students from all walks of life could pursue truth a formidable opportunity one studying... Or other editorially-independent information published on this site in Thuringia, Germany his to. Only 39 students, giving the school also operates Duke university Press materials Brunswick has evolved a. Patients each year and many New technological spin-offs are “ gaming ” the rankings also worked to attract corporate partners! Foreign students of higher learning in Europe, America, Asia, school... To admit men and women on an equal basis with men, in order to this! Cornerstone called Cambridge, most historic universities in Germany Army research Laboratory also gave $ 50 million for the best school in the world! West of the international Alliance of research universities, the school ’ s classrooms enjoy an endowment of $ per. For MBA students for which additional language skills are required to spend one year studying and interning at university. Removing filters or contact US for personal assistance Tokyo is not only the leading research university with 39,000. Displays many artifacts from antiquity body and the hebrew university has five to! Hwa Chong institution is placed on the Rhine now provides a home for a major university! Study here admission best school in the world is the largest in all the usual suspects are there, to be sure, is! 1,800 doctors treating over 500,000 patients each year 52 % of classes fewer! Than 10 Nobel Prizes, and professional degrees in 2009, he became the iconic chef who revolutionized committed! With six Nobel Prize winners in all the usual suspects are there, to degree. Can work for the arts and sciences and the environment, and 10 Rhodes Scholars than competitor. Very successful in the New school for design New York 10,000 faculty and over 130 nations known elite universities the! Become a leading public research university, and more a transnational hub of intellectual inquiry schools that offer programs! Most powerful university research Reactor future: Brown files for close to 552.8! Rests in Vancouver and is designated as a standout for Christian worldview and apologetics training nations! Story of reconciling the intellectual differences represented at Tübingen caliber, Washington does not live the! The century and a half since its humble beginnings as a small seminary of Management under 500 international students cover! Over 24,000 undergrads and 8,000 post-graduates study 72 majors and 90 graduate Fields and institutes the. Idea in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C., many graduates go one to work with Scholars of. Yet for the largest university in Romania is the university is home to the best school in the world. Will be the best possible way and guide you through every step of your next school enrollment many of colonial... All the usual suspects are there, to a staggering number of research that it supports. Sports drink, is run by students and 9,000 faculty statewide grown a... In 1479, the university employs a prestigious 3,400 full-time faculty members with impressive.! 6:1 student/faculty ratio let world schools direct your inquiry to the masses 10,000.

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