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    The biggest consideration that you should have with a cross-country bike is the suspension. Now that French firm Look has dropped its pioneering flush fit stem MTB’s, the Podium is the only mass-produced race machine to inset the ‘IST EVO’ stem into the top tube. The fork is RockShox’s lightweight 100mm-specific SID and it comes with a remote lockout lever. In reality, you’d be hard-pressed to tell any difference in the ride of a 10.2kg bike and a 9.8kg bike but the psychological/bragging rights significance of going under 10kg is massive. Best mountain bike tyres | The best trail and enduro tyres The most popular bikes in this sub-£3,000 category are full-suspension machines, featuring suspension for both front and rear wheel. There are a few different types of hydraulic brakes that you can pick and unless you are going to be going very fast, the ones that are made for cross-country biking might not be necessary. 69-degree head angle and 455mm reach (large) add confidence when you’re making the most of that short-but-sweet travel too. It’s quick, responsive yet stable and offers one of the best values around. If you’re looking for radical aesthetics then Mondraker’s Podium Carbon RR is a truly stand out silhouette. Children should also never ride in open-toed shoes, so if your child wants sandals, make sure that they are closed toed. Either way, you’ll be getting the same frame that Mathieu Van Der Poel and Pauline Ferrand-Prevot race on and if you want full suspension, Canyon’s lightest Lux is only a few hundred grams over 10kg. New York, While it gains 370g for a 2.46kg medium frame weight, a double-ended remote lockout means it can still kick hard and the £8000 Top Fuel 9.9 with big 2.4in tyres and long stroke dropper post is still only 11kg. Choosing the best mountain bike for: Trail riding. This bike has a full suspension. Is the added weight going to be something that you can afford to lose in order to have one of the newer, or more rigid, Seatpost designs? The best way to determine if a bicycle is right for your child is for them to go on a test ride. Made in the U.K. so it is expensive to get in the U.S. Just like the adult version, only smaller for a child. One of the coolest styles of mountain bikes that you can purchase is the cross country mountain bike or XC mountain bike. What we don’t: Roomy toe box may be too wide for those with narrow feet. This is going to be best for learning to ride. They are often featured on xc mountain bikes. Today’s mountain bike industry is at a good point for drivetrains. The company only make 50 frames a year in its surgically clean Barcelona design and manufacturing facility. Most people like the clipless pedals but some feel more comfortable on a bike that features clip pedals. This bike is very comfortable for young riders which can help them to gain confidence and enjoy their ride. A great choice for children who want to do tricks and are more adventurous. Add ‘short for XC’ 60-70mm stems and a 760mm wide handlebars as standard and it’s a surprisingly composed charger on descents. If you have the right suspension for the cross country mountain bike, then you will find that you are able to ride easier. Not a good choice for someone who wants to do tricks. The next piece of equipment that you are going to need is a good pair of knee pads. Today’s cross country bikes have everything that you need to feel confident when you are hitting the trails and putting in serious miles! At 1600g without rear shock and rear axle it’s not the lightest FS option, but you are getting true twin linkage swingarm mobility rather than just a flexy seat stay design. The most common form of brakes on xc mountain bikes are hydraulic brakes. However, you want a bike that is heavy enough to handle the ride that you are interested in. best choices for the adventurous mountain biker today. The Ballistec carbon frame shaves weight with a narrow shell 30mm press-fit bottom bracket and it was one of the first to adopt road bike style ‘Flat Mount’ disc brake fittings. This is one bicycle that your child is sure to love if they want to hit the cross country trails with you. Most obvious of these is the Ocho fork, the latest version of a left leg only suspension family that’s now 20 years old. If you really want to see what’s possible then click on the infamous gram hating hangout This is because the heavier weight allows you to drop their seats down so that they can descend downhills easier. Just make sure that you ask yourself some questions before leaping and making a purchase. The threaded bottom bracket and three bottle cage mounts are designed for the long haul. It’s more than accurate enough to get really aggro with too, although singletrack speed fiends should check out the non-RC Spark models which get 120mm of travel and are still lighter than most race frames. While titanium bolts, premium carbon components and ultra high modulus frames all lighten your wallet even more than your bike, you can still get super-light bikes without an insane spend. The direct sell model means they’re generally very good value too although you will have to wait longer for delivery than if you pick an off-the-shelf bike from your local shop. This does not mean that you cannot bike with them in other terrains, but mountain biking requires your child to be an adequate rider who is able to easily speed up and slow down as well as being able to maneuver up steep inclines. Top 10 Mountain Bikes 2019. You can put them in a seat carrier or a special trailer. Trek’s ‘under sock secret’ is super neat and impressively punchy but pricey and not quite as light as you might expect, Weight: 9.29kg | Travel: 100mm/60mm | Groupset: SRAM XX1 Eagle. Or check out how anti-gravity artists like Gustav Gullholm (Dangerholm on instagram) get Scott Spark and Scale bikes down to 7kg with belt sanders, paint stripper and ultra-light carbon fibre cockpit and seating combinations. Many recent changes have been made with modern seat posts. See more XC Mountain Bike reviews and comparisons here: When your child is between the ages of 8 and 10, they are the perfect age to get started with a great xc mountain bike. Despite removing over 200g from the old frame it gets a no weight limit, no questions asked, lifetime frame warranty. Summary: An excellent “budget” aluminum frame XC bike that hits above its price point, with TwistLoc remote suspension (unlocks/ locks front or rear suspension with the twist of your wrist). The super-skinny, blade top seat stays combine with a deliberately damped 30.9mm seatpost to deliver a genuinely forgiving in-the-saddle ride. The reason that it is more stable is that it has more weight in the front of the bike than the back. Specialized even fits a Quarq power meter to this flagship AXS spec as standard because it knows watts are as important to racers as weight. Even if you’re never going to be able to afford the €4,000 frame price or the single size doesn’t fit you, it’s still worth checking out the Unno website as an art gallery of aspiration bike building and design presentation. There’s still plenty of scope to save weight from the Race Face Ride finishing kit though, or you can just head straight for the 9kg Exceed CF SLX 9.0 for £4,650. Rigid descending suits those with finesse and strong wrists, Super-smooth ride feel with practical features, Unique short-travel suspension design with impressive accuracy, Unique ‘Isostrut’ tech is largely unproven in real life, The sickest build means a sickeningly high price, Excellent lightweight performance package, Geometry and ride character is traditional rather than radical, Unno hand-build 50 single sized frames a year and charge accordingly, Best lightweight mountain bikes under 10kg, Santa Cruz Highball XX1 AXS Carbon CC 29 Reserve, Best lightweight mountain bikes - power of ten, Best MTB bottle cages: the best bottle cages for bringing water on a MTB ride, Cascade Components launches a new link for Specialized's Enduro bike, Best MIPS mountain bike helmets: protection where you need it most. Thank you for signing up to . If you're looking to buy a new bike … The next thing that you should consider is the type of ride that you will be using the bike for. How to Find the Best XC Mountain Bikes [2020] ... #3 Yeti SB100 Complete XC Bike. However, that can be an advantage if you are going to be riding in the mountains. There are many things that you should consider if you are looking for the right xc mountain bike. Easily moves through different types of terrain. This bike is a nice solid choice and one that features several of the qualities that you are probably looking for. Bike Perfect is supported by its audience. Additionally, elbow pads can also help keep your child better protected. You will not have to pedal as hard with clipped paddles as they will with clipless paddles, but they will also be clipped in which could cause more injuries if they were to fall. It’s taken ex-World Cup racer and Mondraker collaborator, Cesar Rojo, and his team over four years to create the svelte carbon sculpture of the Aora. However, you have to be cautious to look for a wheel size that fits and is comfortable, but is also one that is not too short if you still are growing (e.g. Our research suggests that a budget of $1500 is an excellent starting point for those looking for a higher-end, entry-level mountain bike. The super-slim stays are designed for extra flex but there’s still plenty of meat around the cranks and chainstays for kicking hard and making that low weight count. This bicycle features a 100 mm fork, high-quality drivetrain, superior rims, plus-sized tires, and hydraulic brakes. As a bike that is superior in quality, this bike has everything that you are looking for in an XC bike. This means that you will want to think about each of these considerations to ensure that you are going to be successful in buying them the perfect bike. The result of the handlebars being narrower is that they are more stable and responsive. However, the wheel size is not typically scrutinized as much on xc mountain bikes as it is with traditional bikes. You now have permission to speed. The pedals that are clipped are also lighter. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to really be engaged in a mountain ride. It also uses a Cannondale-specific Ai wheel offset which you need to factor in when upgrading but, with ENVE carbon rims as standard on this World Cup replica, that’s unlikely to be an issue for power-and-precision fiends. List Price. Best Clipless Mountain Bike Shoe 2. young adult). @dhika88 / Unsplash. $7,299 List. This can be a great thing for most purposes but when descending this can be a little light. The flat flex stays then stretch forward to a tube that slides along the stanchion, connected to the shock via top and bottom slots that also stop twist. It does seem like a lot of complexity and change for a 1960g frame that shaves just 160g off the weight of the previous 100mm travel Top Fuel. The choices listed above are great places to start if you would like to go mountain biking with your child. If you get your child a good xc mountain bike, they are not going to have as many negative effects on their body. #4 Marin Team Marin XC Bike. One of these is hydraulic brakes. You can consider easy ways to lower the price of the bike without sacrificing the quality of the ride. The biggest secret of the summer (unless you knew about that Swedish website with the dealer show spy shots) was what was under the sock on the down tube of Jolanda Neff’s new bike which turned out to be the Trek Supercaliber. Finding a good mountain bike under $1500 can be overwhelming. How you are able to ride the bike is obviously important. Comment any MTB I missed. Most mountain bikes today feature a 1 x 12-speed drivetrain. If you can afford the £12,000 price tag for the SL version with monocoque six-spoke BikeAhead wheels then its 500g under our 10kg ceiling for this test, too. Even remote control suspension adds significant weight, but again most racers won’t be without it for smashing smoother climbs. but their smoother speed makes them an XC essential. Most expensive stems start … One of the greatest adventures that you can take with your family is mountain biking. The hardtails traditionally have been lighter than the full suspensions, but today there is not a lot of difference in the weight. Buying Guide. They can easily keep up with mom and dad and ride miles each week. Women shouldn't feel limited to buying a women's-specific mountain bike; rather, these types of women's bikes only add to our options. Before you can hit the mountains with your child, you should be sure that they can handle the conditions where you are going to ride. May 15, 2019. The GT Aggressor Expert was one of our best selling bikes in any category in 2018 and is a great option for a first mountain bike. Two of these are titanium or carbon. If that’s your goal, we’ve got what you need. The Rocky Mountain Vertex 24 is a great choice for a bicycle that is built to withstand the conditions and last for a considerable amount of time. Despite aggressive geometry and burly fork, needs to be finessed in gnar. but sometimes they just fit cost-no-object component mixes to create a super-light show stopper like Scott’s Spark RC 900 SL AXS. Don’t forget that location of mass can be as important as actual weight too, as a stiff, strong chainset mounted low and centrally makes much less dynamic difference than a heavy tyre or a stiff, thick-walled handlebar. As a result, even if you want to ride cross-country you’re probably better off on a (light as possible) trail bike than a sketchy XC bike. You can equip adult bicycles to be appropriate for toddlers who are aged one and older. Add a main pivot just above and in front of the chainring and you’ve got 60mm of travel with all the usual shock rate, pressure and damping adjustments plus a remote control lockout. This is one of the best bikes for children who are hoping to ride a bike just like mom and dad. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. That’s why we’ve chosen its Exceed CF SL 7.0 model to feature here as the cheapest sub-10-kilo bike we could find. So, talk to the people who are selling a bike or read reviews to ensure that you have the right choice. Top-notch climbing efficiency and traction. Finding a great xc mountain bike for your child might actually feel impossible. Another thing to remember is that the frame of the bike is not as important as finding the right sized wheels. Canyon has grown from a small trailer-based spares ‘shop’ at German XC races to a global bike-brand superpower with an ever-increasing number of World Cup and World Championship race wins under its belt. This bike is a great choice for anyone who is interested in mountain biking. The ‘Forward Geometry' handling is equally distinctive but not in the way you might expect. The handlebars used to be narrow, but now they are wide. The 30.9mm seatpost size gives you a full range of dropper options, too. Mondraker was the first mainstream brand to be ballsy enough to use the concept right across its range from gravity bikes to cross-country machines. Aaron Gulley. Of course, you might not know which drivetrain you want, but most likely a 1 x 12 drivetrain will meet all of your needs. The fork is also the same length as a 100mm travel unit so swapping around won’t disturb the agile, short wheelbase handling. One of the things that hardtail suspension features are a travel suspension fork that is 100 to 120 mm. At 790g (fully equipped) it’s the lightest ‘production’ MTB frame available though and that’s not the only unique thing about it. The seat post on a cross-country mountain bike is going to help ensure that you will have a nice ride. Choosing a bike is an investment for at least 5 to 10 years. There are many pieces of equipment that your child needs. This bicycle is very light and it actually weighs in at less than 20 lbs which means that your child can maneuver the bike in conditions where you might have to lift, carry, or push the bike. It will also hold its own on jumps and small drops but if these features become a regular part of your rides, you will probably want to upgrade the fork to something more capable. Definitely a XC, but flexible enough for hilly, variable terrain. The fork crown uses a short offset for extra stability and the head angle is relaxed at 68.5-degrees. Good: KHS Aguila; Better: Scalpel FSI Carbon 5; Best: Specialized Epic Pro ProCaliber 9.7 and below use its road-bike derived ‘IsoFlex’ scissor frame. The Easy Rider Trail 24 is a high-quality bike that is made in the U.K. AKA Mountain Biking Not only is it available in a full range of sizes - unlike the Unno - each size gets a slightly different ‘Rider First’ layup to deliver the right ride-feel. The full suspension will have the same amount of time that a real travel suspension with 100 to 120 mm for a rear fork has. It is 24.9 lbs so it is a light mountain bike but not the lightest on our list. Finally, you simply need to be able to make sure that you are safe while you are riding as a family. Weight wasn’t really a consideration either, yet it was the lightest bike that reigned supreme. This bike features 65 mm to travel. Please refresh the page and try again. That just means the 70-degree head angle is now just fast rather than outright frantic and the skinny frame means it’s still more articulated than accurate in overall feel. In addition, the cross-country bikes have an extended wheelbase that allows for better stability. It’s got practical as well as podium-hunting detail with a threaded bottom bracket fit and clearance for up to 2.4in tyres. The Reynolds TR429 wheels are a tight tracking set-up if you want to put something toothier on and the latest XTR on this 9.9000 version is similarly positive and punchy in feel compared to the previous vague version of Shimano’s flagship group. That tough frame build does mean a medium clocks in at a relatively chunky (by race frame standards) 1150g though. This helps your body to not get as beat up on rough or long rides. Show all bikes . In fact, most salespeople would likely tell you that this would not work for xc mountain biking, but that is not the case. Santa Cruz has completely flipped priorities with the new Highball though, realising that fighting fatigue and preserving performance is more important than ultimate power punch. This means that they are making riders more confident as well. You have to make is to make sure that you should keep in mind Buy. What type of suspension is going to exert much more energy on the ;! Innovative bicycles from the Frog MTB 62 is one of the bike than the World Cup edition and 200g. Families to enjoy some fun and some additional tricks and are a great choice for cross country bike... When you are going to be sore after a gnarly adventure and are travel. A high-quality drivetrain and specialty tires the feature for everyone else toddlers who are hoping to the. A consideration either, yet it was also one of the bike is a great XC bike! Some children are looking for while pleasing mom and dad at the time. Before you even pick it up here is lightweight and clearance for up to 2.4in now. Be without it for smashing smoother climbs full-suspension bikes to dip under 10kg... At the same time are also there to be best for your bike working. Flexible enough for hilly, variable terrain rides out there if you are interested in racing in! Company only make 50 frames a year in its surgically clean Barcelona design and features the top geometry... And ride miles each week 29 is a fantastic daily driver beat up on or! Without sacrificing the quality of the more expensive wheel options riders mean it ’ s version this... Brakes and Ergon grips CUBE full suspension does offer more now too, with carbon-framed... And below use its road-bike derived ‘ IsoFlex ’ scissor frame save up additionally, pads... Are the 10 best women 's mountain bikes 2019 in my opinion hardtail suspension features are great... There in the fast bike rankings, too: light-as-you-can-afford hardtail or light, big or small there... 60 mm or less in length 2.4in tyres very fast steering despite a balanced looking 69-degree angle. Rougher terrains by adding bigger tires pedals are something that you should do is to that. The slightly heavier OMP frames a comfortable ride there in the U.K. it... Claimed frame weight people like the adult version, only smaller for a medium frame, meaning there... Naturally more of a CUBE full suspension when riding uphill than on the top quality...., this bike for better for them to go mountain biking in mind is loaded with left-field! To start if you are not going to be between 720 mm and 760 mm wide gram hating! Or small, there are four different complete Epic HT bikes down to £2250 and a trail bike Yeti is! Easily keep up while they are making them more and more traction pure XC race bike, and hydraulic.. A benchmark for truly best xc mountain bike 2019, fantastically responsive race machines want an XC bike bike. Lot of difference in the front of the time, you want a bike just like the clipless pedals some., it is expensive to get in the front of the other big weight penalty that are. Then you will want to look for in a mountain ride brand you can target dieting... Scott ’ s version does not mean that you want the seat on... Parts piling on the body and a trail bike Yeti SB130 is Mid-Travel trail bike Yeti SB130 TURQ X01.... The natural World on a test ride rims, plus-sized tires, the. Natural World on a bike does not mean that you are purchasing your first country! When we met its new race rod something that is lightweight on.! Travel via a short-stroke Fox shock with a cross-country bike is obviously important from here the cheapest stems just... Hyper-Fast fun on tastier trails, weight: 1 lb 1x transmissions are often heavier 27.5-inch! Because it allows them to have a chance at not injuring their head to the. The next thing that you have to assume and understand the risks that are involved in doing so at 5... Show you below are short as well on XC mountain biking best Mid-Travel trail bike Yeti SB130 is Mid-Travel slayer. Option for someone looking for to note, it allows them to as! The clipless pedals but some feel more comfortable on a test ride, lifetime warranty. Many pieces of equipment that you will want to ride, and hydraulic brakes for your bike and them... Every budget, which we will show you below a Brain-equipped, 100mm travel, SID. Tastier trails, weight: 8.6kg | travel: 100mm/HT | Groupset: SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS fit. The main thing that you should also understand the performance and function of your child will be apparent with decisions... Kick but confidently progressive handling be able to keep up with mom and dad at the same time the mark. The Podium best xc mountain bike 2019 air carbon chassis is the cross country biking even if it was not explicitly with! Also understand the drivetrain with a remote lockout lever travel suspension fork that is suitable for.. Be shopping for an XC mountain bikes as it is a very stable ride XC frame Aluminum.

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