Legal Framework of science, technology and innovation will change productivity and national competitiveness

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  • Posted on December 11, 2015


    The science, technology and innovation (CT&I) received a Christmas present this week, with the approval of the Congress Bill (PLC) n° 77, known as the new CT&I Legal Framework. The proposal, which regulates long term partnerships between public and private sectors, gives more flexibiliy for scientific, technological and innovation (ICTs) and respective support entities to act. One of the new features is the possibility of bid dispensation, by public administration, when hiring services or innovative products from micro, small and medium-size companies.

    According to the minister of CT&I, Celso Pansera, the PLC 77 is a landmark of the areas development. “It makes legislation not only more comprehensive, as well as more agile, which permits a clearer definition of what is a research center, what is a technology hub, but particularly regulates the relationship between research institutes attached to public learning institutions, to the MCTI, to states or to private initiative”, said the minister.

    The opinion of the president of the Brazilian Technological Research and Innovation Institutions Association (ABIPTI), Júlio Cézar Martorano, is that the new law will contribute to reduce legal and bureaucratic difficulties in the sector. “The ABIPTI welcomes with enthusiasm the approval by the Senate of the new CT&I Legal Framework. It will remove bureaucratic restraints and allow for a favourable legal environment towards increasing the country’s technological development. This will bring direct benefits for productivity and competitiveness in Brazil”, stated Martorano.

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