Olympic Port

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  • Posted on January 30, 2013

    The Port project “Porto Maravilha” will revitalize the entire Port region.  There will be an area connecting a space that will connect directly to the 2016 Olympics – the Olympic Port.

    • The Olympic Port will bring together the Referees and Journalists Village, two hotels and facilities operating as a Non Accredited Media Center, Main Operations Center, the Technology Operations Center, the Uniform Distribution Center and the main Center of Accreditation.
    • The objective of building in the port region is for the equipment to benefit an area being revitalized, increasing the positive impacts of the Olympic Games throughout the city.
    • During the Olympic Games, the residential area of the port will be the Accommodation Villages for Referees and Journalists, with 1,333 apartments sold to municipal employees with the support of Previ-Rio. There are 372 three-room apartments and 961 two-room apartments, with areas of 65m² and 88m². During the Games, the Accommodation Village will offer a total of 3,038 rooms.

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