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    Rio offers several opportunities. Rio Negócios offers knowledge on local environment, strategic information and advisory to find the services your company requires.

    Get to know some of the main opportunities the city has to offer. These are projects that unite innovation, sustainability, and promising returns.


    Some attributes make the city the Energy Capital of Brazil. Such as:


    The largest energy company in Brazil has its headquarters in Rio, where strategic decisions are made


    The main recently discovered fields are located in front of the city, which makes Rio the best location for the logistical support of exploring the reserves.

    Research Hub in Oil and Gas

    Rio is home to highly regarded universities in the sector and research centers, such as Petrobras’ CENPES and the UFRJ Technology Park, at Ilha do Fundão, where world renowned research units for companies like Schlumberger, Halliburton and GE.


    A well-developed and wide-ranging logistical network (ports, airports, roads and railways) and the easy connection with other oil hubs (ex: “Oil Flight from Rio to Houston) make Rio the ideal location for connecting with the rest of Brazil and the world.


    Rio de Janeiro concentrates Technological Hubs from several areas, with ample synergy between academic research and the market. Have a look:

    Telecom, Energy and Health

    Fundão (COPPE/UFRJ, CEPEL/Eletrobras, CENPES/Petrobras, Company Incubator) and Fiocruz.

    Media and Entertainment




    Software development (Systems for administrative and financial management, planning and control, intelligence, business, etc): INT, ABC, INPI.

    The demand for digital solutions won’t stop growing. Get to know some of the projects under development:

    City Technology Council

    Agreement for experience exchange with New York, London and San Francisco

    Rio Digital

    Complete information on the city of Rio de Janeiro gathered in digital and interactive maps to facilitate access to relevant data.

    Rio APPs

    Contest that encouraged the production of apps focused on improving life for the Rio population.

    Rio Datamine

    Project that makes a massive amount of public data accessible, allowing developers to create solutions that benefit the city.

    Attracting digital industry evens

    Attracting and facilitating business and investors


    Audiovisual Industry generates over 30.000 direct jobs, 20.000 of those qualified jobs, with above average income.

    Among national film productions, 55% were produced in Rio and 2/3 of releases surpassed 100.000 tickets sold. The city is home to 2 of the top 3 Brazilian distributors (in box office revenue and public), 7 of the top 10 production companies and 3 major production centers.

    We are the city picked by 48% of foreign productions in Brazil and home to the largest film festival in Latin America, the Rio International Film Festival.


    In 2016, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place for the first time in history in South America.

    Hosting the largest sporting event in the planet will involve directly over 100.000 people, including 70.000 volunteers, and will impact billions all over the globe. Over 10.500 athletes from around 205 nations are expected, as well as thousands of media professional and, of course, passionate sports fans.

    To be in Rio at this unprecedented moment in the continent’s history is a one of a kind opportunity.


    Revitalizing the port area is one of the main interventions being implemented by City Hall.

    The process is a consequence of a joint action of Federal, State and Municipal governments in two phases, the first financed with public resources and the second by private initiative, moving up to R$ 3 billion in investments.

    This initiative will include innovative urban infrastructure projects, massive habitation actions (which will multiply the current population of 25.000 by four, will a significant improvement in quality of life), development of a new culture and entertainment hub (compatible with the expected rise in tourist demand), as well as developing new business that will attract companies, generate 40.000 new jobs and R$ 200 million in additional taxes.

    Porto Maravilha is located right in the city center, and will requalify a region with 5 million m2 and will be key for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games project.

    To know more, visit: http://www.portomaravilha.com.br/


    Investments of US$ 7,8 billion are predicted for new projects in transportation and improvement of existing infrastructure. Get to know some of these projects:

    Flood Control in the Maracanã region

    Investments of US$ 156 million to cancel the impact of flood in the region, which used to have a strong impact in traffic and life in the city.

    Rennovation of Joá Viaduct

    Project slated for conclusion in 2015, involves US$ 245 and will revitalize the most important route between the South and West Zones in the city.

    BRT Transcarioca

    The first bus lane to cut through the city was delivered in 2014, with investments of US$ 800 million.
    Transcarioca goes through some of the highest populated neighborhoods in the city’s suburbs. There are a total of 45 stations and 39 km of total length connecting Ilha do Governador (where the Tom Jobim International Airport is located) to Barra da Tijuca.

    BRT TransOlímpica

    Express lane that will connect two of the main competition hubs during the Olympic Games: Deodoro and Barra da Tijuca. This project will benefit 400.000 people in the region.
    Set to be built are 23 km of new lanes and 18 stations with a predicted investment of US$ 750 million.

    BRT Transbrasil

    This will be an important connection between Baixada Fluminente and the city center. It will be 32 km long, with four terminals and 28 stations. An investment of US$ 750 million, set to benefit about 900.000 people per day.

    Light Vehicle on Rails – VLT

    This highly innovative, modern and sustainable form of transportation will connect the port region with the Center and Santos Dumont Airport.
    The project predicts US$ 550 million in investments and requires the construction of 28 km of new rails and 42 stations, with a prediction of transporting 30.000 passengers per hour.


    Major investments are predicted to increase and improve the quality of accommodations offered by Rio leading up to the 2016 Olympics. Check out the numbers:

    US$ 2 billion in investments.

    75 new hotels, 5 retrofits and 10 expansions.

    11 new five-star hotels, 14 four-stars and 46 three-stars.

    Over 50.000 new rooms and 110.000 new vacancies.

    14.000 direct jobs generated and 41.000 indirect.


    Allying growth and development with respect for the environment is a key point for Rio de Janeiro.

    In 2012, the Madureira Park was opened to the public. It is the third largest park in the city, with an area equivalent to 14 times the size of Maracanã, dedicated to leisure, sports, arts and culture. The space was conceived with total integration with nature: it uses solar energy, LED light bulbs, it reuses rain water for irrigation and, for all of that, received the AQUA certificate for high environmental quality.

    Other important projects underway:

    Recovering the Jacarepaguá Basin

    Investments in the tune of US$ 170 million are recovering the quality of 14 rivers running through the West Zone.

    West Zone Sanitation

    The fastest growing region in Rio demands a lot of attention. In basic sanitation alone, investments of US$ 1,5 billion are predicted over the next 25 years.


    All opportunities suggested by Rio Negócios promote the development of the city and its population; however, some investments act directly in this area. We point two of them out below:

    GEO – Experimental Olympic Gymnasia

    Full time schools focused on sports, which couples academic formation with sports, looking to form not just a student, but also a citizen and an athlete. Four GEOs are already fully operational.

    Rio Criança Global

    Investments of US$ 100 million are destined to this project that intensifies teaching English as a second language for public school students.


    Rio is about to open the National Reinsurance Center, located in a state of the art building in the revitalized city center. An investment of US$ 500 million, with 70 km2 of area to house 7.000 skilled workers.

    The Reinsurance market is already a part of this city like no other in Brazil:

    Decision making center

    The main entities in the sector are located in Rio de Janeiro: SUSEP, FENABER, CNseg, ABECOR-Re

    Hub for companies in the sector

    We have 80% of total area occupied in Brazil by companies dealing with reinsurance, including reinsurers, reinsurance brokers and associations.

    Market share

    The city concentrates 50% of the reinsurance market and 30% of the insurance market, as well as 63% of brokers.

    Talent hub

    The largest number of reinsurance professionals in Brazil is formed in Rio de Janeiro. The city has three courses in top universities, against one each for São Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

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