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    This may be the reigning champ of detectors, at least in terms of popularity, in the gold hunting world. Largely this detector is less used nowadays, partly because of its age; for example, it lacks an LCD screen and also has a significantly lower sensitivity (17.8 kHz) than some of its competitors (e.g.

    Fortunately, these gold detectors also have specialized features that help you navigate the other minerals in the soil that are present in high-yielding gold country. When searching for gold nuggets or flakes, there are a few keys that will get you started on the road to success.

    I have so much experience in metal detecting but my eyesight just keep getting worse. It features three sensitivity levels and is pretty versatile in finding coins, jewelry, gold, and relics. • Volume Knob – Since your metal detector will beep regularly, it may be important to have the ability to control the volume so you can reduce or increase the volume as the situation warrants. When you are considering purchasing a metal detector, it is important to figure out which features appeal to you and which you feel you will not need. The only place it will not work as well on is the beach, so if that is your main place for treasure hunting, this feature will not help you.

    If your detector has a preset calibration, it has been set to a particular range and will not change. Of course, you can expect to find valuables left behind by beachgoers on the sand, but don’t forget that there will be things in the water too. Often times, you will be searching in heavily mineralized areas and so you are going to want a detector that can filter out the minerals while searching.

    Despite the fact that most gold detectors are equipped with automatic ground tracking, not all have a manual ground tracking option. If you are hunting in black sand, a stream bed, or any other area of high mineralization, consider going for a PI detector. Ground mineralization is key to determining the type of detector you will require. Also, the small coil detector is well suited for a highly mineralized environment. Considering the high-frequency range, what will guide you when choosing the frequency is the size of nuggets that you wish to detect.

    If you plan on detecting in places where there will be metallic trash which might interfere or plan on searching for items underwater and you want the absolute best performance under these conditions, you may want to spend the extra cash and go with the Garrett. We think that the variety of extra options which come with an LCD screen would have helped this Tracker IV in the trickier underwater and discrimination tests. Bounty Hunter is perhaps the most trusted name in the business when it comes to metal detectors and this Tracker IV is our pick for their best model, all things considered. Like the Garrett, the calibration feature on this model is automatic and it had no problems adjusting itself to the soil we were searching.

    Despite being around for many years now it easily competes with and in many cases beats newer gold metal detectors being released even now (although lacking the latest additional features that some of these have). As a VFL it’s specialized to finding the smallest of nuggets down to the size of a small grain – we’re talking incredible sensitivity.

    To avoid digging too many junk signals that will eat up all your time and may cause frustration with your new hobby, it is important to find the best metal detector for your searching conditions as well as your level of experience. The Ace 250 is a great detector for people who are just beginning to catch the metal detecting fever.

    Metal Detector FAQs

    This is also a very professional gold digger metal detector with lots of features. Furthermore, the Gold Bug 2 now also has an Iron discrimination feature that allows you to identify hot rocks and small trash so you don’t dig unnecessarily. As the name of the Goldbug Pro suggests, this metal detector is very good in gold detection. Although the Lobo SuperTRAQ is not really the most beautiful among the metal detectors is a great gold detector especially due to its good sensitivity possibilities it is a real gold hunter.

    This was one of the early detectors to adopt a visual display, giving the user something else to determine whether the target should be dug or not. In many ways the White’s GMT is very similar to the Fisher Gold Bug 2. There is a loyal following of nugget shooters who even prefer the GMT to the Gold Bug 2. And I can’t say they are wrong, because they find many ounces of gold each season using one.

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