Fiocruz promotes hackathon for health tech solutions

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  • Posted on March 23, 2016


    The Scientific and Technological Information and Communication in Health Institute (Icict/Fiocruz) will conduct in 2016, for the first time, the Health Hackathon, an event which gathers programmers, designers, and other professionals in a concerned effort to develop technological applications and innovations for the Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS). “Health-related technological innovation is one of the missions of our institute, and we have identified in the Hackathon proposal an appropriate format for its fruition”, evaluates Marcel Pedroso, coordinator of the Icict/Fiocruz Studies’ Center, researcher at the Health Information Laboratory and organizer of the event. The event’s date i set to be announced soon.

    On April 7, the Health Pre-Hackathon will take place, as an activity to prepare for the main marathon. The program includes the unveiling of the challenge’s rules, events, which will be mobile apps and games, as well as evaluation criteria and awards. Also to be revealed are the priority themes for the public health challenges which will guide the development of solutions. Successful experiences in other Hackathons will also be shared with shared with participants , such as the app by the Rural Health Information Institute – SISS-Geo, presented by Paulo Werdt, from the National Scientific Computing Laboratory (LNCC), and the winning app from the 2015 Globo Hackathon, presented by Danielle Cohen, Giovanni Marques, Fábio Antônio and Guilherme Berger.

    To complete the Pre-Hackathon, there will be lectures and workshops on apps and technological innovation in serveral areas, with the participation of projects such as MobileTime; Carteirada do Bem, from Casa Digital; and Mobile Application Fabric, from IBM. Methods and techniques will also be shared in workshops, such as programming use in Python, Scrum methodology for agile software development, User Centered Design and the use of games in healthcare.

    The expectation of the Health Hackathon events is to mobilize and disseminate public health questions associated with the challenges of the technology area, which has been impacting society in the last few deacades. “At the same time that we encourage the building of applications interesting for SUS, we can build a network of programmers and learn about areas in which we are deficient, such as, for example, mobile application development”, evaluates Marcel Pedroso.

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