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    Today, all sea turtles found in United States waters are federally listed as endangered except for the loggerhead, which is listed as threatened. Forty-five days later the nest is checked for signs of hatchlings. Small to medium sea turtles with a very attractively colored shell of thick, overlapping scales…the source of “tortoise shell.” Has distinct hawk-like beak. Marina store shirt shopping 3. One of the least-visited U.S. national parks, the Dry Tortugas are in fact “dry” because there is no fresh water on the islands – a distinction noted on nautical maps to deter thirsty sailors from making the run. Five of the park's seven islands (East, Loggerhead, Bush, Garden, and occasionally Middle key) are surveyed throughout the nesting season to document the presence of turtles. Urbanization and coastal development in the form of sea wall, revetment, and jetty construction cause destruction and alteration of nesting and foraging habitat, as do beach nourishment and dredging projects. Seaplane to Dry Tortugas, Fort Jefferson Tour & Snokeling. (Dermochelys coriacea) They are called Dry owing to the absence of surface fresh water on the island. Originally named Las Tortugas (Spanish for The Turtles) by Ponce de Leon in 1513, this collection of small sand and coral islands is famous for the abundance of sea turtles that annually nest in the area. Loggerhead Key was named for the abundance of loggerhead sea turtles in the area (the Dry Tortugas support the largest green and loggerhead turtle nesting grounds in the Florida Keys). European explore Juan Ponce de Leon first visited the islands in 1513, naming them “Tortugas” (or turtles), because of the sea turtles he caught there. Buying, selling, or importing any sea turtle products in the United States, as in many countries around the world, is strictly prohibited by law. Human threats to sea turtle survival are many and varied. Tortugas means turtles, and ‘Dry’ was added later when explorers realised there were no fresh water sources on the islands. Over 2,330 Loggerhead and Green turtle crawls have occurred during the last four seasons on only three miles of beach! The area got its name from the Spanish explorers who found many sea turtles (tortugas) here. Of the 1,321 sea turtle crawls documented in the Dry Tortugas during the 2013 nesting season, 659 resulted in nests. Green sea turtles do actually make use of protected areas to nest and feed, according to a study that tracked female turtles that came ashore to lay eggs in Florida's Dry Tortugas National Park. Selected filters. Spanish explorer Ponce de León gave the Dry Tortugas their name on his first visit in 1513. Until now, it was not clear whether the turtles made use of existing protected areas such as Dry Tortugas National Park or the nearby Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and few details were available as to whether these areas were suited for supporting the survival of green sea turtles. (Lepidochelys kempi) Turtles are everywhere in and around the Dry Tortugas National Park. A variety of factors make the current assessment urgent. Spot sharks, dolphin, turtles and shipwrecks. Teeming with life, this area has long been an inspiration to visitors, researchers, and adventurers. Here are 3 tips on what to do and how to have a great time while visiting. Assessing the Dry Tortugas Sea Turtle Monitoring Program needs to take such information into account. Marc usually patrols the island in the mornings but is on a different 10-4 rotation than Ryan and Lee Qi, so on his lieu days we would take over. The latter name, Dry Tortugas, was intended to warn seafarers that the islands contain no fresh water. Named “Las Tortugas” by Ponce de Leon in 1513, this scattering of small sand and coral islands approximately 70 miles west of Key West, Florida, are famous for the abundance of sea turtles that annually nest on them. Dry Tortugas National Park is the most active turtle nesting site in the Florida Keys. When the United States acquired Florida from Spain in 1822, Dry Tortugas was considered a strategic point in the Gulf of Mexico. The Dry Tortugas area is the most productive nesting region for the Green and Loggerhead turtles in the entire Florida Keys. Shop Dry Tortugas National Park Sea Turtle T-Shirt. Content from this Website may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced or used without written permission! Heading some 68 miles west of Key West to areas surrounding the park for a variety of Snapper, Grouper, Jacks, and even Wahoo, Tuna, Amberjack, Pompano, and King Fish to name a few of the species regularly caught surrounding the many wrecks and structure found below the surface of these pristine Gulf Waters. It’s about 68 miles of Key West off the southern tip of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. Cool Sea Turtle Dry Tortugas National Park T-Shirt: Free UK Shipping on Orders Over £20 and Free 30-Day Returns, on Selected Fashion Items Sold or Fulfilled by Amazon.co.uk. Yankee Freedom III, LLC is authorized by the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior to serve the public at Dry Tortugas National Park. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Not all countries offer protection to sea turtles and eggs, and of those that do, enforcement may be lax. The Dry Tortugas National Park is the most active turtle nesting site in the Florida Keys. Mariners were often attracted to the area, looking for the natural food source that the turtles provided. Dry Tortugas National Park is more than 90 percent water, but at its heart lies a tiny cluster of islands, the Dry Tortugas, at the tail end of the Florida Keys. I have been accompanying Kayla on her daily trips to monitor turtle nesting activity on East and Loggerhead Keys, and once to Bush Key, where both Green and Loggerhead turtles come to lay their eggs. At one time turtling was a big business for Key Westers, with a cannery brewing popular green turtle soup that was shipped out to northern cities. ESA Status: ENDANGERED, (Eretmochelys imbricata) The five species of sea turtles found in the Dry Tortugas region are Green, Loggerhead, Kemp’s Ridley, Hawksbill, and Leatherback. Learn about a current sea turtle research project in Dry Tortugas National Park and more about green sea turtles and leatherback sea turtles. Please contact a park ranger to report a person disturbing a sea turtle nest or an injured, dead, or harassed sea turtle. An orientation of the Keys and Dry Tortugas National Park is provided by the onboard naturalist, and sightings of both dolphins and sea turtles are common during the excursion. The name Las Tortugas was changed to Dry Tortugas on nautical charts used for navigation to indicate to mariners that no fresh water was available on the islands. Dry Tortugas, named after the presence o f sea turtles and lack of freshwater, is a group of islands located 65 miles west of Key West, Florida. The leatherback is the largest turtle—and one of the largest living reptiles—in the world. Some say that sea turtles are today’s only living relics of the prehistoric past. The keys were discovered in 1513 by Juan Ponce de Leon and named after the abundance of sea turtles (Las Tortugas) found nesting there; the Dry was added by subsequent mariners to note the lack of fresh water. The islands were discovered in … They became “las tortugas” after Ponce De Leon paid a visit in 1513, witnessing (and killing) hundreds of sea turtles.

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