ABNT launches new eco-friendly seal

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  • Posted on July 6, 2015

    The Brazilian Technical Norm Association (ABNT) has launched their first eco-friendly seal for electronic products, the Colibri. Certified electronics offer lower impacts on the environment when it comes to toxic substances as well as energy consumption, from materials used to the product’s final disposal. The certification is pioneering in Brazil and Latin America.

    “We are again taking a major step in contributing towards preserving the environment and fighting for a more suatainable world. Based on national and international studies, we have identified the constant growth of this sector and the need for an eco-friendly seal for these products”, states Antonio Carlos Barros de Oliveira, deputy director of certifications for ABNT.

    According to IBOPE data from 2013, 70% of Brazilians would pay more to acquire items that don’t cause major impacts in the environment. “The consumer is ever more attentive and eco-conscious when it’s time to purchase. When buying a product with the eco-friendly seal, he will be sure he’s acquiring something not only ecologically responsible as well as within the norms of ABNT, ensuring more safety”, says Guy Ladvocat, manager of systems certifcations for ABNT.

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