Rio 2016 will transfer data into the cloud

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  • Posted on June 30, 2015

    The technological advances in the field of cloud computing will have a spotlight during the 2016 Olympics. For the first tim in history, part of the Olympic IT systems, including the volunteer center and accreditation system, will be migrated and managed in a cloud computing model. “The Rio Games will serve as a transition to the next Games, which will be 100% cloud-based”, said Marcelo Grimaldi, Rio 2016 Operations Manager for ATOS, in a lecture during the Information Technology for Financial Institutions Congress and Expo (CIAB) 2015. “We will have a 100% dedicated and private structure to ensure data security”, added Grimaldi.

    The cloud computing technology will allow for a reduction in servers used for the event – 250, from 700 in London. According to ATOS, the model to be used during the Olympic Games is similar to a company with 200.000 employees tending to 4,8 billion clients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and moves to a new territory every two years. Starting in July, the IT team at ATOS qill begin the network tests, which will amount to 200.000 hours during the year preceding the Olympics. “IT cannot fail during the Olympic Games. We can’t afford to make mistakes”, said Grimaldi.

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