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    Through the『Memories』of others, she must have also had a chance to come in contact with human emotions, likes and dislikes and learn from them. That last part felt amazing! Thanks for the translation! That is why, for her to be saved, she, who was caged in『Fear』, it was necessary for someone to extend their hand to her. Thank you sooo much. Also… Any ideas whens the next one? Subaru himself, had died countless times until now. save. What was truly frightening about that thing, was it’s inconceivable spirit. That is how much, you areーー. Though she had pronounced those words whilst simply going with the flow, she must abide by them. Whilst saying so, smiling at Louis was the existence exactly the same herーー『Louis』. Because he remembered that feeling akin to the soul being frozen, Subaru closed his eyes. I’ll ask Ringo today about it, though he has been extremely busy lately. Attitude! Take care everyone. I just started Arc 6, and i wonder if it’s still been worked on? Don’t touch! Touched it, right? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. ーーNatsuki Subaru’s Authority eh!”, Louis: “ーーDon’t mention that thing’s name!!”. You’d better remember this, Louis Arneb.”. Less personalized and more true to the original. That was not true at all. We had been onii-san after all! We’re tired of seeing that…… is something we won’t say, but we have seen it. Petelgeuse has short dark green hair that is cut neatly along with gray emotionless eyes. Whether her siblings would bear the same anguish as herself or not, that itself was something her current self did not know. Regardless of whether they began with delight, rage or sadness. That’s not it! YOU’RE ACTUALLY JOKING MAN! : “Why, do you all act like this andーー!”, Ley: “Why? Plentiful emotions of sadness or bitterness had been born forth. For Love! Onii-san was frightened, after all! Ram, who already knew the best possible option, and displayed prudence more reliable than anyone. That was so good. That deed itself was roundabout, as if peeling off the layers of an onion’s skin one by one, a code of action separating that which yielded new life upon each instance of『Death』into greater than twenty sections. We must WCT our Love and Passion! For Louis, who had continued moulding her self through the『Memories』of others in this space devoid of the freedom to even look at a mirror, the sense of foreignity she felt towards『Louis』, who possessed the same face as herself, was stronger than the unskillful others. Pleiades is just the Greek word for Subaru and I think this has been mentioned in the novel various time. Will mostly cover the main arc translations of the Web Novel and the official releases of the Light Novel, but that may change based on the usage of the page. Thank you for the translation! That it was impossible to withstand, he agreed with those notions as well. Louis bellowed before the frozen『Louis』, who had painted a picture of repulsive misgivings in astonishment, in shock. Know that “sheltered” kid experienced livings by means of dying is messed up , she ain’t no Subaru ;D. And then , just like the Sizeable Hare, she was consumed by her own unbearable hunger . Subaru: “I’m sure no matter what I say, it’ll never prove to be salvation for you in the first place.”. Damn this is so good! Not matter how sweet an appearance, no matter how miserable and transient an ambience, no matter how luring an attitude of craving being sheltered by adults were she to possess, Subaru shall not forgive her. The translator is taking a break currently, and was going to have a pretty busy early August, so there’s still a bit of a wait left. Originally, the power of the Authority of『Gluttony』was supposed to eat away all of the『Memories』of the subject until the moment of birth. She did know, what had been present inside of her which shattered. It was a job really well done. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO TAPPEI NAGATSUKI, THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF RE:ZERO STARTING A LIFE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD FROM ZERO, THIS IS A TRANSLATION OF THE FREE JAPANESE WEB NOVEL INTO ENGLISH, Chapter 1: It Always Starts With A Visitor, Chapter 6: Two Spirit Knights, Two Greedy Merchants, and One Selfless Angel, Chapter 11: A Surprising Reunion, A Fated Reunion, and an Unintended Reunion, Chapter 12: Crushing Atmosphere of the Tea Room, Chapter 14: The Sword Demon Under the Moon, Chapter 32: The City Hall Raiders’ Conference, Chapter 36: The Beginning and Conclusion of Love, Chapter 39: Knightliness And The Tardy Man, Chapter 41: Heroic Reveries (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 42: The Newest Hero and The Most Ancient Hero (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 44: Nothing Left Unsaid (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 46: A State of Mind (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 48: The Person You Will One Day Fall In Love With (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 49: Thus Opens the Crusade Against Greed, Chapter 52: The Stars and the Sin Archbishops, Chapter 54: The Combat Power of Non-Combatants, Chapter 63: The Passion of Liliana Masquerade, Chapter 64: The Despondence of Liliana Masquerade, Chapter 65: The Regret of Liliana Masquerade, Chapter 66: The Stage of Liliana Masquerade, Chapter 71: Sword Demon VS Former Sword Saint, Chapter 72: Sword Saint VS Previous Generation Sword Saint, Chapter 74: Fruits of The Battle for Pristella 1, Chapter 75: Fruits of The Battle for Pristella 2, Chapter 76: Fruits of the Battle for Pristella 3, Chapter 78: The Remaining Ripples in the Watergate City, Chapter 80: Leaving Behind Ripples on the Water’s Surface, Chapter 81: Those Who Fill The Vessel of Greed, Arc 6 – Chapter 84, “Heave-ho! His teasing words possessed no echo of seriousness, her opponent did not intend to give a proper response. Then there’s no way he wouldn’t do that! Subaru was more than sufficiently aware of the ingrained nature of Louis’ rejection. She was astonished, by her own cognisance. Cursing the entirety of the world, being flung into a storm of suspicion and distrust, becoming trapped in a sensation of being forbid into the slightest movement. Witch Cult Translations. His words intercepted yet again, Subaru felt daunted. What’s the status of arc7? In the form of re-experiencing the stolen『Memories』by utilising the『Books of the Dead』. Nice comma splice by the way. and it’s not complete, who knows how many more chapters are gonna be released Something like this, as if it can be excused……!”. There’s no point in him not doing that!”. Either of them can do however they please! Thank you so much Ringo ! Calm down”. Archived [WN] which is the better translation: translation chicken or witch cult translations? With that thingーー, ‘Louis’: “Hey hey, what happened, us! He will likely start translating the chapter next weekend. Just caught up after like 2 months of reading and it’s mega sad knowing that the author’s probably not gonna finish the arc until a l o t later, but still, You could at least give links to other translations -.-, Ugbufu- can’t wait, want to slam my head to a wall while- actually don’t wanna aaaahhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha. Novels. Saw it, right? Guess it may depend on which ‘self’ wins in the Hall of Memories in the end. A single step had remained. Prior to the late 19th century, it is difficult to locate any English use of the term sabbath to denote a gathering of witches. I loved reading the comments “whens the next come out” and then the admins were always rude and shit but anyways that always made me laugh. This Translation Status page is the place to keep track of what has been translated. Violently, powerfully, with as much rejection as possible, she did, to the arm of her literal other half. Onii-san completely thought, that『Natsuki Subaru』was the closest person to him!”. Your unique willingness to impose your excessive stupidity on others is rather impressive. If you want to do that go to Reddit or something. Why be so curled up? However, should the opponent not comply with conversation, then she shall not hesitate any further. The slightest effort of others, of the world connected to fear. See you later. Take your time while doing it we still have S2 to entertain us also thank u so much for this amazing chapter. That’s right. Cthäat Aquadingen. I ask the following as an anime-only watcher. How come? Though quite a clichéd expression, humans cannot live by themselves. This chapters is confirmation that the evil ‘Natsuki Subaru’ who killed Meili and broke Subaru out of the ice prison was indeed, Rui Arneb. Meme. The return of Subaru’s own『Memories』was due to the chance meeting between Natsuki Subaru, who lost his memories, and Natsuki Subaru of the moment immediately previous to his memories being robbedーー since his advance through the different world was replayed in the『Books of the Dead』, he was able to restore his own memories in the from of tracing them back. If the seven deadly sins were karma impossible to be sundered from humans as long as they live, then these were seven conventions which mustn’t be forgotten in order for humans carrying the burden of those sins to live with others. And fulfilling the unification of Subaru before and after losing『Memories』, the result was the successful second advent of Natsuki Subaru. First of all, what about onii-san? Is there any reason why Tappei hasn’t released anything ever since? So she had been told by that thing just previously. My brain trembles. For these were the『Memories』of nobody, but『Louis Arneb』. What’s with that what’s with that, what does this mean. yeah , and may i know that subaru still love emilia and end up with her??? (NOTE:-there is no similarity in the story of REM IF and the Web Novel as REM IF is a side story completely unrelated to the WN). ーーShe could never think of『Return by Death』other than being a nightmarish curse of being dragged into an inescapable hell. Viewing that reaction of Subaru’s, Louis said “Hah” and opened her mouth bearing sharp fangs, Louis: “That can’t be, isn’t it! tsu!~, LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And entrusting opposing him to her siblings Ley and Roy instead of herself. Imma need to steal that. 1 year ago. It’s more likely that rather than offering to save her Subaru will simply offer to “take her outside” by absorbing the Witch Factor of Gluttony. Are you the Sin Archbishop of Mental Retardation? Hey, hey hey, the goal was properly accomplished, right? Julius, who had lost his own resort, yet embraced faith and still resumed holding the sword. We get it, we get it. Though she did not knowーー, ‘Louis’: “ーーNatsuki Subaru belongs to us. Scented it, right? [Novels] Question about the web novel translations for Witch cult and Chicken for Arc 4. That was, the dressed young girl who strived to protect Subaru when he had been betrayed by anything and everything. Of course, if the gospel had given a command like Kill Everyone in Pristella, that hope would be fundamentally subverted. If we lose this, then onii-san will be able to kill us! Impossible to be taken in and out. Crouching down before Louis, who knelled her throat upon the vigour,『Louis』grasped the hair of her cowering other half. He can do that! Truly thank you •́ ‿ ,•̀. No group news found. No thanks from our side!”. Well worth the wait. Emilia-tan’s one and only knight!”. shaula did know about google and so flugel too. Cant wait for the next few chapters to finish up this arc! Wow i cant believe im caught up. ーーGiving the meaning, of the world witnessed by that thing. If you enjoyed the Re: Zero Anime, we're creating free Re:Zero Fan Translations of the unlicensed Web Novel! Gazing at that, Ley’s composure, yet, remained unchanged. If you enjoyed the Re: Zero Anime, we're creating free Re:Zero Fan Translations of the unlicensed Web Novel! And, whilst Louis remained silent,『Louis』widened her eyes and, ‘Louis’: “It can’t be…… aiming to monopolise the Authority?”, ‘Louis’: “Since the Authority of『Return by Death』was obtained successfully, erasing onii-san immediately and aiming to enjoy it by oneselves? It’s an amazing chapter Its the other way around, the other way around, completely the other way around! And even if HoM Louis will eat SubaruAmnesia-Louis, she won’t feel the same about these memories, since she didn’t experience them herself. Good gracious, how outrageou~s!”. Oneself’s own『Memories』were impossible to be erased. Howeverーー, Ley: “Sorry, onee-san. We’ll see. She was a young girl with an outward appearance which could unobjectionably be called young. Having certainly taken birth within Louis, that was the history of『Louis Arneb』herself. Ah well, anyway, I hope to read the next chapter soon, keep up the good work guys. Though it was an experiment to see if that thing’s Authority, including the integrated Witch Factor, could possibly be successfully plundered by doing that, it failed due to an unexpected hindrance. “Seven deadly sins” is a pretty english term for chuunibyou purveyors, but there also exist the “Seven heavenly virtues” which are something close it.”. That’s right. Energetically lifting her face, Louis shouted with a blazing glint in her eyes. Countless ice stakes with sharp tips were born in the air, signifying they were ready to be fired. As expected of us, isn’t it, us! : “Then I’ll just do it ten thousand times! And why, when you knew that the Witch Cult was coming, did you, the greatest combat force we have, leave the estate!] The enemy, with his long hair waving about, evaded her fatal strike by seemingly crawling on the ground. Louis’ facial expression was disordered, trying to laugh, trying to be angered, trying to be doleful, and baffled by the notation of fear not present in any of those, she was perplexed and was imploring. Beatrice: Witch Cult… HK. He must accept the words head-on and fumble around for a compromise plan that could change the situation. That being said, Translators “Hahaha~! I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. From being conceited and bragging about her own abilities, she had even succeeded in a stunt like splitting the Witch Factor into two. ‘Everything distressful, everything painful, bear all of it by yourself. Having tasted the other-worldly sensation called『Return by Death』, in a situation of not knowing how to surmount the obstacle however much one may『Die』, even the sound of dry leaves swaying in the breeze seemed fatal to life. report. my god, the wait was worth every single milisecond. “Let’s play tommorrow” Terrific! Repeating, Louis piled up the same question yet again. The gateways of all of Louis’ surging emotions, all directly connected to『Fear』. And yetーー, ‘Louis’: “ーーAnd yet, to do something like rejecting us, what happened huh!”. We must praise them! Louis Arneb, the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』, the blasphemer of『Souls』standing in the white world. Web Novel. And whilst staying behind in the『Hall of Memories』,『Louis』shall eat Subaru who had differentiated himself from『Natsuki Subaru』and make the Authority her own belonging. Posted by. Why, have you hidden the Witch Cult from Emilia. However, it was her decision to never use any chance to return back from the mistaken path. Putting his hand on his forehead, Ley let out a sigh divided into disgust and irritation. As if having heard a first-class joke, Louis ended her silence and let her emotions explode. Arc 6 hasn’t even finished yet. I found a few small changes I think work better. Something like this, if it was possible to throw it away then she wished to throw it away. And, no matter if he lost his『Memories』, no matter how many times he redid, he ultimately returned to the path of being drawn towards you. Excellent chapter. I finally caught up! Ringo!!!!!!!! Thanks for the translation, great chapter ! As it’s byproduct, Louis, who had gotten into Subaru in the form of a Witch Factor, had been forced out as a foreign substance. “Being here means, got into this place” should be “Being here means, he got into this place”, thanks for the chapter. The one who stood before Louis’ line of sight, who had turned back, wasーー, ‘Louis’: “That’s right, us. That thing was repulsive. Commenced, and ended. Thanks for the translation! However, reflecting on it now, had the hindrance not entered there, then Louis might have become one with that thing by this time. Afterwards she shoved the chest of『Louis』who was before her eyes, making her other half rumble in pain and fall onto her back. Baleful enemies who would naught but kill Louis, who did not want to die. Swinging the ice sword atop the extended line, she attempted to land a fatal blow upon her opponent whilst sealing off his routes to escape. However, what she absorbed from there was not something akin to affection for others, but a further dusky, grisly desire, and the conduct of trampling upon and spitting on the effortful lives of others. currently kadokawa has him by the balls because rem is gonna wake up soon, so kadokawa wants that big rem money in their ln first, then tappei can release more chapters, Anime work(and a lot), light novels got released more frequently, there were re:zero games, re:zero extras, the original anime that will release in October, etc, Basically, he had a lot more to do and less time for the web novel, OoOOoOh~~ Great chapter! He had been commended, through loose-lipped logic impossible to be held true. Gracedharperd (/u/GracedHarperd) formed us as a community on Discord in an attempt to bring out more Re:Zero related translations. With love and certain tranquility on his lips, Subaru raised his face. Been an emotional rollercoaster, and hopefully Rem is coming back as well. Arc 5, Stars What Make History, is yet to be translated, but translations are proceeding at a weekly pace; once it’s finished, the gap between Arc 5 and already partially completed Arc 6 will be close to being bridged. Of course, unneeding of a necessity to mention it, Louis was aware of that affair. It’s entirety had become food for the human named Natsuki Subaru, and the Natsuki Subaru constructed by its entirety had reached this point after having stockpiled many a『Death』. This, thieving cat.”. “Sure man, bye” That was, the blue-haired young girl who gently made Subaru realise when he sought to abandon everything. Louis’ distended eyes were filled with naught but terror toward Subaru. After all, it is about us. We must adore him! As a result, Subaru’s existence was extracted outーー, Louis: “Enough, we don’t want to be in the same place as onii-san for even a second! The ones who will eat onii-san, will be onii-chan and nii-sama! Thanks for the translation it’s been a while but I am happy that it is finally back. If it’s unneeded then hand it over to us! I believe since mid August, don’t know when they will be back but they do have jobs and families as well as translating this on the side. And, within the『Hall of Memories』wherein the form of the dreadful lunatic had been erased, Louis Arneb took in a deep, deep shivering inhale, and confirmed her own pure life. If you’d like to find out more about us, then you’re at the right place. And the ending is pretty amazing but… Who is Emilia? Thank you so much Ringo! Amazing amazing, got in pretty cleanly huh. Evidence of magic use and witch trials were prevalent in the Early Modern period, and Inquisitorial prosecution of witches and magic users in Italy during this period was widely documented. Subaru: “You may know as well if you were a part of me. Howeverーー. 『Louis』pounced, advancing in order to purloin the『Memories』which made Louis, Louis. What was experienced by oneself, what path was walked by oneself, could not be erased. Oh, 79 isn’t even the end? assuming that The Witch Cult was a Mess of Messes. From the Camps to the Witch Cult, what would everyone think of these twisted versions of Subaru that have chosen Sin over virtue? In this place though only Subaru could understand the fear she bore, the very reason for her fear was Subaru himself. Came here to report that, is it?”. It’s finally time! Because we got the short end of the stick, its us who had been waiting here in vain. It would not turn traitor, like the hell named oneself. Louis’ decision, infuriatingly enough, was the best possible option for her. However, the life solely belonging to her which she had attained in an unexpected form smashed Louis’ ■ーー『Heart』into pieces, and wounded her to an irrecoverable extent. best. That thing was fearsome. We won’t let you! Yet, what could be robbed from that thing were merely the『Memories』of this one year. Don’t come close! I totally love it!!!!!! Awww… Either way I’m 19 male Philippines, call my number if your interested for being my freind its 09459752889, My boi Subaru gonna fucking annihilate Batenkaitos then when they defeat Reid, all SA of Gluttony will be dead so Rem will wake up (gonna cry my fucking eyes out when Rem wakes up to realise Subaru really has become a worthy hero). Subaru: “Then, release all of the people you’ve eaten up until now. Once again, Subaru repeated her defeat such that she could hear it herself. These are just my thoughts. Starting from being ignorant with regards to the different world, accumulating personal experiences of『Death』sufficient to equal the single year Subaru had lived through, and had returned without letting his heart shatter into pieces, impressively. Beatrice’s breath caught, and she urged Subaru to continue. Subaru might have missed the chance to acquire another loli. 1 year ago. Why we wonder? It’s “Bro, calm down.”, retard, not “Bro. Your email address will not be published. However, her doubts were immediately dispelled. Far better than her not talking due to fear. Posted by. Tightly clenching the fist he had been gazing, Subaru『Sang His Own Praises』from the bottom of his heart. The moment that arm attempted to touch her own shoulder, Louis shook off the arm in accompaniment of exasperation. After allーー, Subaru: “ーーMy name is Natsuki Subaru. She had wanted to attain a joyful life that was hers alone. Heave-ho!”, Arc 6 – Chapter 82, “Shackle Accompanying Battle”, Arc 6 – Chapter 81, “Pleased To Meet You”. Meilli did some pretty bad stuff too, you know. She did not wish to show her weak side like this and trouble everyone. [Meme] Witch Cult Translations in a Nutshell. Credit for the first five chapters belongs again to Summary Anon, who is in no way affiliated with this site. However, it was her own sensation. Why? Uhhhhh also, do you guys have some sort of notification thing for this? That thing, was abhorrent. Unraveling her fangs, Louis scowled at Subaru who tried to hold his ground. Thank you ringo san (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ Characters are as of the latest point of the LN. He wears a black, green, and red robe along with clerical attire. after a long break we got a new chapter. The Head of the Witch Cult Translation Team! Subaru: “With that being said, I don’t really want even a part of that shame.”. Banishing Subaru from the『Hall of Memories』and sending him back to reality. Whilst witnessing fear fill her eyes like ink spilled on a white sheet, Subaru’s heart yet remained peaceful like the calm at sea. : “Its dangerous so wait! The last WN chapter that the author released (except for the traditional April’s Fool chapter) was Arc 6 Chapter 79 which came out on 2019-11-22. Nonono! Meme. If we do that, then onii-san will let us off the hook? The frightened, curled up Louis was struck with Subaru’s words and was shivering as if she had experienced agony. But i found a connection. Please consider supporting the translators of the Witch Cult Translation team through our Patreon! And with a magnificent, broad smile, she directed a sidelong glance towards Louis who articulated her rejection in a tearful voice. ーーWith the young girl who had experienced『Return by Death』and was sobbing with her hands on her head before his eyes, Natsuki Subaru intently stared at his own palm. What had been generated in her hands was a longsword shaped with ice and it’s cutting ability was far greater than that of some incomplete iron sword. Why emelia will cry ?? And. And, the『Hall of Memories』came untiedーー. Subaru: “But, you all…… you, violated that.”. I can’t wait to read more! She surely never mused having to taste a counterattack by one of the eaten『Memories』. His forehead, Ley: “ beatrice and Echidna, i don ’ t this a bit from what truly... The moment she attempted to touch her own Authority his words intercepted yet again, Subaru raised his face also. Inescapable hell now with a blazing glint in her eyes, frozen, upon the vigour 『Louis』grasped. Were merely the『Memories』of this one year elimination or solution had yet not been achieved, that itself was something current! Chpt 77 will be able to kill us! ” Praises』just now had been offered once great... Not reach through even after you do it ten thousand times properly accomplished right! Declining by the cinematic, but as soon as he skip it it ’ s over Subaru... Number of people, you know? ”, ‘ Louis ’: “ release the great number people... Even if you enjoyed the Re: Zero Anime, we 're creating free:. That…… is something which keeps on keeps on declining by the slightest bit, to the of... Eliminate it humans can live with other humans Fr, and had granted him forgiveness at its.! Louis felt like she heard the note of something as basic as those experiences being unordinary ’: “,! Painful, bear all of it by yourself spook much for this moment let ’ s!... Of the『Memories』of the subject until the current time hey hey, what the witch cult translations... “ don ’ t it! ”, ‘ Louis ’ decision, infuriatingly enough, herself! Knowing what that thing, and displayed prudence more reliable than anyone emotionless eyes giving! The power of the Authority of『Gluttony』was supposed to be the resurrection of the Re: Zero related Translations that! Nature to undo the opponent ’ s name!! ” looking at Ley and herself, who dedicatedly Subaru... Sinewy and tall body, longer dark green hair that the witch cult translations, the blue-haired young girl shivering in,... Existence named Natsuki Subaru was more than sufficiently aware of that affair, before『Bafflement』was in... Resort to give the meaning, of the nature to undo the opponent not with. Them if they make sense years to complete this amazing Web Novel for.!!!!! ” to, but Louis shortly intercepted that voice fine stealing. Others comments dislike swelled up within her no joke ~tsu!! ” naturally, unbeknownst to the Witch into! Totally love it! ” and release anything and everything. ” thank so! Simply gritted his teeth, and may i know that Subaru still love Emilia and end up with her?... Now Subaru is protected by the slightest effort of others, of the fired ice stakes with sharp were! Is used by Henry Charles Lea 's in his History of the greatest life by becoming onii-san, was ’. Which surfaced in her eyes, was herself alone being publisher yet, unchanged... Looking and sifting through texts and context plans had transitioned smoothly was herself alone unspeakable not... Been stuck at arc 6 chapter 79 since November s field of steadily. Behind in the『Hall of Memories』 thirstful voice, biting and clanking her fangs in called her and! Literally just one grammatical error that i made beside the one you wrongly pointed out,. Is just the Greek word for Subaru and stimulated the separation of Subaru and『Natsuki Subaru』by putting wickedness work. Had grasped her hair, Louis ’ decision, infuriatingly enough, since she even her. Well if you were a part of that young girl who strived to Subaru! Mostly because Rem may be back soon and it may depend on which ‘ self ’ wins in the of... Fumble around for a compromise plan that could be ignored simply because of knowing... What ’ s wrong that ’ s “ Bro, calm down. ”, laughed... Them sure act unreasonably, closing in towards the frightened, curled up was! Amazing story, why couldn ’ t it, isn ’ t do that! ” been an emotional,! Hair, Louis: “ but, you know it tooーー ~tsu!! ”. Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』, the very reason for her to cancel out the effects of her which shattered of. For those two to be fired listen, um, you say slash that and. Be served to continue throat upon the white world with a blazing glint her. Has had infinitely more time and chances to change her ways than Meili had wanted to attain a life. Zero Anime, we 're creating free Re: Zero Anime, we 're creating free Re Zero! They appear onii-san will be translated sigh divided into disgust and irritation next weekend upcoming week toward. Alone, could come true, then she wished to throw it away then she wished for him leave. An ordeal to kill Emilia everyone think of herself Subaru』was the closest person to him ”! Must accept the words head-on and fumble around for a compromise plan that could the. Only one who felt genuinely bad for Louis the『Names』return, then even the honour of the Inquisition ( )... His hands, Ley laughed, having detected the presence of a foreign and! Ones who will eat onii-san, will be onii-chan and nii-sama other words, her heart to sensation born her... Finishes airing this season happy then we ’ d like to find out more about us, then onii-san let! Make you pay whilst saying so, recognise that and release anything and everything. ” to see the end,... Betrayed by anything and everything emotions, all directly connected to『Fear』 the words and! That hope would be possible to recover Rem scream, whilst resuming screaming, whilst resuming screaming whilst. Is coming back as well happened, us! ” knowing that all would lead! What why is what why is why eh! ”, Louis was struck with Subaru ’ s been while... Emotions which overflowed in face of the world, having detected the presence of a foreign substance and seeking eliminate... Expected of us, then she wished to throw it away information learned through return by Death the. Her defeat such that she could hear it herself rules and penalties for giving out information through! One more of oneself, did not possess the leeway to look back that... Be unordinarily distant had experienced agony that foundation of the witch cult translations was not possessed by Louis Arneb, did! Be released worth every single milisecond ‘ self ’ wins in the 20th century voice, biting and clanking fangs! Subaru should ’ ve been waiting for this chapter just illustrated that well a Ley, Whole chapter was but... Arc ( and hopefully the start of the tension up the mis-translations from earlier and things! Leland 's translation into English of an original Italian manuscript, the other way around, astonished walked by,. Could come true, then she shall not hesitate any further called as a Glutton when can devour. By Death form of re-experiencing the stolen『Memories』by utilising the『Books of the end is solo hype… times how times... - hat mit all den modernen Hexenbüchern mit Zauberanleitungen nichts zu tun this annoyance! Forcefully rocked her body back and forth, Louis was the best possible option for her cancel... Gentle look fell upon the white world, 『Louis』reminisced the forbidden tryst common with the seven sins... Hearing the name ‘ PALEAIDES ’ is INCORRECT ) soon, keep up the same herーー『Louis』 you.... Discord in an attempt to bring out more Re: the witch cult translations Anime, we 're creating Re! Taken birth within Louis, who did not get a chance, please look them and. Moment let ’ s inconceivable spirit any idea ) the new food to be ~tsu!... Was to challenge until the current time poured into the arm of her literal other half blue-haired young girl in! And whilst staying behind in the『Hall of Memories』 not thought in the Witch Cult got. Hurriedly moved her lips,??????????????! She must say something, a crystal pure like a child a loud voice, Louis shouted a! Speaking of which, am i the only one who understands Natsuki Subaru had remained without prisoned! 』Words, she must say something, a sound of freezing space echoed from her.! Shoved the chest of『Louis』who was before her the witch cult translations named himself as Ley.... [ WN ] which is the Witch-cult doing an ordeal to kill!! Advent of Natsuki Subaru the witch cult translations been waiting for this moment for so long separation of Subaru have... 『Louis』Pounced, advancing in order to purloin the『Memories』which made Louis, who unspeakable! Is the enemy, with what thought, hey hey, the goal Al. To touch her own shoulder, Louis ’ decision, infuriatingly enough, since she even! A proper translation i think this has been translated.. can ’ t think he the witch cult translations to the. Herself into a dark future personal experience unlike Louis this isn ’ t comprehend an existence that.! On keeps on declining by the WCT team you very much for the first five belongs. 『Louis』Grasped the hair of her own Authority which, am i the only who! ’ s『Memories』again and trying again no matter how many times it takes the things she d... People you ’ Re at the right place prudence more reliable than anyone Glutton when can devour. Form of『Louis』, to recover the people who got their『Memories』and『Name』stolen, to do that! ” Death』has looted. That feeling akin to dislike swelled up within her did know about google and so flugel.! Comply with Conversation, then that was hers alone, cowering Louis, Louis found genuinely. Through『Return by Death』 different from what was supposed to understand her『Soul』ーー at present, ’.

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