Albert Einstein Hospital inaugurates post-graduate course in Rio de Janeiro

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  • Posted on March 5, 2015

    Considered on of the finest healthcare institutions in the country, Albert Einstein Hospital inaugurates today, 04/03, a post-graduate unit in Rio de Janeiro. The iniciative is parto f a strategy to increase the hospital’s participation in the formation of healthcare professionals, making the first time they establish a unit outside São Paulo. “One of the core values we have in the hospital is knowledge. And in an area as complex as healthcare, the main challenges are not incorporating technology or physical resources, but to have human resources that can handle the challenges coming from the area”, said Cláudio Lottemberg, president of the Israeli Benefit Society of Brazil.

    The participation of professionals in the courses provided “significant gains in terms of quality” for Einstein Hospital, according to Lottemberg. He says that the courses have a goal to compliment the academic formation healthcare professionals received in college and ´push them to develop other skills, mainly in the areas of administration and leadership. “I think that today there is a enormous need to provide a more technical formation, as opposed to a classic academic one. And there are expertises difficult to obtain in the market, such as hospital hospitality, for example. When you go to a hotel, you go on business or vacation. Here, in a hospital, you come deal with your health. You need a different treatment. It’s difficult”, explains Lottemberg. “Another important área is clinical engineering. Whow to have competent staff to perform equipment maintenance? We had to form personnel in that field”.

    There will be around 300 openings for post-graduate courses, taking place in a building located at Rua do Passeio, Centro. The students will study themes such as intensive therapy nursery, hospital physical therapy, urgent care medicine and multiprofessional oncology.


    Source: O Globo

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