One minute with Eduardo Paes

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  • Posted on February 29, 2016

    Eduardo Paes

    Eduardo Paes is the Mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro

    Rio Negócios – Why invest in Rio de Janeiro?

    Eduardo Paes – The city of Rio de Janeiro has significantly improved its business environment. City Hall has worked very hard to make the city more attractive to investors. In addition to improving urban mobility, with BRTs, VLT and the subway, the port and airport infrastructure received over R$ 20 billion in investments, improving the city’s logistical capabilities. The formation and retention of talent is also one of the city’s assets. At the UFRJ Technology Park alone, we have over 12.000 engineers and over 2.000 researchers focused on innovation. We also have 90 km² in high potential areas located along BRTs, Avenida Brasil and the Arco Metropolitano available for companies to install themselves.
    We also improved by leaps and bounds the process of opening companies with the Rio Mais Fácil package, as well as having created the first agency in the country focused on meeting with investors in order to facilitate their entrance and start of operations in the city.

    RN – What is the Olympic cycle’s economic legacy for the city?

    EP – Taking into consideration the Rio Negócios database alone, we will have after the Games a legacy of 66 projects that have contributed with R$9 billion in investments and created 16.000 new permanent jobs. Most of these projects contemplate first jobs, which have high social impact. And we’re not taking into account indirect employment. In addition, the National Trade Confederation attests to the evolution of Rio’s economy, from 2011 to 2015, through the expansion of over 80% of companies active in the city in services, commerce, industry and construction.