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  • Posted on May 27, 2014

    Brazilian newspaper Valor Economico published today an article about Rio Conferences, the largest gathering held for investment promotion in the city during the World Cup 2014.

    Besides football, business
    By Renata Batista | Valor Econômico, Rio de Janeiro

    Not just football and demonstrations will take place in Rio during the 30 days of the World Cup. Executives such  as Carlos Brito , CEO of AB Inbev brewery , and Richard Branson , founder of Virgin Group, are also expected in Rio to talk business. They are among the guests of Rio Conferences, organized by Rio Negócios – Investment Promotion Agency of Rio de Janeiro . The event was first held in London during the Olympics, and now will be held at the Museum of Art in Rio ( SEA ) , on a schedule that takes place on days when Brazil does not play and there are not games at Maracanã.

    Marcelo Haddad , president of Rio Negócios, the World Cup is an opportunity to attract entrepreneurs , investors and executives worldwide. ” It’s the first time in Brazil that  a sporting event is used to promote business opportunities. No other host city will have a schedule like this ,” said Haddad, who has 49 VIP tickets for games at the  Bossa Nova booth at Maracanã – seven tickets for each game .

    Haddad´s expectation is to gather authorities , companies , suppliers and investors from five business areas: oil and gas , technology , media, healthcare and infrastructure. The event  will be on six days ( one for each area and there will be a global meeting at the end ) , 16 panels and 98 participants , including CEOs of Fiocruz , Odebrecht Oil & Gas and TAM .

    According to Haddad , the schedule will be beneficial for networking opportunities and discussions , of regulatory nature and business opportunities . There are only 100 places for each event , with an agenda that respects the time grid of the World Cup . At 14:30 all participants will be released in time to see the games at 16h.

    With the agenda closed and the enrollment of the event open,  Haddad is focused on the selection of the participants . As the space does not fit a lot of people – and has only 100 seats – being enrolled does not guarantee participation.



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