Rio+Fácil bureaucracy reduction program boosts Rio de Janeiro’s economy

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  • Posted on November 27, 2015


    Destined to simplify administrative procedures in Rio City Hall, the 15 decrees which make up the Rio+Fácil program benefit the citizen, ending the pilgrimage through different organs and maintains the city’s service environment attractive, making it easier to open new business, realizing events, granting licenses and benefiting individual entrepreneurs.

    Since the extinction of the stamp, the biggest symbol of bureaucracy, and a greater use of computerized process, the program allows the adoption of self-declaration, single-entry documents, automated procedures and automatic approvals.

    Among the changes with most impact are the simplification of demands in order to obtain charters and occupancy. Starting now, for charters, the paper process is over. Conferences will be substituted by self-declarations, which will end trips to inspection offices. Approximately 90% of charters will be granted automatically after trips to the city’s Board of Trade and Legal Person Civil Registry. For occupancy and licenses, self-declarations will substitute most of the documents demanded currently for installing walls and railings, air-conditioning devices, and others. Individual Entrepreneurs (MEI) will also be greatly benefitted by the granting of licenses at the Municipal Finance Secretariat, as long as it meets some criteria, such as obeying hygiene and security norms.

    For more information on the program, click here.

    See below a list of the decrees:

    • Decree 40.709 – Process of computerized charter concession and conference to be substituted by self-declarations. Extinguishes the provisional charter and ends previous consultation as reference point;
    • Decree 40.710 – Simplifies the regularization of individual entrepreneurs, ending licensing with the municipality for businesses in residential spaces and favelas;
    • Decree 40. 711 – Simplifies procedures related to authorization and realization of events, reducing the number of documents required and allowing for computerized licensing, with online guides;
    • Decree 40.712 – Ends the trip to the inspection office. Calculation, payment and printing of installation permits online;
    • Decree 40.714 – Dismisses the presentation of documents emitted by City Hall’s computerized system. The licensing organ itself will search for the documents in the system, when necessary;
    • Decree 40.715 – Authentications will no longer be required in municipal licensing processes, in lieu of self-declaration by the requiring party;
    • Decree 40.716 – Dismisses licensing by the Municipal Urbanism Secretariat once complied with steps such as obtaining permits according to the zoning of the area and consent of the supervisory organs in case of listed building;
    • Decree 40.717 – Licensing for buildings with elevators and air conditioners shall submit Declaration of professional responsible for the installation, according to model brought by the text;
    • Decree 40.713– Prohibition of the use of stamps in administrative procedures, speeding up the processing of cases;
    • Decree 40.719 – Standardization of the process for obtaining the occupancy based on objective parameters and self-declaration;
    • Decree 40.718 – License applications for building construction also get standardized form to be filled in by the applicant;
    • Decree 40.720 – Construction of walls and installation of railings also gain self-declaration form;
    • Decree 40.721 – Documents proving the planting and scions – provided for by law – shall be replaced by the Declaration of the owner and the professional responsible for the work;
    • Decree 40.722 – Institution of single environmental license and self-declaration by the professional in charge in place of technical documents;
    • Decree 40.723 – Brings cases in which Health licensing is permitted to be done online;


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