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    6 Surprising Medical Conditions That’ll Disqualify You From Service. My charges were not serious - I don't even need a waiver, but it was recommended I see a counselor (NOT Anger Management classes). Hi everyone, I have to go to MEPS for a second time this weekend. However some people have said that they were given psych consults...and I'm not sure if that will give me any hope? The MEPS is also the first time you will experience the famous military saying of “hurry up and wait”. The morning after Veterans Day, USA Today published an investigation that rippled through the … MEPS stands for Military Entrance Processing Station and is the location where you will take your ASVAB test, have your physical examination and get on the bus to ship off to basic training. I think I am out growing them as i get older. In order to apply for the waiver, I had to collect my medical records from as far back as I could as well as receive a psych evaluation from a psychiatrist. I am currently 16 years old and i want to join out of high school. ... gerontology, psych. I was PDQ from MEPS and denied a waiver from the Army and Navy for scars suspicious for self mutilation but they aren't.I went to a MEPS psych consult and was cleared to join by the psychiatrist but MEPS doctor said he wouldn't let me process and that … It is used to qualify an enlistee's physical profile for each military skill. As a former military recruiter, I can tell you that your recruiter wants you to lie, because admitting to depression might disqualify you. So I went to meps the other day and I want to tell you my list of issues I had.. From lots of research that all pointed to me probably needing three or four waivers and possibly PDQ with no waiver.. and maybe even a psych eval for Alcohol, I want to show you that you can't always beleive what you hear or expect everything to be black and white. I was disqualified originally at meps and recently a waiver came back saying I needed to get a consult before the waiver can be approved or denied. I was recently called by my recruiter that MEPS disqualified me for medical reasons. I can see my doctor and get some tests done and get some paper proving I'm not suffering from these conditions. It asked how often do I Going to MEPS a 3rd time for psych consult (enlist, recruiter, military) - Military Life and Issues -Relocation, families, vets, bases, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, VA loans - City-Data Forum Recruiters need to enlist people to keep their job and career. The reason was, about 2 years ago, I was going through depression, but nothing major, I volentarily entered myself into a psych hospital for a psych evaluation, due to my insurance, they were only able to pay for inpatient. So I stumbled upon this forum when I was researching some stuff lately. I was never suicidal or diagnosed with any kind of depression or social … She told me I would need to get a psych consult. But obviously this PHD who was a consultant of USMEPCOM noticed something and flagged me 3P failure code PSYCH '0'(definition PSYCH … My question is what is the process of the consult like? I have some old scars on my right arm, I am going to meps tomorrow, and I know that if I'm honest I will be disqualified. I’ve officially had my second go at MEPS and this coming Tuesday I’ll be making another trip up there for a psych consult. About a year and a half ago i was diagnosed with anxiety. The doctor had found my self inflicted scars from 7 years ago and had already assumed that they were because of the way they looked. PULHES is a United States military acronym used in the Military Physical Profile Serial System. I am almost certain to get that waiver (alongside one for flat feet haha). Waiver approved; scheduled for a physical at MEPS. Here’s why. This part of the process will be handled by (usually) a military doctor or team of doctors at a nearby MEPS (Military Entrance and Processing Station). Anyhow, it's for some symptoms that typically align with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. Over the past couple of years, I have received a large number of emails asking me about the waiver process for medical issues. Therefore I need a MEPS psych eval. The MEPS will provide a drape or gown for you during the physical examination. But, a little back story, I went to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) for the Coast Guard on Monday, and was put on medical hold-I need a dermatologist consultation. If you have an updated account profile with basic information on why you are on Air Warriors it … Physical declined by MEPS (this will happen almost 100% of the time, because of the PDQs). I am joining the Army, I scored an 86 on my ASVAB but have previously seen a counselor (court ordered). Please take a moment and update your account profile. So I stayed there less then a week. I feel that it is my duty to serve for the country. The thing is it was for conditions that I was tested for and found that I do not have, a thyroid condition and ADD. Specialties Government. The interview is straightforward but if your medical record indicates you have a history with mental illness you might get questioned. If that were the case, no one would ever qualify. If the Civil Service Commission agrees that the the eligible should be disqualified for psychological reasons, it will notify her of her disqualification and her appeal rights. A sad 4th of July for me. Hello all. I took medication for A.D.D. A couple of months ago I was disqualified at MEPS because of the history of medication I used to take. I'm driving myself up to a hotel the night before but kind of unclear as to what will happen the next day. It asked how often do I Going to MEPS a 3rd time for psych consult (enlist, recruiter, military) - Military Life and Issues -Relocation, families, vets, bases, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, VA loans - City-Data Forum In order to join the military you need to qualify medically. There are a number of issues that will disqualify a person from military service. The doctor that examined me and asked me a few questions was concerned with the two speeding tickets I got in June of last year (“You’re still speeding even after your big accident,” I believe is what she said). Medically Disqualified. Underclothing is required during your physical. I have had very few panic attacks. Nov 24, 2010. I am about to graduate from Stanford this May with a BA and hope to go to Navy OCS soon after. and depression back when I was in high school, I stopped taking them because at my age my health insurance expired. I made the mistake of mentioning I had previous depression and ADHD when I was 18-19 (I'm 25 now). The Army Is Offering Mental-Health Waivers, But Don’t Freak Out Just Yet. I got taped at MEPS but I was down to my underclothes and they taped my neck, waist and hips. Waivers at MEPS: Data are available for the top 10 DoD diagnoses of waivers considered and granted for active-duty enlisted applicants in 1997-2001 and 2002 for the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. 2807-2 was again declined by MEPS; my recruiter then sent in the 2807-2 and my doctors letters to the Surgeon General’s Office and requested a medical waiver to take the MEPS physical. If you can get the documentation and everything showing that you no longer need the medication and are in otherwise healthy condition you can get a medical waiver. Yes, the Army Recruiter, surprised me 1 day, and said I had to take a PSYCH exam, the first 1 I had ever taken, and he tried to coach me on what to do. I completed both of those tasks, completed MEPS, and am now waiting to hear back on my OCS application. It has been a goal of mine for many years to join the marines. They can't disqualify you for running through a bush and getting scratched up. I am currently on lexapro. Likewise, a person may be disqualified from enlisting if their personality, conduct, or behavior disorder is believed to be a serious interference in adjusting to the military. This is where they take care of all the military entrance elements the recruiter can’t handle at the office. Last year I filled out an application and medical history form (DD form 2807-2) for the Coast Guard and emailed it to a recruiter, who called me back to tell me I am permanently disqualified.

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