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  • Posted on August 1, 2016

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    The Rio 2016 Games will coincide with the busiest period of Casa Rio, with six conferences presenting to the world the new business environment of Rio de Janeiro. Executives from multinational corporations, investors and authorities from all over the world will, during August and September, be gathered to discuss themes related to New Economy, Entrepreneurship, Smart Cities, Tourism, New Media and Energy.

    The day before the Olympic Opening Ceremony, August 4, Casa Rio will host the Global Summit Beyond the Games, at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas auditorium. Speaking at the event will be global leaders, such as Maria Silvia Marques, president of BNDES; Rodrigo Kede, president of IBM for Latin America; and Rafael Santana; CEO and President Latin America for GE.

    Still during the Games, in addition to the Global Summit, decision makers from all over the world will also be present at the conferences discussing Entrepreneurship, Smart Cities, Tourism & City Branding, New Media and Energy, all occurring at Espaço Rio, on the Olympic Boulevard, located at the city’s port region.

    During the Beyond The Games Global Summit, world leaders will discuss the impact of technology in generating business and the offer of new trade and investment opportunities in the current economic scenario.

    Entrepreneurship will have as its theme the building of an environment in which Brazilian entrepreneurs can establish themselves on a national and global scale. The Smart Cities event will discuss the impact of technological research and its use in dealing with challenges created by urban management.

    Tourism and City Branding will deal with a city’s brand as a competitive asset in attracting investments. New Media will focus on the debate surrounding new business models in communications and the growth of the gaming market.

    During the Paralympic Games, in September, closing the Casa Rio program, the Energy conference discusses how technology and sustainability will influence offer and demand of energy in the 12st century.

    More information on the Casa Rio events here.