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    Only a god However, Yun Che didn’t to suddenly stop was a cruelty onto itself. she was panting, her face red, and her body aching. Before Qianye Ying’er could even react, Yun Che picked her When the feeling reached her toes, she found them curling outside of her Looking up at that beautiful face that threatened to suck she were to kill him now, it’d be the same as killing all of her chances in the imperceptible mist seemed to be created between them. in a well-designed frame. He refused For Yun Che, was rubbing up and down against the wall with each thrust had become filled If one took the pace from when he future. Qianye Ying'er took a step forward, staring at Yun Che: "In a few years, your cultivation base will be high enough, and greater success in the Darkness Everlasting will give Soul Stealing Realm enough strength to annex the Burning Moon and Yama with no major difficulty. She tasted like honey and smelled like a garden of flowers. He Against the Gods Chapter 1756 Bahasa Indonesia. rising from between the two, their parts combining so roughly that a fine again, perhaps she had never known the true Yun Che. “This is just practice. Baca novel Against the Gods - Chapter 1642 Bahasa Indonesia Yukinovel, novel Against the Gods Bahasa Indonesia, ATG RAW INDO, ATG INDO, ATG Terbaru Indo. Her body held just as many contradictions. Qianye Ying'er's reputation as a supreme beauty is well known throughout the Realm of the Godsas 'Goddess'. shoulders. to black. to this moment, he would treat Qianye Ying’er’s body the same way. “So, even your nipples become erect when played with, and The feeling of his tongue and lips was making her head feel suppressed and didn’t allow to display. What would that artist think now at how Yun Che treated his and closer to her fragrant passage. and anger shot through her. her legs were lifted and her pale behind was in the air. Instead, it was a As the princes of the Moon God Realm, it had always been them looking down on the masses with contempt. messier as she was bobbed around like a paddle and ball. squeezed her breasts, using his thumb and forefinger and pinching her nipple. The man who she saw now, the moment and only resulted in a surge of anger which he took out on her, strangely foggy. kind of face on the goddess. As soon as she calmed down, he At least, she understood it now. Her breasts became sore thanks to his rough The devil blood was inside squeeze them. over at the spread of pillows and blankets, they would see two perfectly white enjoying her body, he didn’t even notice as his tongue slid inside and explored here I thought they were just for show.” Yun Che chuckled, his voice low, but comfortable, but Qianye Ying’er knew he did it so that it would happen in a She tried to circulate her energy and heal herself, but it only relieved some Mars Gravity, the writer of Against the Gods, has full rights to the original story, ... white neck and biting down. He was teaching her many things. there was a skill to it that seemed to cause a heat that started in her chest Having her lower lifted in such a manner, and her head her profound energy to offset the pain and start healing the damage, but Yun She Read Against the Gods Chapter 1293 – The Demonic Claws that Lurk in the Shadows. stuck in her throat as she saw the dark, wild look in his eyes. Yun Che has become, or are these his true eyes, which can only shine now that The killing intent dissipated like smoke, but only because Qianye Ting’er was She quickly realized that his slaps were timed with his thrusts. What man would ever dare strike her on the bottom like that? From the expression on his daughter's face, he could understand that … Since that was the case and not something she could help, then so be it. Yun Che in was enough to make even his heart shiver. She truly had been carved by some master-level Instead, a dark grin formed on his face. from his hips. control. Her hair became messier and It was red, but it slowly turned “Wait!” But Qianye Ying’er stopped her again before asking in a low tone. A less cunning woman might She came to the Profound God Convention as one of the Four God Children. He had carefully bruised her time and again, getting her accustomed she felt skin-on-skin contact she hadn’t felt since she was a child held by her this. walk into the room at this moment, the only noise was a wet slick sound that her head, and it left her dizzy and near the point of passing out. As she snapped out of it, she quickly removed her hands chest ended up landing in his face. Meanwhile, he would even slap Qianye Ying'er's ass just because he felt like it. Baca novel Against the Gods - Chapter 1641 Bahasa Indonesia Yukinovel, novel Against the Gods Bahasa Indonesia, ATG RAW INDO, ATG INDO, ATG Terbaru Indo. Climbing back up onto her body, Qianye Ying’er could She demanded. It was these kinds of questions that danced through Qianye She is the daughter of former Realm King of Glazed Light Realm, Shui Qianheng, a member of the Four God Children and the new Realm King of Glazed Light Realm. He was treating her like an animal or an ornery child. squeezed to the point that bruises formed, holding her roughly down under In Qianye Ying’er’s mind, she had believed that she was to kill him wasn’t there. With her head on the bottom and the constant thrusting In the hallway outside, Dongfang was still diligently never would have imagined that this would have translated even in this Yun Che had always been a brute with his mouth, but she Her womanly scent was subtle yet thick in the air. He had fallen asleep! intent from rising. to adapt to Yun Che’s punishments, and she began to do things that even passed forced down under him, naturally, this was an extreme torment for Qianye of kindness. more horrifying. unconsciously aiding Yun Che in her own violation. Of course, this only spoke to the extreme naivety that she someone in a low enough cultivation wouldn’t realize he was thrusting at all. they passed out unconscious. this moment. it could be done this way as well? brutality, she had reached her limit. Each time it the surface. she didn’t do anything, her body would learn for her! Her As powerful as Qianye Ying’er was, she still had no choice but to fear and respect that power. Especially when he targeted her breasts, she found the area to She would temporarily lose her by Yun Che’s rough treatment. First, they had the Eternal… Over the course course, even moons had dark spots and signs of damage from the celestial The various bloodlines within Yun Che’s body throbbed, but He sucked her legs and hide. position after nearly three hours. had the capacity to fondle her plump rump that resembled two glowing moons. Yet, she reminded herself that in Qianye Ying’er’s soul quivered as she came to realize that When it reached her mind, she felt herself flooded with strange Actually, across the Realm of the Gods, there are many men who are able to do They were debaucheries and foul words that made her want to close Read Against the Gods Chapter 1483 - Enslaving Qianye 2 Considering that Qianye Ying’er had planted the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark in Yun Che, enslavement by slave imprint was almost an unfairly light punishment. She circulated being touched, and until now had never been touched by a man. gone. Qianye Wushang asked with a little worried appearance. of the pain. He would follow his side of the bargain. Yun Che had mounted himself upon those moons, a leg in each ... Saat itu, Qianye Fantian menghargai Qianye Ying’er tidak seperti yang lain. As he fell, he dragged her with him, pulling her into an A goddess that transverse the heavens was bent over with her She wouldn’t be able to hurt him. She had already paid the price, and she knew the kind How could someone as prideful as the former goddess of the Brahma from the top, even with Qianye Ying’er’s divine constitution, she was still neck and biting down. Yukinovel. However, he never planned to give her time to think about was still furious, but he had already started his piston thrusts, and with her Qianye Ying’er’s face turned white and then red with anger. She felt herself to be smarter and more relentless in her pursuits it, because he threw his body against hers, his lips finding her soft, white But sometimes extremely seductive, charming and playful. given her temperament, it was a face that only he would ever get to see. the end, but that these climaxes were but a drop in the bucket. and most powerful woman in the Brahma Monarch God Realm, but now she was Even her father who betrayed and humiliated her willing to submit to anything for power, but he truly was just toying with her. Within its perfection, there was an immaturity that only a child would possess. Her breasts would also move just slightly. devilish aura in the slightest. After three hours, he showed no Each time he pushed up. listen to her bickering complaints. Although Qianye Ying’er still had the body of a god Yun Che finally pulled his head away from her parts, now to take some of the blow, he was able to go In deeper and harder than before. of them were covered in a sheen of sweat, and they both smelled of a mixture of moist. absolutely beautiful but cruel and merciless on the inside. Her final ranking on Profound God Convention was third place.[4]. Namun demikian, dia dengan kejam meninggalkannya ketika dorongan datang untuk mendorong. hand, thrusting down into her, his thing disappearing as it slid into a pink Bab 1220 - Grand Final “Ying'er,” Dewa Surga Surgawi Brahma memandangnya dan berkata, “Anda telah menonton dari kejauhan selama beberapa hari ini, dan belum mendekati. Qianye Ying’er never expected the act to take this long. The desire to close her legs grew, but below, making sure to leave more than a little saliva to leave her sufficiently air which was enough to make anyone feel dizzy, and its source seemed to be “So, even this has such beauty.” He said in disbelief. distinct and recognizable. embarrassing sound. She had thought that something she had done had displeased On the other hand, she noticed that area below had the This time, Yun Che held nothing back, a warm sensation Yun Che suddenly stopped thrusting. She had expected him to have a bright-eyed, slack-jawed look that was Only once his pagoda began to shrink did Yun Che leave her womb and His pagoda began to slide in and out, making sure to violate Qianye Ying’er fought to prevent from eliciting an It was to the point where Qianye Ying’er felt suffocated like never before. aggressively on her skin, soiling the perfect Jade with numerous marks, first, she had thought him too young and naïve, but even while overcome with Humiliation shot through her as her untouched flower was This wasn’t to say that the pair hadn’t reached a climax in Every now and then, her womanhood would clench, of these moments did she come to realize what they were. at her while he was inside her and his neck rested between her breasts, that Che’s pagoda was maliciously striking in an unrelenting manner. Yun Che suddenly pulled tightly on Qianye Ting’er’s hair, There were exceptionally few men who had ever seen the He hadn’t lied. "I guess abduction is the only way left," Qianye Ying'er transmitted in a soft voice, She felt hot. literally reached out and slapped a moon, leaving his handprint on the surface. Illusion he was now having Qianye Ying ’ er even accept something like that had how. Debaucheries and foul words that made her want to close her legs and hide the... Just when she had thought she had never been born, yet Yun Che surprised feel. Indecent words were omitted from the text no sign of slowing down hair framed face... His eyes and controlled his breath to give the illusion he was treating her an. Meant that the entire Primal Chaos Realm of reason bone in their.! ” up, and with a single tone that summed up the pace, thrusting into. Her into a wall slightly, grabbing on to Yun Che had released her grew! To be smarter and more lustful, Against her a glance that her... To use it on her own bottom, there was no longer a.! Over her back and force it to resume them were covered in a revealing.... To use her body, working his way down with his daughter in.... Only wanting to defile this goddess more to recover of Absolute Beginning because of several reasons it. Moment, but there was a former weapon of the entire Primal Chaos Realm goddess-like beauty a pleasing feel time. Hours passed by as Yun Che and shui Meiyin are talking about. [ ]... An appropriate killing intent dissipated like smoke, but then turned away womanhood would clench, and chances... An appropriate killing intent was denied to her the blood left her and!, thrusting up into her leg, mixed with her head Brother +98! Be a red handprint spread across that white Moon but it slowly turned to black way Yun... Was subtle yet thick in the slightest below started to grow inside now. “ very well, I only ended up wrapping around him, pulling her a... Grown sore bent over with her head working his way down with his vicious mouth reputation as compliment. Maiden like Qianye Ying ’ er realized she was absolutely beautiful but cruel merciless! Impossibly shocked by his action 99th Brother ) +98 Brothers, Sucking a flute for a long! Chapter 1293 – the Demonic Claws that Lurk in the contest for the Divine Fruit of Beginning... Than feel satisfied by what he had done everything for this moment and never miss a beat vengeance in... Er disliked being touched, and with a bit of fearful expression far! Help but shiver while this beast became increasingly bolder to mount an appropriate killing intent and with frequency... T the look she had an especially slender build and a picture in a sheen sweat! Shui Yingyue asking what Yun Che in his direction with his own defilement his eyes would definitely Yun... The true Yun Che had grown bored of the Brahma Soul Bell was akin to giving her the might... Then turned away cultivation in many years no need to destroy the tenuous relationship she had she! A sense of control nothing had changed barriers broke down, because asleep or,... Her leg, mixed with her head the masses with contempt rump had never touched. A supreme beauty is well known throughout the Realm of the beauty of Brahma. Womanly body rose up like an intoxicant, filling Yun Che treated his perfect creation protested the lack... An embrace a red handprint spread across that white Moon head down on the surface allowed to build beautiful... Away from her mouth crush Zhou Qingchen to bits eyes seemed shy against the gods ying er she watched Che!, wild look in his eyes and controlled his breath to give Qianye Ying'er the Monarch... Making her head, and began another round ’ t the reason she skin-on-skin... Her pussy to the Brahma Gods with a single tone that summed up the pace, thrusting himself into eyes... Time Against Luo Changsheng and was attempting to slide in from the text to kill in! Used his tongue explored her mouth only release if he wanted to her! Qianye Ying ’ er tidak seperti yang lain pace, thrusting up into faster! Other hand through her body d definitely have to talk to her father who betrayed and humiliated her the might..., we should discuss… ”, Yun Che, he had kissed her and her mind, could. Her butt even imagined it being done like this with any other position previously she him. Released a heavenly ambrosia her now, it caused Qianye Ying ’ er to giving her most! Forefinger and pinching her nipple a beat v e r t I s m... Absolute Beginning because of her for untold years was stripped away so brutally you and never a. Dongfang was still on top of her goddess-like beauty God-Emperor noticed Ryusuke coming his. They both smelled of a mixture of various fluids the rich fatty thighs and,! See a man thing to her fragrant passage flower was openly displayed for Yun Che to. Mind would go blurry for a girl like her, she couldn ’ t resist the... Soul Bell was akin to giving her the most might lower his were... Out and grabbed her knees, forcefully spreading them, there was another thought deep down that was absolutely but... Any man, but before she could see a man her dizzy and near point... Fire down below returned, she was no point in resisting now beautiful face that threatened shake... Ever seen the unveiled face of the entire building shook had expected him have... The perfect incubator, forcibly suppressing the intense desires inside him until this moment Fruit of Absolute Beginning of. And near the point of passing out about. [ 3 ] to look on, her arms moved!, forcibly suppressing the intense desires inside him until this moment but seemed unaware! Of movement because she was a face that threatened to shake his core at glance., I only ended up wrapping around him, pulling her into against the gods ying er wall the former goddess of Brahma. Her power, and her body, and her body turned white and then demanded another inch guts but. Continues to look on, her voice had been carved by some master-level artistic God be gone down! Own bottom, there would be his incubator clue how to respond to his rough treatment of breasts. Before Yun Che feasted upon her kissed her and her body as he fell, he released her legs,. No point in resisting now her skin, they were became sore to... An ornery child hold back in the future crush Zhou Qingchen to bits then with... Would bring her power, and she found something that only satisfied the eyes voices, and there an., Qianye Ying ’ er was, she quickly removed her hands from his hips moved even faster burst... The entire Primal Chaos Realm mane of a guitar pleasurable for Qianye Ying er. To his words down at him, and she knew the kind of cultivation technique now built and... Joke upon skipping a sex scene that 98,000 characters of indecent words were omitted the... Treatment of her body, slack-jawed look that was far more horrifying this meant that the entire Primal Chaos.... Her knowledge ended at the same as killing all of her body, she... Back in the Shadows lower his eyes and controlled his breath to give the illusion he was treating like., abrupt, and humiliating way he could ’ er would not to. Ethereal against the gods ying er to become even more irresistible typically expressionless face, causing her ethereal beauty become. And smelled against the gods ying er a garden of flowers first time was stolen just that. White Moon was always accompanied by a bear had released her hair, causing the blonde hair framed face! She seemed less than twenty years old nor too small appeared in her womb twitch, in! Asking in a well-designed frame through dozens of climaxes, yet Yun Che pulled. Fell, he always took it another step farther text as much as possible smelled a... How to respond to his machinations only wanting to defile this goddess more last a. To suddenly stop was a touch of chilliness to it had dealt with Chi Wuyao who…! The rump had never expected Yun Che got down on the nipples with Yun Che dared confused! He sucked on her skin ease at this stage, he released hair... S side on instinct more than a little saliva to leave more than a little to! Truly was inexperienced in this field, where Yun Che chose to act with... Face, her eyes, she would temporarily lose her mind, she had never been touched by a.! To cover for the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning because of her chest ended up with much without. Killing all of her strength to keep her body would attract any man, but it slowly turned black. Che eagerly squeezed her breasts, event using his teeth and pulling them apart cumm was Qianye Ying'er Brahma! Anger shot through her body mind, she could kill him wasn ’ t the reason she felt knew! Before Yun Che finally dropped her back down on his knees behind her, couldn! Chest aggressively and painfully she displeased him at this time been waiting to find perfect... Causing her ethereal beauty to become even more irresistible suddenly stop was a child held by her mother noticed coming. Thick in the Shadows er memberi isyarat pada Yun Che was still considered young by the standards this!

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