Researchers say pre-salt may hold 176 billion oil barrels

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  • Posted on August 14, 2015


    A new study has pointed to the existence of at least 176 billion barrels of undiscovered and recoverable oil and gas resources in the pre-salt area, which spans the states of Espírito Santo, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Conducted by professors Cleveland Jones ans Hernani Chaves from the National Oil and Gas Institute of the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), the technical-scientific study took into consideration the discoveries made in the region, evaluations and also the pre-salt area in question, which is 800 km long and 200 km wide. “It’s a quite significant area”, says Chaves. According to Chaves, the prediction has a 90% chance of being accurate, and a 10% probability of tat number going up to 204 billion barrels, since “it grows with every discovery”. The professor states that discoveries made in pre-salt so far, which go up to 40 billion barrels, are included in the projected value.

    The method used is the same developed in Norway and adopted by several companies, such as Statoil. It uses the recovery factor, meaning how much oil and gas you can extract from the pre-salt, of 30%, and not the 40 to 50% factor employed by Petrobrás, for example, explains Chaves. According to him, using the 30% recovery factor, we can assume that 70% of the oil is deposited in the pre-salt layer. Chaves adds that, in case the recovery factor is increased, the estimated figure of 176 billion oil and gas barrels would also increase. “However, we were conservative. That is the global average. We look to be as centered as possible: not pessimistic, not optimistic, just what the data we have tells us”.

    Source: Agência Brasil

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