Support to energy efficiency have improved credit conditions

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  • Posted on July 29, 2015


    The National Social and Economic Development Bank (BNDES) ahs improved financing conditions for promoting energy efficiency. The payment plan, previously limited to 72 months (grace period plus amortization), became more flexible, and now can be extended, according to the specificity of each project or investment package. The financial cost remains using the Long Term Interest Rate (TJLP) as a reference, currently at 6,5% per year.

    The new line, called BNDES Eficiência Energética, is not restricted to service companies working with energy conservation, and can be accessed by any company with headquarters and administration in Brazil. The instrument contemplates investments made by organizations in their own units as well as in third parties. In addition, financing operations can be made in direct mode (in which the project is analyzed directly by the BNDES team) or indirect mode (in which the project is analyzed by a financing agent accredited by BNDES, which acts as a liaison for the operation), all  at the discretion of the credit taker.

    The minimum value for operations was established at R$ 5 million, significantly lower than the usual R$ 20 million floor established for BNDES direct lines. Eligible enterprises are grouped in four categories: repowering of plants; Smart electrical networks; buildings, with a focus on air conditioning, lighting and distributed generation (including cogeneration) for new and existing units (retrofit); and production processes, with a focus on cogeneration, use of process gases as energy source and other interventions.

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