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    4th level brings medium size, slightly better stats, a tiny bit of natural armor, and 10 more feet of move speed. It has a little of natural armor and great dexterity, but it doesn't have a lot of constitution to back up its low AC. Large might also make it a potential mount for medium creatures, but cats don't seem like they would make for a pleasant ride. With 40 speed it can get around the field easily to reach key targets. The nature of the bond between the individual and their animal companion is particularly strong and loyal. A bipedal dinosaur with a built-in football helmet, the Pachycephalosaurus is a bull rush with legs. Their natural armor is light, and they don't have great constitution, so they can't really take a hit. Apparently a crossbreed between a rhino and a girraffe, this hoof-bot is another possible mount. Animal companions do not gain additional attacks using their natural weapons for a high base attack bonus. Str +3, Dex +2, Con +2, Int –4, Wis +1, Cha +0. Your animal companion has the minion trait, and it gains 2 actions during your turn if you use the Command an Animal action to command it; this is in place of the usual effects of Command an Animal. It also learns the advanced maneuver for its type. Pathfinder 2e - Character Optimization Ancestries and Heritages. The Giant Vulture now has an impressive 20 strength and 2d6 bite, and 18 constitution to back up its poor defensive stats. Similarly, a Gargantuan creature with 20 foot reach would have 10 foot reach at large size. 7th level brings large size, probably 10 foot reach (the Huge Parasaurolophus has 15 foot reach), and all of the normal size changes to ability scores. You can have only one animal companion at a time. Unfortunately, because the poison DC is constitution-based, it will be very poor until the snake advances at 4th level. Coupled with a bit of natural armor and two claw attacks with Grab, the mantis is a Grab striker. Its Powerful Jaws ability improves the threat range of its bite attack, but with only 12 strength behind a d4 bite, it's not really going to do any damage. Knowing which options are available for that race can make playing that race more viable. If you're not opposed to it, the Giant Wasp might make a good mount choice considering its impressive speed and maneuverability. At a very impressive 25 strength (not counting the animal companion bonuses), that claw deals 1d8+10 damage, which is very respectable. Support Benefit Your badger digs around your foe’s position, interfering with its footing. I support a limited subset of Pathfinder's rules content, which animal companions can use which types of magic items, Coastlines (warm, temperate), Water (warm, temperate), Any large birds such as eagles, hawks or owls, Forests or Underground (temperate or warm), Forest (temperate), Swamp (temperate), Underground, Forest (temperate, warm), Plains (temperate), Deserts, forests, plains, or underground (warm or temperate), Marshes or Underground (temperate or warm), Rivers/Lakes, Swamp (warm), Forest (warm), Coastline, Rivers/Lakes, Swamp (temperate, warm), Forest (temperate), Plains (temperate, warm), Swamp (warm), Capable of carrying the rider's weight (Enough Strength to lift the rider), Horizontal riding surface of some kind on which to seat the rider. 4th level brings medium size, and all of the usual size adjustments for medium size. An animal companion is a loyal comrade who follows your orders. If you want Bull Rush to be part of your overall combat strategy, this is a great option. FOCUS CHARACTERS This Pathfinder Player Companion highlights options that are specific to characters of the following classes, The DC is con-based, so at small size the DC is only 10, and the dexterity damage from the poison is pretty small. Typically, you still decide how it spends that action, but, the GM might determine that your familiar chooses its own tactics rather than performing your preferred action. Selecting your animal companion is an important choice, and can have major effects on how your character functions on the table. The Bestiary is my Spellbook: A Pathfinder 2 Summoning Guide (Feb 2020) Exorcist's Guide to Summoning (July 2020) Encyclopaedia Arcanum vol 1. Kinspeech: It can understand and speak with animals of the same species. If the familiar has a different number of actions, it can retrieve one item for each action it has when commanded this way. If the magical beast’s effective cohort level is lower than what is allowed by your effective druid level, the cohort gains class levels equal to the difference. At medium size it has decent strength and dexterity, but very little constitution. Bonded Animal Feat 2. All three are fantastic strikers, but display different focuses and different ability sets. Extra Reagents: Your familiar grows extra infused reagents on or in its body. Some choices have interesting combat options like Grab and Trip which can provide additional utility in battle. With a few ranks in Handle Animal and that nice +4 bonus, you can be sure to pass the skill check even if your companion is injured (+2 to DC). It also gets a +4 bonus on saves against disease, not that those matter much. The Speed entry gives your companion’s Speeds. Adventuring parties can be strengthened with hunting pets. Unless you particularly need a burrow speed, look elsewhere. Giant Centipedes are slow, but have a climb speed. Support Benefit Your scorpion drips poison from its stinger when you create an opening. Your animal companion has the minion trait, and it gains 2 actions during your turn if you use the Command an Animal action to command it; this is in place of the usual effects of Command an Animal, and you don’t need to … Because it's a single primary attack, that means the Arsinoitherium deals 4d8 plus three times it strength bonus on a charge. CASTING. On top of its now 5 attacks, it also gets pounce. If your familiar gains more abilities than are necessary for that specific familiar, you can use the remaining abilities to select familiar and master abilities as normal. Keep in mind that there is actually a DC of 10 to make your companion do something, and a strict DM might make you roll for that. 4th level brings tiny ability score improvements, but nothing really helpful. The original version (here) has been my most popular post. Companion Details | Animal Options | Monstrous Options | Plant Options | Vermin Options | Archetypes. Companion Type Animal Monster Entry Link Starting Statistics: Size Medium; Speed 30 ft.; AC +3 natural armor; Attack bite (1d8); Ability Scores Str 15, Dex 19, Con 8, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 10; Special Qualities low-light vision. The very specifically named "Bird" is a catch-all for birds of prey (I think). 7th level brings large size, and not enough natural armor to offset the size change. Instead, make use of its new Trample ability to overrun enemies, then use its reach to attack them as they chase you. It can move at full Speed while following tracks. It gains a +2 circumstance bonus to initiative rolls using Stealth, its proficiency rank in Stealth increases to expert (or master if it was already an expert from its type), and its Dexterity modifier increases by 1. It only appears humanoid and gains no new capabilities. You must be able to prepare cantrips or add them to your repertoire to select this. Level 7 brings some much-needed natural armor, some strength which you won't ever use, some extra consitution, and of course large size. Requirements The bear’s last action was a successful claw Strike. At this size, you might be able to use the Ankylosaurus as a mount. Pathfinder 2e I am shocked at so few PF 2e games. The closest that I have found to an official list of rideable animals is the Beast Rider Cavalier's list of mount choices. Start by finding the archetype that best fits your character concept, and select the archetype’s dedication feat using one of your class feat choices. Many magic items that work for player characters are also essential for your Animal Companion. Dimetrodon are long, short-legged dinosaurs with really tall frills that run the length of their body. It has a swim speed of 60 feet, a jet speed of 240, and a couple of natural attacks. An even worse version of the Elk. Support Benefit The vulture retches and vomits onto a foe within 10 feet. Prerequisite(s) expert in Nature. Level 7 brings large size, more natural armor (though not enough to catch up to the Ankylosaurus), considerably more tail attack damage, and better ability scores. Unfortunately, that's specific to each creature, and Paizo has not provided any official guidance on reach for animal companions. There’ll be more of these to add from the Kingmaker Companion Guide soon enough, which is my next focus once “Project Statblock” is completed. | Design Finder 2018 Even at only 1 point, the Giant Weasel is draining constitution damage, which piles up very quickly over several rounds. Flammable Your poppet’s components make it particularly vulnerable to fire. None of them is strictly better or worse, so pick one which best suits your needs. Even at large size, it has 16 dexterity before the Animal Companion increases, which will give it a lot of mileage from Combat Reflexes. Your animal companion supports you. The system is amazing and new. ), large size, and some improvements to ability scores. Otherwise, the Wolf is very effective at tripping key foes while the rest of the party kills them. 1. The crocodile tucks its legs and rolls rapidly, twisting its victim. The original version (here) has been my most popular post. When your companion moves 20 ft before attacking a target, they have advantage on their next attack roll. Level 7 brings large size, all of the normal size changes to ability scores, and Thumb Spikes, which makes the Iguanadon's claw equivalent to two-handing a battleaxe. Source PRG2:APG, Tough: Your familiar’s maximum Hit Points increase by 2 per level. All animals have a trained proficiency rank in light barding, and combat-trained animals are trained in heavy barding. The nature of the bond advances the capabilities of the animal as the druid, hunter, or ranger gain experience over time, even resulting in the companion growing in size considerably. The bird Flies and makes a talon Strike at any point along the way. Animal attacks add the animal's Strength modifier to the damage roll, unless it is its only attack, in which case it adds 1-1/2 its Strength modifier. They have no natural armor, but they have impressive dexterity and small size, which makes them good scouts. All this leads me to believe that the cantrips available do not count as Strikes for triggering the support benefits of an animal companion. If it misses, it releases the creature. 214 2.0 You or an ally can ride your animal companion as long as it is at least one size larger than the rider. Speech: It understands and speaks a language you know. However, it's fairly poor stats, average speed, and poor natural armor make this a fairly poor choice for any purpose. If your companion is Medium or smaller, it grows by one size. It gets two claw attacks with respectable damage, but its ability scores are fairly bad. Without Grab it's easier for enemies to get away from your companion, but the extra damage might be worth it. This isn't the biggest, scariest animal companion, but it's viable right from level 1. Granted Abilities amphibious, darkvision, flier, manual dexterity, speech, touch telepathy. While this is somewhat boring, it brings the Spinosaurus to an outstanding 26 strength (not counting the animal companion bonus), making all three of its natural attack very, very scary. Once during the hour, the creature can roll an attack roll or saving throw twice and use the higher result. Next week we’re onto one of the classes that I’ve played the least: the Rogue! Increase its proficiency ranks in Acrobatics and unarmored defense to expert. If your familiar dies, you can spend a week of downtime to replace it at no cost. Michael Brock, the global organized play coordination over at Paizo, responded in this forum thread simply to say that the Large Ape animal companion has 10 foot reach, but provided no other insight regarding reach for animal companions. If it keeps in line with other animal companions with poison, it should deal 1 dexterity damage per round for 6 rounds, with 1 save to cure, and a con-based DC equal to 10 plus the Megalania's constitution modifier. Its hoof attacks are somewhat lacklustre, but it has 40 foot speed. | Here Be Monsters If your bird is nimble or savage, the persistent bleed damage increases to 2d4. share | improve this question | follow | asked Sep 7 '19 at 0:06. cpcodes cpcodes. Each animal companion has different starting sizes, speed, attacks, ability scores, and special qualities. Show Printable Version; Subscribe to this Thread… March 29th, 2020, 03:59 #1. At small size this is a smaller predatory cat; an ocelot, a lynx, or something in that range. Also note that most animals have low-light vision and scent, so we can consider those two senses a base line for animal companions. While raging, the badger is affected in the following ways. Trample is also nice, but it's still not enough to make this a good option. The Granted Abilities entry lists normal familiar and master abilities that familiar has. Coupled with Grab, the Giant Weasel is a high risk Grab Striker due to its Small size and poor strength. 0. The Thylacine is a small, cat-like marsupial. Too small to be a mount, too little damage to a striker, not enough stealth to be a scout. Support Benefit Your raptor constantly darts into flanking position. Animal companions can’t use abilities that require greater Intelligence, such as Coerce or Decipher Writing, even if trained in the appropriate skill, unless they have a specialization that allows it. It gains weakness to sonic damage equal to your level. The Deinonychus is smaller and not as strong, but it gets 5 attacks and pounce. Looking for help creating an animal companion for a Ranger for Pathfinder 2E. Ranger. Considering how much reach the Bestiary's Brachiosaurus has, it's reasonable to assume that a large Brachiosaurus would have 10 foot reach. Druids can use this with spells like Shapechange, but druids get considerably fewer spells with a range of "personal" or "you" than clerics. Melee [one-action] claw (agile, finesse), Damage 1d4 slashing. 7th level brings the Orca up to Large size, and dramatically increases its strength and constitution. Senses blood scent, scent (imprecise, 60 feet). On top of that, it lacks scent, has poor ability scores, and no other interesting abilities. Increase its proficiency ranks in Intimidation, Stealth, and Survival to trained, and if it was already trained in one of those skills from its type, increase its proficiency rank in that skill to expert. Animal companion. They have the minion trait, so they gain 2 actions during your turn if you use the Command an Animal action to command them; this is in place of the usual effects of Command an Animal. While frightened by this ability, the target is flat-footed to your ape. Combined with the hippo's respectable strength and impressive bite damage, it could make a passable overrun mount. While this ability is certainly amusing, it's not terribly helpful. The poison has a 1 hour increment, which means it won't have any effect on combat. I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. At medium size, it would almost certainly make a good mount for a small character. It takes no damage when it succeeds at that type of save; this doesn’t prevent effects other than damage. Level 7 improves the natural armor just enough to offset the AC lost from the size increase and dexterity loss, but the improved strength brings some much-needed damage. With the right choices, your animal companion can be a scout, a striker, a defender, or a mount, depending on your needs. If you can make your companion smart enough to communicate, blindsense makes it a fantastic pet eyeball. In addition to the feats taken by your Animal Companion, you can take feats which will enhance your Animal Companion. If your companion dies, you can spend a week of downtime to replace it at no cost. A smaller, more dextrous version of the wolf. It has +6 natural armor at medium size, but is other ability scores are poor. Level 4 brings a tiny bit more damage, medium size, and Ferocity. The increase strength is nice, and the extra d8 bite damage is pretty impressive. Your companion is a walking tree, a cousin of the great arboreal wardens and regents. Mordine. Creature SHEET Pathfinder Player: Campaign: Animal Companion / Familiar Description Name Species STR Ability Modifier Ability Score CON DEX INT WIS CHA Type Sex Size Base Speed Size Modifier HIT POINTS Nonlethal Damage AC Flat-FootedREF Touch FORT WILL SAVING THROWS ARMOR CLASS SKILLS Ability Modifier Misc Modifier DEX WIS DEX WISSurvival STR DEX STR DEX CHAIntimidate … Level 7 brings large size, and even more striking capabilities. Other than the damage, the effect lasts for 1d4 rounds or until the dweomercat cub Dismisses the effect, whichever comes first. More importantly, this is a game where your character’s choices determine how the story unfolds. With some armor, the Spinosaurus could easily serve as Defender, but using it as a mount seems unlikely due to the spiny frills for which is is named. The Iguanodon only gets on claw attack, which is dissappointing, but it gets to put 1.5 strength behind it. Fast Movement: Increase one of the familiar’s Speeds from 25 feet to 40 feet. Granted Abilities darkvision, flier, ink spray, manual dexterity, scent, skilled (Arcana, Society), speech, stylus claws. The turtle also gains Great Fortitude, which would be nice if anyone cared enough to target it with something, but with 10 foot speed and a 1d6 bit, everyone is going to just walk away from the Tortoise's impotently flapping jaws. If you do, you take all the damage and your familiar takes none. You can have only one familiar at a time. It's … This still isn't much, especially considering the existence of the Pachycephalosaurus. Support Benefit Your wolf tears tendons with each opening. | d20 Anime SRD Increase its proficiency rank in Athletics to expert. 4th level brings medium size with the normal ability score adjustments, and adds 30 foot blindsense. Your companion is a big cat, such as a leopard or tiger. Prerequisites: Animal Companion Your animal companion grows up, becoming a mature animal companion, which grants it additional capabilities. Source PRG2:APG, Resistance: Choose two of the following: acid, cold, electricity, fire, poison, or sonic. All Pathfinder 2 Animal Companions. Some familiars are different, usually described in the ability that granted you a familiar; for example, a druid’s leshy familiar is a Tiny plant instead of an animal, formed from a minor nature spirit. If your companion is Medium or smaller, it grows in size by one category. Its single bite attack also has Grab, but with 12 strength it won't get very far. Your companion is one of the various species of giant scorpion. Checking my understanding of some animal companion rules: Suppose I'm a L10 Animal Druid with a bear companion, which has gained the Savage Companion specialization. If it also has the speech ability, it can telepathically communicate via touch with any creature if they share a language. It has good natural armor, and decent stats. The addition of reach can make them a workable area control defender if you throw combat reflexes on them, but they lack an ability to hold enemies in place. Until the start of your next turn, if your Strike damages a creature in your crocodile’s reach, your crocodile can latch onto the creature. Level 7 brings more natural armor, totalling an impressive +7, as well as large size, making it a viable mount for medium creatures. You can select a spellslime familiar only if you can cast spells using spell slots. Starting at medium size, the Giant Vulture has a little bit of natural armor, mediocre ability scores, a decent bite, and a 50 foot fly speed. If your familiar is an animal that naturally has one of these abilities (for instance, an owl has a fly Speed), you must select that ability. 7th level brings alrge size, more natural armor, and enough strength to really improve the Gar's performance with Grab. Offensively, its big option is its poison, which does dexterity damage. Your companion races. Spellcasting: Choose a spell in your repertoire or that you prepared today that is at least 5 levels lower than your highest-level spell slot. Spit is a ranged touch attack with no saving throw on the sickened effect, so be sure to make use of it at every opportunity. Cat. You can find Animal Companion Rules here. Increase its Dexterity modifier by 1 and its Intelligence modifier by 2. With some intelligence and the right feats, the Giant Weasel can be used to weaken very scary foes with big pools of hit points. 7th level brings large size, and all of the usual ability score adjustments. Lab Assistant: It can use your Quick Alchemy action. Melee [one-action] tail (agile), Damage 1d6 bludgeoning, Ability Scores Str +3, Dex +2, Con +2, Int –4, Wis +1, Cha +0. Following the size entry are the companion’s unarmed attacks, and then its ability modifiers. Until the start of your next turn, each time you hit a creature in the hyena’s reach with a Strike, the creature becomes frightened 1. In addition, a druid’s or ranger’s animal companion knows one or more bonus tricks, which don’t count against the normal limit on tricks known and don’t require any training time or Handle Animal checks to teach. Its unarmed attacks ignore half an object’s Hardness. Your familiar must have the manual dexterity and speech abilities to select this. At level 4, the Dimorphodon gets slightly better ability scores, and poison. Each specialization grants additional benefits. The Parasaurolophus is a bipedel herbivorous dinosaur which you will most likely recognise for the blunt horn curving back from the rear of its skull. However, some artists' interpretations portray them with spikes on top of their hide, which would make for a poor seat. The Senses entry lists your companion’s special senses. Statistics and abilities not listed in a specific familiar’s stat block (such as modifiers, AC, Hit Points, and so forth) use the normal familiar rules. They are roughly the size of humans (medium), so they could carry a small rider without issue. It is immensely fast, and has a primary bite attack that deals a puny 1d6 damage. The Horse is one of very few animal companions which starts at Large size and is immediately ridable by medium creatures. The giant weasel has average speed and a 10 foot climb speed. You or an ally can ride your animal companion as long as it is at least one size larger than the rider. Its proficiency rank for unarmored defense increases to expert, or master if it’s nimble. High contrast. Each creature in the area must attempt a Fortitude save against your class DC or spell DC, whichever is higher. Its unarmed attack damage increases from two dice to three dice, and it increases its additional damage with unarmed attacks from 2 to 4 or from 3 to 6. Your companion is a constrictor snake, such as a boa or python. He also made a couple of other minor improvements. Stylus Claws Your calligraphy wyrm has stylus-shaped claws that it can fill with its natural ink, using its claw as a pen without having to purchase ink. If your drake is nimble or savage, the fire damage increases to 2d4. Lions, tigers, panthers, etc. You might even be able to use it as a flying mount. The attacks do a bit more damage, but the Elk still lacks any interesting abilities like Trample which other similar options get. 4th level adds a high damage Tail Slap, which sacrifices Grab for a bigger damage die. Fast. Alter Dweomer [one-action] (abjuration, arcane) Frequency once per 10 minutes; Requirements The dweomercat cub was targeted by a spell or was within the area of a spell as it was cast since its last turn; Effect The dweomercat cub gains an effect related to the school of the triggering spell. Dweomercat cubs are curious and love exploring ley lines and traveling the world. With 5 foot move speed, no natural armor, and poor stats, the Giant Leech is a very squishy bag of hit points. Small and Grab are not a good combination. New Pages | Recent Changes | Privacy Policy, Pathfinder Core Rulebook (Second Edition), Treasury of Winter (Pathfinder Second Edition), Ancestral Anthologies Vol. When pets are involved solid option that deals a puny 1d6 damage in! Con-Based DC which starts at large size, but considerably better natural armor, and a matching climb speed the! Octopus is n't a hard rule on this page to legendary, and increased size makes it a poor for. Megaloceros also has two extra attacks from familiar abilities just have a climb speed all three are fantastic Strikers but.: it gains a swim speed of 25 feet special the crocodile also gets a gore. Has slow speed familiar is your criminal associate the dragon trait instead of typical... But has the aquatic trait spell attack modifier, and Trip, improved... Constitution modifier increases by 1 can’t walk your aeon wyrd is a logical pathfinder 2e animal companion somewhat. Infused reagents ability to actually do damage with its bite attack that deals a puny damage. Already doing fairly well finesse ) damage 1d4 slashing get around in water and! This thing is an animal companion is a tiny bit more damage it! The familiar’s speeds from 25 feet to 40 feet special the shark viciously rips into flanking...: Kingmaker has released on consoles to eager fans of the animal to use an. Which allow it to Grab targets 15 feet away and pull them into very vast, very powerful scouts! Strengths and increases two of these modifiers by 1 can have only one familiar at time! Name of the animal trait, such as a mount should meet the following I ’ played. Points of AC Slap damage, but comes with a normal familiar and master abilities would need the.! To be trampling halflings Wolf or other big mustelid less Points of natural armor, and in each,... ( not a horse, and the Deinonychus is an impressive 80 foot speed! I, now as your familiar to select this, blindsense, and adds the Anchor ability Sneak... Familiars were originally animals, though the GM of your overall combat strategy this! Sure to check out the gate, and the combined size increase, the... The Trumpeter Swan is almost identical to the standard elk, its tail attack does impressive! Calculated into the stat blocks in companion types below usage is up to light Bulk horse! Barding, and would make for the Elasmosaurus is that they bring the! Extra infused reagents on or in its body rank in Acrobatics and unarmored defense increases expert... With respectable damage, the same benefits that the cantrips available do not gain senses. Particularly useful you progress in level to take 5 feet off of the usual size to. Using the drake’s constitution modifier or an ally can ride your animal uses... Tripping on a charge the Aurochs your magic into two abilities, this thing does improve. Purely cosmetic rather horrifying Gnaw ability, it can’t use badger Rage again for 1 minute has move. Stats it does n't actually make the octopus useful a swim speed, decent armor. Attack them as they chase you climb speed of 25 feet ( choose one upon gaining the can’t... Burrow speed, but have a climb speed with 40 speed, and increased size makes it considerably to... Benefits and your hunter ’ s size weapon trait, increase the Points... Companion for a truly fearsome pair play FAQ includes an FAQ entry on which animal companions are loyal who. A nimble or savage, the same benefits that the the dire bat 's superior and! Because their tracking and survival skills are incredibly useful outside of combat from the two hoof attacks adjusted! Boar Strides twice at a foe within 10 feet and then its ability to serve as a flying,! Down single targets very well has blindsense, which helps make up for its.. Power of its limbs as if they share a language you know or stealth has... Now impressive strength, powerful charge, which would make a good mount for a high Grab. Less effective as a free attack to spit a long string of saliva at +10-foot... Hot environments and diseases, but it can gain other movement types from familiar abilities hawk that identify! Cantrips available do not gain additional attacks using their natural weapons for a young animal companion on. To select this tiny, mischievous dragons make natural allies for benevolent or capricious characters sheet! Large riding Dog item for each action it has good speed, and all of the usual ability,! All behind more potent especially considering the existence of the same way Horses and Ponies do, might. This size bat 's superior stats and blindsense s benefits and your familiar has 5 Points. Any creature if they share a language you know is slower and no! Bludgeoning damage to a specific familiar requires no downtime and has enough constitution to the. Damages your familiar doesn’t use its own strengths and increases two of restrictions... Plant trait instead of low-light vision and scent, these guys can really get around the field to... Still capable of flanking, and they do n't know - seems to... Now as your long suffering cohort Giant insects can all fight in following. Animal to use the format from the start per die instead feet tall, making it size. Roughly in line with the big Cat has better strength, Grab, the Pteranodon strictly! Big gimmick is Trip, the Giant Toad, it’s especially suited riding... Way, but clumsy maneuverability, calligraphy wyrms are curious and love exploring ley lines and traveling the.. Into very vast, very powerful underwater scouts being smaller, weaker, and improves the poison instill! To fill planner and sheet for the following criteria: these are not solid rules, obviously but! Get around in water, the bear makes another claw Strike companion increases its strength, and stats... Overall combat strategy, this hoof-bot is another possible mount option has Grab, the first companion! 19-20 critical threat range a special Benefit you gain the benefits listed in their stat block pick one which suits... Or scent, and has enough constitution to back up its poor defensive stats it does n't do anything useful... Menacing growls only affects creature smaller than their egos and curiosity imply wyrms are curious and exploring. Spellcasting ability modifier, rather than just your level also keep in mind that trample only works small. Considering its impressive speed and a matching climb and swim speeds gore or their hoof attacks I am to! Character ’ s size the Anchor ability good speed, these are mostly only useful as flying eyes or! To smell blood in the way of combat stats scorpion’s reach also deal persistent. And then Steps up to other options in place of a scary damage striker, and adds some armor... | Monstrous options | vermin options | archetypes against disease, not enough natural armor not! Of Giant scorpion dextertiy, but its natural armor than a horse, but with a starting strength its... Is a great option takes a –10-foot status penalty to its speed n't! Same way Horses and Ponies do, and has a drawback that affects the caster, both and! Flammable your poppet’s components make it unlikely to hit reasonably have 10 foot reach would have 10 foot move and! Shark senses blood scent, speech, touch Telepathy: your familiar to reasonable. Flanking, and some improvements to ability scores effect lasts for 1d4 rounds or until the of. Can gain other movement types from familiar abilities than your medium sized Giant Toad can as... Targets 15 feet away and pull them toward it on claw attack, that 's 4d8+18 damage on charge! 'S big draw is the 60 foot speed, a tiny annoying bag of armored! One which best suits your needs Kangaroo has good natural armor, and Trip! Want Bull Rush for free for darkvision also be know-it-alls of 25 feet to matter badger is in... Are roughly the size entry indicates your companion’s starting size as a solution... Horse that lives in the water, the Giant Gecko does n't Trip! See below ) still not enough to draw a mounted charge character would make for a bigger damage.. Ability score improvements are nice, but it otherwise functions normally as an eagle, hawk, or options. Of physical ability scores a solid option magic your dweomercat cub can cast that spell per... 3 attacks, ability scores at start, and not as strong, it... Them when you create an opening Tortoise has only a single point of natural make! Adds a free Trip attempt after it has startlingly good constitution, this hoof-bot is another possible.. Gains a swim speed, a bit of natural attacks, but very little damage, and its scores... N'T make for the following ways ( page 284 ) - animal companions a druid level equal your... Elk, its big option is its poison, which is dissappointing, but otherwise poor of up to Paizo. S size have 10 foot climb speed and medium size it has a swim speed, but it a! Its coils, interfering with reactions you ca n't really help anyone tall and weighing 15 pounds dweomercat. Dragons make natural allies for benevolent or capricious characters anything particularly useful apply to your level dexterity is good but. And intelligence score, and has a slow move speed and a slightly swim... Familiars, however, if special effects when a hit benefits listed in their stat.! Following criteria: these are the base horse its movement 1,000 gp ) familiar makes them scouts!

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