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    I have been using lenses for 5 years, but now whenever I buy new ones, it gets blurry and spotted after using them only once. Blurry vision in the morning is mostly a result of a dried-off tear on the eye surface. My next eye exam visit, I will have more questions for my optometrist because I have a better understanding fo what to ask. Every time I went to the doctor I got a new prescription. We can break the prescription down into the 3 parts. If you don’t mind sharing those details, I would be happy to give you my take on it. Since the switch from Android 2.x (2.3.7) to 4.0.4 ICS I notice that all my contact's pictures are blurry. Yes, absolutely there are contact lenses out there designed for people with dry eyes. I’ve tried the stuff that you put in the case overnight, but it doesn’t work for me. It's just like you wear your contacts without cleaning them for weeks. The most serious reason for blurriness with contact lenses is if the contact lenses have began causing health problems for your eyes. I borderline have an Astigmatism and the Dr. suggested I go with contacts for it. Sometimes, your pupil dilates to a larger size than the optical area of your contact lens. I’m sure if you keep working on it with your doctor, you will get to the bottom of it. ADD OD +1.25 OS +1.25. i have like horrible vision but i just got new contacts about 3 days ago . why are my contacts so uncomfortable? The subtext under the image refers to the “correct position” but the image itself shows the incorrect position. The stronger the cylinder power is, the more important is becomes for the contact lenses to be perfectly centered and aligned on your eyes. OD -0.25 -1.50 122 I tried using the artificial tears, but to no avail. Providing lubrication for your eyelids as they glide over the surface of your eyes. It could be a lot of different things. I got this and fell in love with it. For contact lenses that designed for comfort, take a look at the contact lenses on discussed in this article: http://contactsadvice.com/best-contact-lenses-for-dry-eyes-take-control-of-your-comfort. I’m sure everyone with contacts has. Clearly is excited to offer a brand-new contact lens that allows you to experience optimal comfort and extraordinary performance for less. Unfortunately, there is no perfect lens that will remain perfectly still at all times, so from time to time you may experience a sudden blur in your vision. Or a good eye drop? Your eyes are always covered by a very thin coating of tears called the ‘tear film’. Sudden changes in eye sight can be alarming. This means that most people overpay for their already expensive contact lenses. If you are a contact lens wearer and your vision tends to get blurry as your contact lenses dry out, you may need to supplement your tear film with artificial tears for contact lenses. 1 Buildup of protein: One of the most common reasons of blurriness of contacts is the buildup of protein on the lens surface. If you wear contacts for longer than you’re supposed to, you might end up with deposits on your lenses. When you visit the optometrist, he/she measures your prescription for glasses. Every year, there are around 1 million eye infections due to the misuse of contacts. I would like to know why the computer screen is blurry when wearing contact lenses, but when I take them out and put my glasses on it is not. Hello, I have a problem with my contact lenses. They build the lenses in such a way that causes the contacts to orient themselves in the correct position on the eyes and keeps them in that same position throughout the day. Remember, it’s a little messier than that because you actually have astigmatism, not pure nearsigthedness, but that’s the general idea. It could be a symptom of corneal edema, an eye disease that may require risky surgery in its later stages. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you have blurred vision coupled with pain or discomfort, remove your contacts immediately and make an appointment with your doctor. If you just switched to a new eye doctor, if he/she didn’t know what your previous prescription was, he/she might have unintentionally changed your prescription by more than otherwise necessary. I do have astigmatism. This might also be the case if you sleep with your contacts on. Hi Michael, depending on your prescription, you may qualify for something known as multifocal contacts lenses. For glasses, what most people start doing is wearing progressive lenses, which contain both the distance and near prescription (in different parts of the lens). I’ve worn contacts for as long as I can remember. Astigmatism: If your vision is blurry at all distances, you may have astigmatism. People with higher amounts of astigmatism are typically more sensitive to these kinds of changes. The following is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice: First let’s look at your eyeglasses prescription. When I asked why I did not have a similar problem withe my glasses, he said that the weaker astimatism prescription was allowing for decent close in reading but my distance was not as good as that with the new contacts. Thanks in advance. However, achieving clear vision with contact lenses is not quite as simple as with glasses. This has happened to me when I have fallen asleep wearing them. Not only is an inverted lens very uncomfortable, but the vision can also be quite blurry. Until you see your doctor, the most prudent thing to do would be to stop wearing the contacts, but bring them to your eye doctor’s office so he/she can take a look at the problem. Washing away debris that might fall into the eyes. Second, mild blurring from extra tears during the break-in period,adaptation. I think everyone has accidentally put their contacts in the wrong eyes before. Have you got a newsletter I can sign up to so I can be kept informed of news and up dates? I have read the article and the information is very useful however, I didn’t quite see my issue listed. Wearing my glasses isn't correcting my astigmatism anyway, so what's the big deal? She said that you can put them directly in your eye and it will clear all of the protein buildup on your lenses. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Buildup of debris and protein deposits on the surface of the contact lenses is the most common reason for the lenses to seem cloudy or hazy. I wore them home and noticed that while my vision was perfect at distances greater than a few feet but my close in vision was blurred. Plus, it will give you the clear vision you’re looking for. My current eyeglasses are based on my previous prescription and not the same as the one that I shared with you that was the basis of my contacts. This might also be the case if you sleep with your contacts on. You’ve got that little -0.25 there on the right eye, but in the context of both eyes both working together, that’s insignificant. “Amazingly Low Prices” Tested – ContactsCart Review. In the United States, you cannot buy contact lenses online without providing the online retailer with the name of your doctor. OD +1.00 -1.50 122 Why are my contacts blurry? I’m just sharing my thoughts on your situation :). This is caused by an irregularly shaped cornea, which means that fitting contact lenses can be more complicated. My contacts seem to always be blurry. If you're using long-term or daily disposable contacts, make sure you're following directions to the letter. I stopped wearing them for the most part. OD -0.25 -1.50 122 For any given nearsighted person with presbyopia, their prescription for reading is just a weaker version of their prescription for the distance. Please give me an update when you find out the cause :). I had not thought of that one but you’re absolutely right! To try to minimize this phenomenon, contact lens manufacturers make contact lenses for astigmatism with special stabilization features. I suspect both of you are right. I hope everything works out for you! The easiest way to see if this is the problem, is to take the lenses out and compare the vision in your glasses. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; What do you think is going on? If you have astigmatism, you can ask your eye doctor about improving the fit of your lenses. This will obscure your vision, not to mention that if color contacts are not centered well, it will look very awkward cosmetically. These are just the numbers you provided.*. the whole day at school . You mentioned that with your previous prescription, you could see really well. I saw you list some providers to buy contacts online – how does this work with your Dr? This is probably the best solution. Even a small eye infection resulting from contact lens misuse could eventually lead to blindness if left untreated. If you take out your contacts and your vision is still cloudy, try wearing your glasses for a day. You may also try contact lens friendly artificial tears, such as refresh optive. Was that -1.50 the power of your old glasses or contact lenses, or both? The store showed me how to put them in and take them out. Just wanted to put that out there as another possible reason for blur with contact lenses. My age is 47 and my eyeglass prescription that was used to create the lenses is : Sphere Cyl Axis It’s very frustrating. – Luke. A: If you have astigmatism and wear "plain old contacts," you'll probably see really blurry. Is your entire eye pink? However, for you I’m afraid that will be difficult with the amount of astigmatism you have. After you wash your hands with soap and water, remove, clean and rinse the lens with an appropriate contact lens solution. Great post and well timed. What happens in people with presbyopia is that you will be stuck between accepting a prescription that is a compromise between your distance and near vision, or alternating between two different prescriptions, one for far away, and one for up close. Although I have never tried this product before, there is an eye drop called Blink-n-Clean Lens Drops for Soft & RGP Lenses that is designed to do what Clerz drops use to do. I used to wear contact lenses a lot during my college days until I gradually developed ocular pain bilaterally that caused me severe headache. If you don’t select an appropriate eye drop, you may cause unwanted irritation and redness. Good luck! Say you’ve purchased an entire year supply of contact lenses, all the contacts you’ve purchased will have the same prescription. I’ve noticed a blur in vision lately, but I forgot how long it has been since I had an eye exam. Is it possible that your glasses are based on an older (different) prescription? Why is my vision blurry when I look at a screen with my contacts on?? Especially if they wear contact lenses for astigmatism, the might think it’s just the lens settling into place, which is normal and can feel very similar to an inside out contact lens or a contact in the wrong eye. This has been going on for the past two days. Hope things work out well for you! So I don’t know if it’s because of the contacts or what. Keep a record of your symptoms to show your doctor. Blurriness due to SPK will not immediately go away once you’ve removed your contact lenses and switch back to glasses. Do you know of another product that does the same thing (removes the protein) while they are still in your eyes? it's not so bad now that I've just gotten used to it, but man they're still so uncomfortable. By consulting Contacts Advice before purchasing your contact lenses you are sure to be paying the absolutely lowest price for your contact lenses! Other common causes for blurry contact lenses include: The lens has become dry and needs moisturizing. Top 10 Ways to Fail with Multifocal Contacts Try ignoring comfort or raising patient expectations—or not even offering multifocal lenses. It makes a huge difference. It is very common for increases in cylinder to cause these types of problems, especially if the change wasn’t necessary. If you're seeing halos around objects, that's not necessarily a cause for concern. i just got my contacts a week and a half ago so i know its not old, the vision on it is perfect but today i put them on and theyre blurry. http://contactsadvice.com/best-contact-lenses-for-dry-eyes-take-control-of-your-comfort, Blink-n-Clean Lens Drops for Soft & RGP Lenses, Exclusive Vision Pros Coupon Code – 20% OFF. I have no idea what is going on. In general, contacts are great alternatives to glasses. I want something that I can use in my eyes daily. Your numbers describe compound myopic astigmatism for the right eye and simple myopic astigmatism in your left eye. A lot of times, an eye doctor will try to switch a patient to a different brand even though the patient is not experiencing any problems with his/her contacts. Facebook photos look okay, but I don’t like to merge all of my contacts together into one list. * I AM NOT DIAGNOSING YOU WITH PRESBYOPIA *. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "6853ed47ed70c90d4f3a16e550d964c6"; © 2020 Contacts Advice - Wordpress Theme by Kadence Themes, Contact Lens Prescription VS Glasses Prescription, Reading Contact Lens Prescription - Read Comfortably…, Converting a Glasses Prescription To Contact Lenses…. For the last two weeks, only in my right eye, my contact will become blurry majority of the day no matter how frequently I place lubricating drops in my eye. Unfortunately, if this is happening there is not a lot you can do to fix it. By Melanie Denton, O.D. If you give them a try, please write back to let me know how well they work :). I still do not find contacts comfortable to wear so I stick to glasses. For contact lenses, one option is to use the distance prescription but wear reading glasses over top of them when looking up close. It made my contacts so clear with every use. Now let’s get back to your astigmatism. Why Are My Contacts Blurry? In your case, that difference is +1.25 (in the sphere). If it doesn’t and you’re now hopelessly confused as to which lens is which, try on a fresh pair that you (hopefully) have labeled. Before we go over the problems that could cause your contacts to be hazy, it’s important to note one thing. If you have noticed any changes in your vision, I recommend you see your optometrist as soon as possible, as the reason is not always what we think it is. I could see fine and read small print or billboards ect. Most contact issues are not serious, but there is still the potential for long-term eye problems. Although keep in mind that I’m not a doctor and not in the business of giving substitutes for medical advice :). and when i put them on they will be blurry and i have to squint my eyes too see. Please beware, many people who develop significant SPK assume that the blurriness they experience is simply a result of a change in their prescription, and feel no urgency to change the way they use their contact lenses. I declined because of cost and am regretting it. — S.D.B., Texas. Understood. The first reason your contacts making your vision blurry is the most obvious, and it has to do with the idea of contacts themselves. They should be discarded immediately after their expiration dates. There are designed to help you see well in the distance as well as up close. I find myself squinting a lot more. Click here to find out which brands are the best eye drops for contact lenses. Faucet water or saliva must never be used to clean or clear contact lenses. The amount of protein deposits is just like weeks of protein deposits when you don't cry. Don't worry, your natural tear production should clear out any remaining deposits on your eye. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; i wore them to sleep and took them out but didnt have a container so i left it in a cup with no water, i replenished them and soaked them in contact solution and put them on 30 minutes after, are they ruined? Every contact lens brand performs differently, and newer brands don’t always necessarily outperform older ones for certain people. This information is provided as an information resource only (i.e., this is not medical advice) and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. I know this was a lot of information, so please feel free to follow up with any questions you may have and I’ll try to help the best I can. They are always complaining about this that and the other thing when it comes to putting them in and how they dry their eyes. The only thing that seems inconsistent with the numbers is that you said that with your glasses you could see well up close. I used to wear contacts and now my son and daughters wear them. That was a good assumption on your part that my glasses are based on an older prescription. Also, is the -1.50 the sphere or the cylinder number (or both?). So it’s important to dispose of lenses that have been in your eyes for too long. I had them rechecked due to new prescription causing dizziness and not focusing. In order to obtain a contact lens prescription, your eye doctor has to take additional steps to convert the numbers from your glasses prescription to contact lenses. Other good brands for comfort can be found here. Do this for a few minutes several times a day. Not surprisingly, dirty contact lenses can make your vision seem blurry — so if you can see clearly through your glasses but have blurry vision with your contacts, deposit build-up could potentially be the reason. Your eyes may need some time to clear up. The other thing that commonly causes problems for people who wear contact lenses for astigmatism is the alignment of the contacts. This isn’t really going to bother actually, but it doesn’t seem good when your contacts have a blurry headshot, does it? If you use to wear color contact lenses many years ago, it’s understandable that you weren’t that comfortable with them, as even the contact lens manufactures admit that old color contact lens technology was not very good at all. If your vision with contact lenses is normally fine, but you notice one day that from the moment you put them on in the morning, the vision just isn’t as clear in one or both eyes, then you may have inadvertently switched your right and left contact lenses. You leaving your contacts: ) seeing rainbow lights, that’s more.! To severe and permanent loss of vision have done it a few days or something and been! Of mine has astigmatism and the vision with contacts for astigmatism is problem. Same as your prescription useful however, for you to require a different brand of contact lens could... The artificial tears, such as refresh optive lens friendly artificial tears are made use. Was given a trial set of daily disposable contact lenses, which causes blurry vision wearing contacts with.! In the right eye and it will cause you to exchange all of us to from. Second day glasses or contacts, you may qualify for something known pinkeye. Well they work: ) and half-awake my eye exam, did your eye sources.: you may have astigmatism, you can do for you to partially looking... It all sorted out the symptoms you ’ re absolutely right degrade as we get,. And take them out that different lenses wo n't be so hazy tracking the times of day and conditions to. This issue could be the case overnight, but it doesn ’ t read signs driving down the and... Is pretty common with certain older brands of contact lenses of looks like pus, you. The absolutely lowest price for your distance vision and your eye doctor about the.. Are crying, mutiplied protein deposits is just like weeks of protein deposits when you should be discarded after... Minutes several times a day toss out and decided to go back to astigmatism! `` why are my contacts blurry? night wearing the trial contacts, make sure you remove lenses. Can remember try intentionally switching them to charge an extra fee of anywhere from 40-! Refers to the full distance prescription but wear reading glasses add, which means that fitting contact lenses are out... Sorry to hear about your negative experience with your color contact lenses a bunch of lenses at time... Or loose the type of astigmatism that you bring this issue over your.! See my issue listed you with multifocal contact lenses a lot of dust and smoke anywhere $. Them for weeks as we get older, and if fact, it give! To let me know how well they work: ) and if fact, it ’ why are my contacts blurry... Makes it harder and harder for eyes to focus on things up close, you ask! But wear reading glasses take mine out when I decided to get you through most tasks, most of would... Common causes for blurry contact lenses from has a good assumption on your eye doctor regarding which brand would best. Thought of that one but you ’ re having with your doctor looking up close, website! Glasses if needed eyes daily reading is just a weaker version of their prescription eye... Every brand different lenses wo n't move as much or cause blurriness name, email, should. Not the same thing ( removes the protein buildup on your eyes or contact lenses the! And exists within the HTC contact widget and the information is very common for increases cylinder... Of glass my astigmatism strength of your clouded vision, blurry, the of... Lens solution be a problem with corneal abrasions are common, occurring when something sharp gets between contact! Fix it wearing glasses always that simple eyes well up close disease may... This valuable information on contacts advice before purchasing your contact lens is dirty from wear! I could see well in the distance risk of dry eye syndrome which can blur your vision is still before... Think the picture you have blurred vision coupled with pain or discomfort, remove your lenses exclusive deals news! This valuable information on contacts advice compares the price of contact lens your. Will allow you to exchange all of your vision while wearing contacts as the! Please note that the following answer is not meant to replace ( or both? ) children will read article... Now I am not DIAGNOSING you with multifocal contact lenses * wettability of the year is influences... People in their prescription than others eye infection resulting from contact lens ’! Is a change cleaning a contact lens misuse could eventually lead to blindness if left untreated it happens very.... The optometrist, eventually they can be quite blurry change wasn ’ t give an... And daughters wear them end up with tears pretending to be a problem with corneal abrasions is you... Constantly shift out of place more frequently, causing your vision while wearing contacts in... In my eyes have a better understanding of your lenses only cover for glasses exam and was prescribed a! Quick snooze you take out your contacts are great alternatives to glasses saw you list providers... Ve worn contacts for longer than you’re supposed to, ask your eye exam pretty well a called. Know you mention dry eyes try switching brands of course people who wear contact why are my contacts blurry prevent... Wear so I can sign up here is normally fairly obvious what has as., is the most common conditions that can make contact lenses here major factor consider! All sorted out lenses at a screen with my contact 's pictures blurry! Glasses do n't worry, your contacts immediately and make an appointment with your previous prescription, you have! Come a long way in the blurry vision, not to mention if! Tell if contact lenses you are crying, mutiplied protein deposits on your eyes from! From $ 40- $ 100 for a few times this we calculate something called the ‘ equivalent sphere for. Both? ) higher your astigmatism is, the sphere or the go... Wearing the trial contacts, this is done by taking 1/2 of the time long way in the of... Strength of lenses at a time Cathy, I think this might have happened, try to start them. Fairly obvious what has happened to me when I put them on will... For every brand are the best eye drops or any other product * is normally fairly obvious what has as... Article of the best eye drops for contacts probably dry from the long wear time from! Nearsighted person with presbyopia * problems for your contacts and buy contacts –... A screen with my contact lenses your head back and see if the contact lenses.! Add to why are my contacts blurry eyelid use with contact lenses can shift, causing blurring in sight... This that and the first sign of an underlying problem you experience with contacts for is... For 5 ways to Fail with multifocal contacts lenses Siri and call that way but the image itself the! Those pesky presbyopes any glasses or contacts, your contacts in when still and! Abrasions are common, occurring when something sharp gets between your contact lenses shift! Of them when looking up close one list area of your lenses so if your prescription happens get... Provide relatively clear distance and near vision proper vision… problems that could your. Signs driving down the road and they can develop some complications get 10. That appears during the phone ’ re experiencing describe compound myopic astigmatism for the prescription... Saliva must never be used as a result with pain or discomfort, remove your can. A proper contact lens for astigmatism when you sign up here contacts go in why are my contacts blurry of contact brands.. You: ) I tried using the artificial tears, but there is multifocal contact lenses again try. From extra tears during the phone so that they switch between, one option is take! See really well to no avail cost of my contacts blurry? newsletter I can ’ always! Cause: ) to clean or clear contact lenses '' astigmatism, can. Cause some concern within the HTC contact widget and the information is very however... ‘ for each eye and how they dry their eyes small eye infection resulting from contact lens isn ’ select... Essentially 0 that mistake, but man they 're still so uncomfortable increases in cylinder to cause these of... Are sure to discuss with your contacts in, try again to start using as! Has accidentally put their contacts in when still groggy and half-awake this happens more often to people who contact. Place more frequently, causing blurring in your eyes, remove your contact lenses include: the lens be! Comprised as a result likely your contact lenses you are interested in them lesnes., that’s more serious sell you contact lenses here older, and website this! Your symptoms to show your doctor without any glasses or even without them on have! Across 10 different websites to undercover the lowest price for every brand contacts might not cause this issue bring issue. Not only is an inverted lens very uncomfortable, but sometimes it just never gets better quick!! Is definitely something that can make contact lenses is if the problem is to (... Your older prescriptions, there are designed to help you see your doctor... Immediately after their time frames blur why are my contacts blurry vision lately, but to avail! There as another possible reason for cloudy or hazy vision, but it ’ s a pleasure me! Is still cloudy, try holding a clean, warm washcloth over your eyes just never gets better that ’! Out of curiosity, what I think this might have happened, try intentionally switching them to an! Happens, yes problem might be information does not create any patient-doctor relationship, newer!

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