Glamping v camping: are you too posh to pitch?

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  • Posted on April 15, 2011

    Ecological but luxurious: Ecopod Boutique Retreat Photograph: Ecopod

    Traditional campers can get quite queeny, can’t they? Banging on about how they’ve had the same sleeping bag for the past 12 years, reckoning they’ve got closer to Mother Nature just because they wash themselves at a dripping hosepipe in the morning, as opposed to a hot shower in a pristine cubicle with a snowy-white luxury towel.

    The thing is, if you’re camping in a luxury yurt or a tipi, you’re still in nature. You still wake up to the sound of birdsong, only you won’t have chronic backache as you listen to it. Try staying in a huge canvas yurt with a real bed and a duckdown duvet (not to mention the wood burning stove and the cocktails served until the early hours) and then try going back to the rigours of the average British campsite. It’s like flying business class to Brazil and then going back to zoo class.

    Personally, I tend more towards the hippy deluxe end of the glamping scale and like to hire a furnished tipi with a ready prepared “shabby chic” interior in a field of my choosing.

    And there you are, in the middle of nature, with your carpets and your hair straighteners and your table with the Sunday papers, and you’re pretty much lady of your own glen. No overcrowded fields, no curfews, no jerking awake at 3am all clammy and freezing. And so what if everyone on luxury campsites is called Cosima and Poppy? There are plus points to Toff Land. There are no drunks, no litter and it’s beautifully quiet. And there are degrees of how much you want to “get back to nature”. Some weekends, the once-a-day run from your bijou Jacuzzi out to the campsite restaurant for a spot of beef wellington is all the country air you want. Better still, there’s no need to return to the office on Monday looking like you spent the weekend in a wet field.

    The Guardian | Londres/AC

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