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    An industrial, or scaffold, piercing is made up of two holes that are connected by a single piece of jewelry (usually a long barbell). But hope to get my tongue and industrial done in the future and the bottom of my belly... not 100% sure on my industrial though, might just be a bit too much! It is similar to the snug in terms of depth and healing time, which is 8–16 weeks initially and up to one year to be healed completely. And I want a rook, trangus and anti-trangus. A belly button piercing was originally meant to … Are there any causes for worry? And the piercer had to make the exit hole a little further up than the average rook piercing, and it took about 3 minutes to get the needle through, and a further 2 to get the bar and balls through and on, which is a long time for a piercing. 5 out of 5 stars (1,879) 1,879 reviews £ 9.00. I currently have 2 lobe piercing on both ears. T.T if so im screwed @_@, but its already been a month so i took the earring out and it seems to be fine…. Keep it clean by using luke warm salt water and kitchen roll (don't use cotton whool balls as it can come apart and get tangled in your piercing) In my opinion, using a gun to get it pierced wouldn't be the best idea, as you may have some problems with the healing stage.. scarring, infections irritation etc. am male of 20 yrs, i have 10 piercings on each ear. I got my first and second lobe peircings within 2 years of eachother. Ear Piercing Guide for Men. I'd take it out for 2 hours for a track meet, and it would give me a lot of trouble when I tried to put it in. They use piercing needles which hurt more and are a bit more expensive, but it's well worth it. And the mother-of-three revealed she has a double piercing on her right ear as she sported a gold hoop earring along with a stud. ok so my nan is taking me to get another on left ear i dont know what i want on my left ear not conch, not helix or rook. I am still trying to figure out how many I want and where but I think that is a sufficient number. If you don't trust the shooter, don't do it. Go to a professional. That is why everyone has their own opinion. Cartilage piercings are gaining momentum in the western culture. I really like it though and am glad that I did it. Especially the industrial piercing. Locations for piercings other than the earlobe include the rook, tragus, and across the helix (see image at right). When I got my industrial it didn't hurt to bad but I'm good with pain. I wish I knew what in the hell I did! I've also never really had any pain with any of my piercings while getting them done (except for my lip, it did hurt a bit) & I have a very low tolderance for pain. I just got an industrial done and i've heard that that is up there with ones that cause the most problems i.e. It means you are brave. I think it looks really good and it healed in only a couple months (rather fast). Different ear piercings? Anyone have a snug that's rejected or caused a huge issue? Some people later opt to get a second or third hole above the first. That's enough for me. Not to be a bitch or anything, but obviously some of you haven't had your piercings done at a very safe place. Getting my tragus this weekend! Kaili Bisson from Canada on June 01, 2014: I would imagine piercing cartilage would hurt like heck. Have had to re-pierce a few here and there, but nothing too bad. Like its been 9 months and it still hurts! Similar to the right ear-left ear questions about what’s considered gay, it was initially thought that having both ears pierced meant that you were gay. Also if anyone can recommend me some good places to get them done in the Baltimore or Philadelphia areas, I'd be REALLY grateful. This should not to be confused with a horizontal one (also known as snake eye) which gives the illusion of two tongue piercings … But I'm writing to you now with a throbbing ear, swollen with a potential keloid starting? They should be happy to check it out. I love having piercings, they are rare where I live for an older man like me. Well, i have 5 piercings in one of my ears, two in the other ear, my tongue, nipple and belly button, the worst was the tragus but i wouldn't say it was a pain that you cannot handle. Find out where tragus, anti-tragus, conch, and daith piercings are and how long they take to heal. Piercing the cartilage above the earlobe and the anti-tragus on the inside of the ear. Graduated is defined as “to arrange in a series or according to a scale.” Graduated ear piercings … Most commonly, many opt for double- or triple-lobe piercings that extend behind the first lobe piercing located in the center of the lobe. Yes men can and do have double ear piercings. Lobe Piercing. I have 7 cartilage and they didn't hurt, and healed in less time than the 8-12 weeks. A double helix piercing involves getting double perforations on the cartilage. (Obviously the smaller the gauge number, the bigger the gauge!) Other than direct inference about the piercings there is no particular meaning behind piercings. Nov 6, 2020 - Explore natalie winland's board "piercings" on Pinterest. Our pick: Kathleen Whitaker, Double Post Stick Earring, $150 per, Our pick: BoutiqueMinimaliste, Bar Chain Earrings, $20, Our pick: SMITH+MARA, Solid Triangle Ear Crawler, $125, Our pick: Baublebar, 'Tinkerbell' Crystal Ear Cuff, $30, Our pick: CatBird, Rose Thorn Stud in Yellow Gold, $90 per, Our pick: KYYOTE Minimalist Earrings, $80, Our pick: & Other Stories Dangling Rhinestone Pendant Earring, $20, Our pick: Madewell Mix-And-Match Bar Stud Earrings, $30, Our pick: Covet Faux Pearl Ear Jackets, $40. i knew from the beginning i wanted the piercing and i got it done. Guys with double pierced ear lobes? But after a while the pain stopped. I did have both nipple's done but had to remove them d/t the left one being so painful that my whole breast hurt! The daith (usually pronounced day-th, but properly pronounced doth to rhyme with moth) is located between the rook and the ear canal. I have 13 piercing and got 11 of them done by Claire's/Icings and never had a problem with them. I have my lobes stretched to 2g and am going to stretch to 0g soon. with double piercings, one can wear a wider variety of combinations of studs and hoops, large and small etc. I want to get 2 industrial bars in the other ear but I don't know what one to get? I love showing that thing off just for the reaction of people alone! It was not painful at all afterwards and I had no problems whatsoever with healing or anything!!! If you're yet to take the plunge with the tragus, beware of the infamous popping noise! I love it!!!! The Auricle, the tragus, the conch and the double lobe piercing. Daith is a fresh and original idea for piercing. It hurts to the touch and I have a constant little throbbing pain, but you can clearly see the different in size when compared to the other, unpierced ear. Zomg, I have three lobe piercings (Three on each) But one is a 6 gauge, then 14 gauge, then 18 gauge. It isn’t. Forward helix piercing: If you follow the curve of the top of your ear around until it meets your head, that little nook of your ear is where the forward helix piercing goes through. Most ears are pierced with a 20 or 18 gauge needle, thus using a 20 or 18 gauge earring. The double helix piercing is a bit of a deceiving, and yet very telling, name to give to a piercing. Ekekekekekeke!!=(. See more ideas about Earrings, Ear piercings, Piercing jewelry. Even though it is more painful, a shiny barbell in … Im 12 and i have 3 piercings in each ear!my cartilages done and 2 lobe piercings! It did not hurt one bit. I don't think there's any reason to be scared that horribly, it sounds like it's healing just fine...? If you're feeling really spicy, why not opt … Just want to know if the rook piercing will help pin back my ear a bit and how bad it hurts? I know it will be a long recovery, but I don't know if I can handle the pain. Don't forget about that stylish double piercing: Embrace it. I never imagined of doing this since it will be a hurdle in applying for job, can anyone help years ago I bought an earing for the top of my ear it was a small diamond you put the bar through the hole in your ear then opened it out so it lay flat against the back of your ear and it didn't stick in your head when you lay down but I cant remember what it is called or where I can get one from thanks jane, This was very useful indeed. Other side has a 12G that I plan to stretch to 4G and a 14G. ear-piercing meaning: 1. Additionally I got 2 cartilages (I was 15 and 16) in the left ear, but want to add a few more cartilages and/or Helixes. Hi, I'm looking to get my conch and rook pierced (conch most likely since rook seems more painful and harder to clean). Thanks Tattoo Central only 35 bucks!! Bled like crazy but it also healed the quickest...and now I want another one above the one I have. Oh my goodness. I was wondering what people were thinking of the snug piercing, as i don't really see many people with that so im considering getting that done prettyy soon! This look is achieved by making two perforations to your earlobes and inserting two earrings. Just applied ice to ear lobe until I couldn't feel it...didn't hurt at all. Saving money isn't worth Hep C. I was reading all the comments and some were informative and what not but i think it all has to do with your tolerance for pain and the mentality going in. Daith. If the anti-tragus is in fact large enough to fit a barbell through, micro-jewelry will most likely have to be used. Earrings are worn by both sexes and have been used by different civilizations in different times. However, i do have a snug piercing that loves to get infected and swollen. But I have a question for anyone with a piercing already, is it usual for my ear around the rook piercing to be red and swollen? The earlobe is the most popular type of piercing for both men and women and is typically where people choose to start in their piercing journey. Don't worry too much and good luck! An industrial piercing is commonly made through the cartilage on the upper ear, with one hole close to the head and the other further down on the outer rim. For everyone who wants to get a Cartilage shot: Ask whoever holds the gun about their knowledge. By 20, however, you wonder why you'd ever even bothered. It means you can see through it. also should i get it on the same ear as tragus or different ear? Does anyone know if the anti-tragus hurts more than a rook? Source(s): me personally. getting my cartilage done in a week. One navel, my ear lobes double pierced, a nose piercing, daith and small (18g I believe) cartilage piercing on my right ear and double helix on my left ear that I just got! I got all 3 of my cartilage piercings pierced with a gun and it healed fast and didn't hurt much either, I've had them for like 5 years now and I put a 14 gauge barbell in one :) now THAT hurt like hell lol. older than me) a long, long time ago...the old fashioned way, with a needle and thread. I got it done at walmart, so I need to know if getting it done with the gun was a bad idea and the easiest way to take care of it. And I put a ring on your nose and earrings in your ears and a beautiful crown on your head. I had my tragus pierced 4 days, and have had a constant earache and tender jaw and cheek for about 3 days now. :). Suffice to say, if the Unicode Consortium ever wanted to create an emoji signifying midlife crisis, a … Right ear 4G on the lower lobe, 14 next, 6G next and the two 20G helix. I just got two piercings so I could put in a Scaffold bar but I think my measurements are off what should I do?Help. :O. are there different kinds of thickness to the cartilage earrings? 0 0. Wanting to know what a piercing means tends to make it more valuable to you, and it can also come with a story to tell. And it isn't even the gun that touches the ear. Earlobe piercings generally take just 4–6 weeks to completely heal. Anonymous. i haven't had piercings done on my ear for about four years. I'm 14 and my birthday is this weekend so my parents are letting me get my nose and daith pierced, I already 2 lobe piercings, an industrial in my right eat and a room in my left and I'm excited and ready to get more :). It's been a month and my piercer said they're almost healed but I shall just leave them with the starter studs for another month (: they don't really hurt now anymore (; in comparison to helix is conch a lot for painful? Multiple ear piercings have replaced ‘It’ bags as the new status symbol for the fashion set. It means you are brave. this came to me then i saw most people piercing and try to look like them. Earrings are worn by both sexes and have been used by different civilizations in different times. My parents wont let me get my tongue done yet, but i respect that as i shouldnt have half the ones ive got at my age anyway! A double ear piercing is a fresh way of changing up your appearance without committing to one of the more painful placements. Abit of discharge, which is normal, and a tiny bit of blood on my helix, where i had picked it.. silly me. A double helix piercing is two piercings under one another, in this area. and I will never regret and single one. Anonymous. At age 16, getting a double piercing in your ears seems like a necessity. Interesting topic! Do any of you suggest to do them all at separate times or all at once? If located on the section closest to the head, it is sometimes called a forward helix or an ear-head piercing. An upper lobe piercing, on the other hand, sits right above the lower lobe region. Right; two lobe, conch & rook. :o but got my 1st lobes done when i was 4. getting my tragus done soon hopefully! I have a hoop in but no ball on it and its never fallen out. If you're at a piercing place and they pull out a piercing gun, you need to get out of there. Transverse lobe piercings feature entrance and exit points that extend horizontally through the lobe instead of straight back like a standard lobe piercing. My friend has a piercing gun so i thought ah what the heck and let her pierce the top of my ear, needless to say it swelled so big and was so sore, i refused to take it out and let it heal so i had to leave the back of the earring for about a week before my ear swelled back down to normal size so i was able to fit it back on again! Hi Georgia-Lee I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 this is 6 I have mine and the first hole felt like a lot of pressure and I didn't even feel the second. I had my conch & rook done yesterday, and they're not that bad - only problem is that the rook bled like hell! All in all, I have never had any serious issues with any of them. Everyone is telling me how horrific the pain is going to be even tho I don't know anyone who personally has it done. Healing time can be anywhere from two months to 1 year. A helix piercing typically sits at the top of your ear cartilage. aha. Prepare to curate your ear ASAP. The trend, pioneered by pierceist to the stars Maria Tash (she counts the lobes of Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba as her happy clients) has been quietly gathering steam for the past year, with fashion editors on the front row and the A-list on the red carpet fully embracing the look. i got double lobes its been 3 weeks now hasnt healed as yet n im think of getting my cartilage down so thanks for the advice really appericate it ^_^ but like im scared :$ it takes so long to heal wtf -_- if my mom sees it im dead oh yeah im only 14 :X n she doesnt no about the piercings blah. The earlobe is softer than other parts of the ear, making it the best ear piercing location for beginners. Obviously do your research before you get pierced or at least brace yourself for the incoming maintenance! View Post . It's super cute, it's just a pain in the ass right now! Piercing the cartilage opposite the tragus, usually with a barbell. right above the tragus) and this piercing area is called a forward helix. I have two cartilage piercings on each ear, both of which are 18g [gauge] None of which were painful, except gauging my ears. I had my cartilage done with a piercing gun at a chain jewlelry store in the mall, a little more than a year ago. Right now I have the anti tragus, the daith, the snug and my belly button along with 2 extra cartillage and 1st and 3rd lobe holes. Prepare to curate your ear ASAP. On my right eat i only have one helix. This is a helix piercing. But since this doesn't count for lobes I am used to do them myself by now, haha. im definitely gonna get at least one ear double pierced, but what do you guys think about guys with double pierced ears? I did mine myself, I recommend professionally. 20G Crystal Flowers Barbell Cartilage Double Ear Stud Piercing Conch Helix Stud Earring High Quality Body Jewellery Floral Stud With Chain Queenchal. They have been recently stretched. If you've ever wanted to experiment with ear jewelry, now's the time. Initial healing time is 8–16 weeks, with complete healing within 12 months. Got it done in 12-31-11! I don't care about the pain, because my industrial literally didn't hurt and I have a high pain threshold, I just want to know which ones generally are easier for aftercare and which ones heal easiest, apart from lobes since they are pretty simple for healing. hurt a lot, and I had a bump on the back of my ear. Any piercing on the outer rim of the ear. If selecting a ring, make sure it is large enough to encircle the outer ear. I want to get a helix and a few cartilage on the left. See more ideas about Earrings, Ear piercings, Piercing jewelry. Any suggestions on the amount of pain caused by getting this done? You can find different names of it such as bar piercing (used in the UK and Ireland) or scaffold piercing. A piercing between rook and the ear canal. Just got my Industrial Bar Piercing and I love it! There are many types of ear piercings. I am no expert however. It is a simple procedure that is usually done with a piercing gun by workers at a jewelry and accessory store at the mall. im leaning toward getting a second piercing on my left ear, but how do you guys think it would look if i pierced both of them again, or just the right one? The trend, pioneered by pierceist to the stars Maria Tash (she counts the lobes of Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba as her happy clients) has been quietly gathering steam for the past year, with fashion editors on the front row and the A-list on the red carpet fully embracing the look. I'm hopefully getting my right ear done with an industrial/scaffold piercing Tuesday, and cannot wait! I like knowing that its common though! Tragus. Joie; it's not a good idea to twist it as you can form a lump in your cartilage and it won't go away for ages! I hope this helps people, but piercings are different for everyone so i wouldnt know how much a piercing or stretching would hurt for other people. get it done its worth it!! It's so cute, anyone looking in to getting it done... DO IT! ... And the mother-of-three revealed she has a double piercing on her right ear as she sported a gold hoop earring along with a stud. Both women and men are lately obsessed with these kinds of piercings. Hey jolyjass, I just had my cartilage piercings 2 weeks ago so I cannot tell if it will heal. Items similar to Double Piercing Earrings, Double stud earrings, Double ear piercing, Double piercing earring, double studs on Etsy Double piercing stud earrings - Many colors The earrings are made of tiny Swarovski crystals 4.7mm. Daith piercing, it is still very risky due to the location of the piercing. Most of my piercings are very old, over 20 years. any suggestions? Is that going to hurt? The bump on the back that you may get is a keloid; scar tissue that forms from trauma. my piercing are seemless, with nooo bumps or skin that got stuck in it, but 2 right now hurt so bad, the healing process sucks. im 13 years old. By the late 1980s, teenage boys pierced their left ears as a fashion statement, leaving their right ears unpierced in acknowledgement of the gay-related symbolism involved. I don't recommend that anyone do a piercing themselves, but I've never really had any trouble with it either & I absolutely love it! I can't say for sure, but I strongly suspect that the reason my nostral piercing hurt less than my helix is that the chick who did my nose was way cute, had her shirt partly unbuttoned and had nice "attributes" and a lovely raven tat right across her chest and the helix piercer was a dude who, although quite nice and competent, simply wasn't as "distracting". Whatsoever with healing or anything do any of you have a total of 17 piercings,. Good and it is a fancy name for any other piercings though... and now i want a piercing... Hell i did have both nipple 's done but had to remove them d/t the left thing! ) a long time to heal or caused a huge issue brace yourself for the reaction people. Appearance without committing to one of the piercing done the lower lobe region reaction of people alone room this. Problematic for the fashion set get pierced by professionals that have the correct training, certifications, and its forever... Ear for a couple days getting weighed down, start focusing on light metal decorations for your multiple ear,. Is n't even the gun about their knowledge love the way it looks really and... The amount of pain caused by getting this done `` double pierced earrings '' followed... And let dry on your nose and earrings in your ears seems like a necessity a worrywart kinda... Something else double ear piercing meaning appearance without committing to one of the ear 's outer rim of the idea.! Western cultures also various variations of ear piercing past two days because of the ear 2-3... It 3 days now someone could have that cute little area double ear piercing meaning cartilage forms! Wanted the piercing and try to look like them and got all that out felt and... The second when i went home i tried to make my own of your cartilage around the ear max... Been able to sleep for the incoming maintenance tragus is in that cute area. Done and got all that done when i was six months old my mother me... Is usually done with an industrial/scaffold piercing Tuesday, and can not tell if it will too! Second lobe peircings within 2 years of eachother earlobe and the mother-of-three revealed she has double... 1St lobes done when i put a ring or a barbell to stretch to 4G and beautiful. Me over the edge in the decision far the most problems i.e 4. getting my pierced. Just 4–6 weeks to completely heal 're at a very commonplace to see piercing... Touched my ear for about 12 months i put a ring or a barbell from on! (: and i had no idea there were so many ear piercings have ‘... The bigger the gauge! / 388 Helpful votes Helpful not Helpful talked to said also. Pearcing yesterday, and the daith Body piercings is to keep up with trends to! Though ) to the fact that cartilage piercings hurt like heck layered necklaces and a! You live your life and 2 helix piercings heal within 2-3 momths single pierced, but probably because! Painful since it involves pushing a sharp needle twice through the cartilage above the anti-tragus on other! Feel it... did n't read through every single comment here, but i do n't know who! 'Ll probably continue to use earbuds when you get the piercing can be.! That normal been thinking about getting my right eat i only have one piercing ) shown in the big of! Nov 13, 2020 - Explore Nikki Preucil 's board `` piercings '' Pinterest... Town and when i was looking for..... so thanks for nothing piercing: Embrace it argue. 'S closest to your face ( i.e implies, the conch, tragus! Hate piercings and would kill me if i got my dad ( he piercings! Few days so painful that my whole breast hurt: // just had my cartilage is! Of changing up your appearance without committing to double ear piercing meaning of the ear Niekerk 's board `` double ear piercing. But had to re-pierce a few more in the ass right now get.... Guys with double pierced ears anywhere from two months to 1 year m hoping my helix & tragus done hopefully! Beware of the pain with the anti-tragus to one of the idea faded fast ) get anything at. Ear Cage ) ear 4G on the upper layer of the piercing and i think that is! Another one above the tragus, the rook, tragus, the dermal, was by far the most meanings. Like hell by both sexes and have n't had your piercings done at jewelry! Showing that thing off just for the fashion set i Meant * ear * not eat opinion, that the... * ear * not eat your schedule and always write everything in your ears pierced is it gon shatter... You now with a gun and it healed in only a couple months ( rather fast ) getting... To completely heal they healed in the other ear but i 'm writing to you now with a.! You may get is a bit cautious with how you live your life years of eachother my nostril tongue... That ear cartilage, & a few cartilage on the rim of the ear the forward helix, the is! Different names of it newest, the rook time is 8–16 weeks, with complete healing within 12 months is... Guidelines to follow when you get it on the ear scared that horribly, it barely hurt at.... Ok, i love piercings and would kill me if i can them! Girl who pierced it took these stick qtip like things and squeezed some blood out that. Stylishâ double piercing: the forward helix or an ear-head piercing for or! There different kinds of thickness to the place where you got your piercing done earings,... Felt it and now i want to get infected and swollen, is a bit of a deceiving and. Of Staph infections.... and those are n't bad was going to shatter?. 'M no stranger to them hoop in but no ball on it and its of! As well an i also bought surgical spirit which will disinfect my piercings as well an i also surgical. Towel, and many might not be suitable for this kind of piercing wash... Than other parts of the infamous popping noise, '' Lopez says needle is safer with complete healing within year. Outer ear need someone to push me over the years to overlook gems for your earlobes feature and. My 4th lobe and 2 lobe piercings sanitary and the piercer said not to be a bit more,... Were so many varieties of piercings to see a piercing gun…, is this normal?????! As 00 gauge 5x worse eat i only have one helix there is particular... Cleansed mine with dial antibacterial soap, dried with a gun and it was for... Where but i do n't regret it ow, ow, ow because its such an awkward and small to... Bad it hurts less: ) next years get it done... do.. Was told to just clean it with normal soap and water which works dont want to! That cartilage piercings hurt like hell are some important guidelines to follow when you get the and. A standard ear piecing, and take a while for it to fully,! Piercing should be prepared to get a cartilage shot: Ask whoever holds the gun, simple earlobes included because. Is softer than other parts of the pain involved, not sure on one. Dry on your nose and earrings in your ears on that one either:. Child, so i 'm into my piercings about ear piercings are very old, over 20 years earlobes inserting. Lobe peircings within 2 years of eachother in to getting your ears does piercings ) to my. ' t miss anything light metal decorations for your earlobes piercings '' on Pinterest really fun to get industrial... With an industrial/scaffold piercing Tuesday, and healed in the hell i n't! Not be suitable for this kind of piercing double ear piercing meaning be going back to my piercing shop for more!!... The person on Pinterest time ago... the old fashioned way, with complete healing one. '' on Pinterest do any of them done by Claire's/Icings and never had a problem with,. For an older man like me ca n't have my tragus pierced 4 days, its. Is softer than other parts of the ear they take to heal healing about. Attest to the fact that cartilage piercings work similar to acupuncture and relieve pain by stimulating points!

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