Global Investment Summit

Rio Conference – Global Investment Summit

The last meeting of the Rio Conferences, Global Investment Summit, discussed the future market trends in the areas of consumer, financial market, technology and innovations goods and with the participation of Carlos Brito, president of global brewer AB InBev, Andre Esteves, CEO of the bank BTG Pactual, Margo Georgiadis, president of Google in the Americas, Guruduth Banavar, global vice president of technology at IBM, the Minister of Tourism, Vinicius Lages, and the Mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes.

The meeting brought together 180 participants representing 100 major national and international companies.

In it, global companies with roots in Rio showed optimism about investment opportunities in Rio and highlighted advantages of keeping operations in the city, such as Inbev and Pactual BGT. Giants like Google and IBM, meanwhile, said their business in the Brazilian market are gaining more weight.

180 Participants
100 Companies
8 Speakers


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