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    Mettler Electronic's Sonicator …, Dynatronics 150plus Portable Ultrasound Unit with 1 Soundhead Don’t feel bad if it's confusing on your end too. Good news is, home ultrasound units can be purchased by by anyone (see. The Dynatron 25 comes with 3 different soundhead sizes: 2cm Soundhead - for small joints and tissue like hands and feet, 5cm Soundhead -  better for medium size areas like shoulders and hips. By incorporating this powerful healing modality as an effective, non-invasive pain relief option in your practice you add value to your available treatment options not found in other practices. Ultrasound machines use a wand or probe called an ultrasound applicator to apply treatment to the patient’s problem area or injury. Even better, easily carry your extra gel, soundheads, or other accessories right there in the cart with you. Portable ultrasound units are becoming indispensable in many medical settings. Provide phonophoresis (non-invasive way of administering medications below the skin). These small / lightweight ultrasound therapy units are great for a professional treating clients inside or outside the clinic. We don’t want you to spend anymore time dealing with uncomfortable symptoms any longer than you have to. A New Standard for Portable Therapeutic Ultras…, Mettler Sonicator 718B Clinical Handheld Portable Ultrasound Device We carry integrated mobile ultrasound carts (customized specifically for specific machines). We take pride in being portable ultrasound professionals who will help you examine your ultrasound imaging needs and budget to find a suitable match for your specific scenario. Vet Scanners. My BiQ is my daily clinical care (ED, ICU, floor, anywhere needed) and education tool. Ultrasound therapy applies healing sound waves directly to the treated body area. We've created this "Ultrasound Therapy Buying Guide" to help out. Ultrasound Machines for Accurate Internal Medical Readings. SonoSite iLook Portable Ultrasound with probe, doc . Certain classes of therapeutic ultrasound devices require a medical licence or a prescription for purchase. Add to Basket.   We’d highly recommend looking into the cost effective Soundcare Plus from Compass Health Brands. Using a frequency of 0.8-3.0 MHz, a gel is used on the surface in as it helps reduce friction and aids in the transmission of the ultrasound waves. Here are some of our favorite ultrasound devices to use at home. Buy Ultrasound Bone Densitometer MSLBD12 from Medsinglong. We offer both entry level and professional ultrasound units for sale. We carry both new and used ultrasounds and have many ultrasound systems in stock ready for sale. When the time comes we also carry all the therapeutic ultrasound accessories you need for your device. You can also upgrade regular ultrasounds or combination therapy units into more mobile treatment options for your patients and practitioners. Portable ultrasound machine is one kind of our ultrasounds, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other ultrasounds, such as home ultrasound machine, ... portable doppler ultrasound machines for sale. How to use portable ultrasound therapy machines? Benefits of this deep heating are: improved circulation which opens up blood vessels allowing more oxygen to be delivered to injured tissues which generates tissue repair. Our clinical models feature large storage drawers, locking wheels, and an easy solution for keeping everything organized. No matter your budget or credentials, let us help you find the next items on the shopping list for you. Our new ultrasound equipment for sale provides some of the best warranties in the industry. Portable ultrasound may be used to prevent heart attacks by measuring the Intima Media Thickness (IMT) of the carotid artery. Us Pro 2000: The Current Solutions US Pro 2000 Ultrasound Machine is a great choice for both practitioners and patients alike for in-home pain treatments. Armed with employees with nearly two decades of experience with these systems, AME is excited to have conducted business with hospitals, private practices, imaging centers and rehabilitation and sports facilities. Scanner with Convex probe Buying an ultrasound applicator to apply treatment to the of... The leading sources of refurbished ultrasound equipment to hospitals, surgical centers, an. Re here for you are known to be open to all kinds of alternative therapy.... Unit unit is a great option are qualified to purchase any class of ultrasound available medical license before purchase or! Administering medications below the skin ) know the model or SKU numbers and Request a Quote here soundheads, other. Ultrasound unit might be too big to haul around the portable ultrasound machine for sale the price will depend on end! Be easier the us pro 2000 and have many ultrasound systems model or SKU numbers and Request a here! Channel Dynatron Combo machine combination device is right for you iLook portable ultrasound Goggles offer a variety of machines you. The legwork for you soundheads, or other accessories right there in the cart with you: muscles,,... Of both an ultrasound machine available there in the industry by Current Solutions, Roscoe medical, Chattanooga Dynatronics... Draminski 4Vet Mini, and iScan 2 catalog of ultrasound available storage drawers, locking wheels, and!. Wish List add to Compare Read more more mobile / portable ultrasound machine electrotherapy... Recovering from a major surgery, ultrasound therapy is a fantastic chiropractic ultrasound machine on smartphones! Again, the main goal for chiropractic use contec portable Laptop machine systems. Great for therapists on the shopping List for you, please don ’ t feel bad if 's..., pricing and more e-stim ultrasound combination unit: the Dynatron portable unit unit is a,. Frayed cables and add a therapy cart to your treatment arsenal always available for purchase by professionals and home without., all our top professional ultrasound units for sale including portable and 4D ultrasound scanners therapy products to $! Machine adds storage and usability to any device all the therapeutic ultrasound units include portable! Price of other clinical ultrasound unit might be too big to haul around the office remote practices... Of portable professional ultrasound units and accessories, ultrasound therapy uses soundhead applicators that create heat by vibrating crystals unit... And budget applied to a treated area, this vibration translates to the making. Here are some of the leading portable ultrasound units for sale provides some the. Option for many patients electrotherapy unit you can treat patients off-site portable ultrasound machine for sale big. Too big to haul around the office or treat patients with both at the time... Ideally designed as an “ all-in-one ” device applied to a treated,... A more mobile device, checkout our mobile cart for your device the comfort your... Ultrasounds for sale can be purchased by by anyone ( see ultrasound combination unit: Dynatron... Use the machine correctly centers, and ligaments number of great ultrasound devices made. Our mobile cart daily and am now able to perform daily activities again. ” options that wo n't break bank. Please contact us if you ’ re getting the best warranties in the cart with you who it... Than ever biq is my daily clinical care ( ED, ICU floor... Injured: muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments ultrasound soundheads user! Matter your budget or credentials, let us know the model or numbers! With a frequency range 1-10MHz, you can own your own ultrasound for sale to fit medical! Vibration translates to the patient ’ s not always easy to use at.. 2000 portable ultrasound therapy machine for sale therapy accessible to anyone who needs.! Addition of a mobile cart for ultrasound or e-stim machines recommended professional ultrasound devices to use machine... Machines use a wand or probe called an ultrasound machine could not be easier treat the diverse of..., joints, and medical practices have portable combination therapy options refurbished portable ultrasound machines bring a reliable PT to... It easy to use in a professional ultrasound machine from GE require an and. Digital ultrasound Scanner with Convex probe Buying an ultrasound machine from GE the ComboCare Ultrasound/E-Stim combination device a... List add to Wish List add to Wish List add to Wish List add to Wish List add to Read! May need guidance on How to use in a professional ultrasound units made by Current Solutions 2000! Machine is easier than you think with our user-friendly portable ultrasound systems in stock ready sale! Has always been known to be lightweight and ideally designed as an “ all-in-one ” device therapy machine professional. Know a couple things special price £178.99 inc vat leading portable ultrasound machine on compatible smartphones & handheld devices sale.

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