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    Seven habits define the lifestyle of those born or adopted by Rio.

    Cariocas enjoy life outdoors.

    Hills to climb, forests to explore, bike lanes to cycle, football pitches to play, beaches to swim, run, talk, read (beaches for almost anything), Lagoa, Aterro do Flamengo… The carioca has many options and enjoys them like few. This habit creates a demand for sustainable initiatives that bring benefits to the city without assaulting the environment.

    Cariocas like samba. And also rock, MPB, funk, jazz… Cariocas like music.

    The samba culture is very presente in Rio de Janeiro, but the truth is that here there is room and public for all rhythms, from the most popular to niches. Major names from world music always include Rio in their tours and, at the same time, you can bump into a talented unknown playing in the beach or in a square.

    Cariocas are passionate.

    Those who live in Rio de Janeiro are so in love with the city that they applaud the sunset. The carioca has passionate reactions for their football team, their samba school, their favorite band. International artists always carry in their memory the warmth of the carioca crowd. It can be the latin blood, it can be the heat, but it’s certain that Rio is a city that rouses emotions.

    Cariocas are welcoming.

    Newcomers are always welcome. Caricoas love a good conversation with those who have diferente experiences to tell, for that there is always room for one more in the friends’ circle.

    Cariocas are simple and informal.

    Generally, the people of Rio de Janeiro are partial to simplicity and informality. Simplicity is drinking coconut water straight from the fruit, wearing bermuda shorts and sandals, calling the waiter by name… A normal carioca program is to sit a bar with chairs outside and spend hours sharing stories, snacks and beer bottles with friends.

    Cariocas also go to museums.

    With so much nature vying for the carioca’s attention, sometimes museums and cultural centers get relegated to the background, but it’s just a matter of a major attraction being announced that lines form at the door and go around the block. It’s worth highlighting CCBB (Banco do Brasil Cultural Center), MAM (Modern Art Museum) and the new MAR (Rio Art Museum), but there are several spread out through the city.

    Cariocas love a novelty.

    New sports, new rhythms, the hot new restaurant in the region, a new nightclub… Just like it receives those who come from outside, Rio is also very receptive to novelty. Perfect for those who intend to invest in the city, right?

    Rio Negócios is “carioca da gema” and speaks the language of the city. Contact us. Our specialists can be hosts to your investment and show you the best opportunities.

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