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    New investors find and extremely positive business environment in Rio de Janeiro.

    There is the proximity to the 2016 Olympic Games, the political Picture, the availability of talent, the environmental factors, among other conditions, that have collaborated to establish Rio as the best option at the moment for new projects.

    Favourable National Factors

    Institucional Security
    Demand for commodities
    Expansion of internal market

    Favourable Regional Factors

    Oil and Gas industry Boom
    Investments in public security.
    Party alignment and a new generation of politicians.
    Market interest in several economic sectors with important representatives in Rio.
    Marketing and international events platform.
    Talent availability

    The consequences of this positive scenario are vast and go from development of infrastructure, the low unemployment rate, industry, services and real estate market heating up to the increase in global visibility for the city.

    Consumer market the size of the world

    The official population of Rio is 6.320.446 inhabitants, more than Denmark or Ireland, for example. It is the second most populated city in Brazil, but the city’s market is much larger because it includes visitors from around the globe.

    Over 1,6 million tourists arrive through our five harbors and three airports in a normal year, with no major events such as the World Cup or the Olympic Games.

    56% of Brazil’s GDP is concentrated within a 500 km radius around the city.

    The unemployment rate is on decline. In Rio, you work and consume more every year.

    The city doesn’t stop growing

    The official investment per capita in 2012 was already larger among all state capitals of the country’s most developed region. With the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), the city has gained an even bigger boost.

    Between 2008 and 2012, investments towards initiatives that directly influenced the city’s development multiplied by five.

    All these factores generate countless opportunities. Get to know the main ones, clicking here.

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