New business environment of Rio de Janeiro is presented to the world at Casa Rio

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  • Posted on August 30, 2016

    Entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world attended en masse the presentation of the new business environment of the city of Rio de Janeiro during Casa Rio, the most extensive business development program in the country. Started in March, the program, which included conferences and business rounds, gathered over 3.200 decision makers from the public and private sector with international commercial delegations in discussions regarding the best investment opportunities in the city post-2016.

    Since its opening, on March 17, at Museu do Amanhã, there were 10 conferences exploring sectors considered to be economic vocations of the city – Life Sciences, Infrastructure, Business of Fashion, Business of Sport, Entrepreneurship, Smart Cities, Tourism & City Branding and Digital Media – which attracted approximately 2.400 participants.

    The highlight of the conference programming was the Beyond the Games Global Summit, held on August 4, at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. A partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, the event gathered 360 participants, among them global heads of multinational corporations, local and international investors, financiers, entrepreneurs and government authorities. On the agenda, the main investment opportunities in the Americas and the impact of new technology and the new consumer profile in business formats.

    Casa Rio Business Center

    While the conferences presented investment opportunities in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, business rounds with international commercial delegations were promoted at the Casa Rio Business Center. Presenting investors to business opportunities and partnerships with local companies to investors, Casa Rio Business Center hosted 16 events, gathering a total audience of 650 executives from America, Europe, Australia and Asia from sectors such as Health, Technology, Sport, Environment, Infrastructure, Real Estate, and others.