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    Jul 13, 2012 - Pilot is a 3-1/2 acre island that and with a lighthouse that serves as an active aid to navigation. 5. The lighthouses and range lights on the islands were essential for providing safe and efficient navigation on the most treacherous part of Lake Michigan. The lighthouse is open to the public for tours when the caretaker is present. Plum Island was staffed with a Coast Guard crew and boats until 1990, when the operation was moved to Washington Island where it is staffed seasonally. The Pilot Island Lighthouse, built in 1858 and automated in 1962, is also part of the Door County Maritime Museum Lighthouse Festival held in June. Poverty Island WI 27. The cattails are backlit as the sun drops towards the horizon over the salt marsh on the inland side of Plum Island, MA.. The staff for the range lights was in place until 1955 when the lights were automated, said John Lauber, an architectural historian and historic preservation planner from Minneapolis. St. Martin Island WI 26. The winning lighthouse is chosen from among 12 others in an internet vote on the company’s website. Bear Island. Green Island, ruins, no tower WI 20. Until recently it was the property of the Coast Guard which operated a range light and life saving station between the front and back door channels of Port Des Morts passage (translated to Deaths Door). ... Wisconsin State Journal. Plum Island Range Lighthouse, Wisconsin All these photos can be ordered, use the state # (ME12) for example and the A, B or C, if there is more than one. They include: Plum Island, Detroit Island, Hog Island, Pilot Island and Rock Island, a 900 acre island and Wisconsin’s only State Park on an island. With a land mass of approximately 35 square miles, Washington Island is the only island community with a year … Superior Entry Breakwater Lighthouse (Superior Entry South Breakwater Light), Superior Bay, Lake Superior, WisconsinOriginally built in 1858.SUPERIOR HARBOR ENTRY … Plum Island finally became open to the public this past May. 2000: Plum Island Lighthouse is named one of the 10 most endangered historic properties in the state by the Wisconsin Trust for Historic Preservation. Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands, Washington Island. Plum Island Lighthouse Door County – Plum Island Lighthouse is located in Lake Michigan waters off the shores of the Door County Peninsula in Wisconsin. ... this lighthouse was ordered constructed by President Buchanan after ship captains complained the light built on Plum Island in 1848 was too far west. Eagle Bluff Lighthouse 4. ... Give Cheers To The Season At Island Orchard Cider In Wisconsin. Located near Fish Creek, Chambers Island Lighthouse was built in 1888 and has been a 40-acre day park since 1976. Plum Island Lighthouse, Wisconsin. We will arrive at Plum Island and dock next to the old Coast Guard station. These islands, which include Plum Island, Detroit Island, Washington Island, Rock Island, St. Martin Island, Summer Island, and Poverty Island, form a dividing line between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, and in 1837 a lighthouse, the first on Lake Michigan, was built on Rock Island to guide vessels through Rock Island Passage. Join us as we depart Sister Bay Marina and head into Deaths Door. See more ideas about island lighthouse, lighthouse, island. The original Plum Island Lighthouse was built in 1848, but was later moved to Pilot Island. Enjoy a 2 hour cruise across Deaths Door Passage to see the lighthouses on Pilot and Plum Islands, historic Coast Guard Station, Plum Island Range Lights, Detroit Harbor Light, Washington and Detroit Islands and a shipwreck from 1867. (Wisconsin Lighthouses Ken and Barb Wardius) By some accounts, Pilot Island holds the record for witnessing the most shipwrecks of any Great Lakes Lighthouse. Along the mainland you will see cliffs, caves, beautiful waterfront homes and often Eagles. Commonist/Wikimedia. It is also home to Sand Island lighthouse, constructed in 1881. Plum Island Range WI 23. Plum Island, along with Pilot Island, which is located farther east in Lake Michigan, were previously owned by the U.S. Coast Guard. The gap between the peninsula’s tip and Washington Island earned the name “Death’s Door” due to its dangerous waters. Visitors will be able to walk around the island and explore the historic lighthouse. The caretaker's office is now a museum of island and Wisconsin lighthouse history. 2.8K likes. Plum Island Rear Range Lighthouse. Only a 41-minute drive from the Ashbrooke Hotel. We took this photo during the Door County Lighthouse Weekend in 1999. The Plum Island Range Lights are located north of Gills Rock, WI in the middle of the treacherous Death's Door Passage. Portions of the foundation of the 1848 lighthouse can be found in the wooded area of the island. Baileys Harbor Range WI 30. Plum Island Range Rear Light, Plum Island, Door County, WisconsinBoth Plum Island Range Lights (front and rear) make up the Plum Island Light Stataion, which were part of the Plum Island Life-Saving The front and rear range lights were part of the United States Life-Saving Station that was established on Plum Island in 1896. Cana Island WI 28. The first lighthouse keeper, William Riggins, lived in the lighthouse with his wife and three children until 1857. Pepper has a page for the lighthouse, Lighthouse Digest has an October 2003 feature on the Pilot Island and Plum Island Lights, and Google has a satellite view. Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey – ipl: ... “Plum Island, Wisconsin” Built: 1897 “Plum Island is located in the middle of Deaths Door, the perilous waters where Green Bay meets Lake Michigan. Plum Island was the site of the original (1848) Porte des Morts light, but the light was moved to Pilot Island in 1858. The equipment was moved to the newly built, Pilot Island lighthouse. Click on any photo on this page to purchase a print. Eagle Bluff WI 22. Plum Island has been uninhabited since 1991, when the U.S. Coast Guard moved its search and rescue facility from Plum Island to Washington Island. The 325 acre island was reserved from the public domain in 1848 for lighthouse purposes. Tim Sweet, a member of the Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands, filled out an application for consideration and Plum Island, which dates to 1897, was chosen as a finalist from among 70 applications. Plum Island remained empty until 1896, when a United States Life Saving Service station was built on the island. The first lighthouse on the island, together with a keeper's dwelling, was completed in 1849. Michigan Lake links Green Bay between the end of the main Door Peninsula and Washington Island. This rear range light is an iron skeletal pyramidal structure. They acquired Plum Island in 1848 with construction of a lighthouse completed in 1849 . Fish and Wildlife Service. Marsh in Parker River/ Plum Island Main Beach on Plum Island, Massachusetts. Plum Island Part of the Grand Traverse Islands chain, Plum Island is the site of a Coast Guard station and the Plum Island Lighthouse Range Lights. Plum Island Lighthouse Excursion. The U.S. Lighthouse board decided the passage needed a light. WI 24. Plum Island Light is located on the western end of Plum Island, which lies east of Orient Point which in turn is at the end of the North Fork of Long Island in the US state of New York.An historic granite lighthouse originally built in 1869 sits at the site, but no longer serves as an active aid to navigation. Bring some snacks if you’d like. This 30-Minute Wisconsin Sleigh Ride Takes You Through A Winter Wonderland. 2007: Control of the island is handed over to the U.S. WI 19. Michigan Lake links Green Bay between the end of the main Door Peninsula and Washington Island. Winter. Plum Island is located off of the tip of Door County, midway between the mainland and Washington Island, on the Porte des Morts passage. We have a full bar of refreshments on board. This lighthouse was built on an island near Baileys Harbor in 1852 and removed from service in 1869 when the Baileys Harbor Range Lights were built. Pilot Island . The cream brick lighthouse was built in 1858 and was occupied by a keeper until 1962 when the light was automated. The keeper's house and Coast Guard station were listed among Wisconsin's 10 most endangered historic properties in April 2000. Plum Island is located off the tip of Door County between Northport and Washington Island. The island and its surrounding waters are classified as a bird sanctuary for colonial nesting birds. They are located north of Gills Rock, WI in the middle of the treacherous Death's Door Passage. See more ideas about Plum island, Island, Door county wisconsin. Baileys Harbor WI 29. The lights are located on the southern end of the island, the Front Light to the east, the Rear Range Light about a third of a mile to the west. WI 22-A Plum Island Range. Chambers Island WI 21. To help save lives, the Plum Island Lighthouse was erected in 1896. The Port des Morts light, however, was placed too far west. Pilot Island, a low-lying, roughly elliptical islet situated at the southern end of Death’s Door, roughly two miles from Plum Island, was selected as the site for a new lighthouse, and a … Chambers Island Lighthouse. Pottawatamie WI 25. Wisconsin … Plum Island is an island at the western shore of Lake Michigan in the southern part of the town of Washington in Door County, Wisconsin, United States.There have been hundreds of shipwrecks off the island's shores.. 2013: Efforts to clean up Plum Island is started by Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands. The Plum Island range lights were constructed in 1896 and first lit the following year. First, the government transferred Martin Knudsen from Pilot Island to the new range light station on nearby Plum Island in 1897, and promoted Gottfried Hansen from first assistant to keeper on Pilot. This lighthouse is one of three lights in the Plum Island Range Light system. May 27, 2015 - Built in 1896, electrified in 1931 and automated in 1969.

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